Vodacom / disconnection of services/contract due to vodacom failing to allocate payments on account

Vodacom sent a notification on 23/11/2016 WARNING - PERMANENT DISCONNECTION OF SERVICES on account NA024149-5. I contacted Vodacom on many occasions and sent them the proof of payments that were never allocated to the account, only to discover that they disconnected the and added the capital amount and the remaning subscriptions on the account and handed me over. I am currently disputing the amount handed over as I have proof that I made payments in advance before they disconnected my contract. I am currently being pestered by debt collectors who are not in a position to assist as they are of the opinion that Vodacom should sort this out but unfortunately I cannot get hold of anyone at Vodacom to assist. In the meantime my credit rating is being negatively affected. I am now trying to explain to the debt recoveries that we did pay the account and that Vodacom failed to allocate the payments and handed us over in error. I have attached proof of payments for this period. I would like Vodacom to allocate the payments and reverse the outstanding balance of subscriptions due to their error.

Thank you.

May 30, 2018

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