Vodacom / pathetic service on an upgrade request

Johannesburg, ZA

Around the 15th February I called Vodacom enquiring about an upgrade, what was available and a package that is affordable to me. I was given all options and because I needed to verify a number for one of my accounts which I needed to cancel we agreed that she will call me the next morning. The next day we had a conversation and agreed on an upgrade which phone (Samsung S7 Edge), which package, all the terms and we even agreed on which number I was cancelling from my numerous contracts with Vodacom. I was promised delivery within 3 or 4 working days. 3 weeks later there was no delivery so on the 2/03/17 I called and spoke to Yvonne who informed me that there was no upgrade for me on the system. It shows an order that was cancelled. I then requested to speak to a line manager who informed me the same. In short I had to start the entire process afresh, infact even the number I requested cancelled was not cancelled. I continued with the upgrade process and yesterday 08/03/17 the phone was delivered. Since I was out of office the nominated person signed for the package. This morning 09/03/17 after opening the box I realised I have received an iPhone and not an Samsung. I called Vodacom again to report this and was assisted by the most uncaring gentlemen named Igless who did not care whatsoever that I have been inconvenienced by this mistake. Who offered no apology for the mistake and the fact that I have to wait for more days till my actual order is sorted was the least of his concerns.
I am extremely annoyed by the service and find that Vodacom is disrespectful to their customers and have no TCF (treating customers fairly) or ability to. You will surely lose me as a customer and look for a provider that respects me

Mar 09, 2017

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