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Last Friday i called in to the Vodacom customer care call center.
After stating my case i was transferred to the accounts dpt(?) spoke to a women by the name of Felicia (unsure re spelling).
Now, regardless of the fact that she, for a customer service person, handled the call terribly (general attitude and tone of voice etc),
So much so that i had to ask to speak to her manager. I still am basically in the same position.
Worst of all, shortly after requesting this i was put on hold and then, a few seconds later the call was terminated, they hung up on me!

Date of incident was Friday 03 February.

My vodacom number: [protected]

Description of issue:

Due to a bounced debit order (as a result of changing banks) and relevant penalty i was unable to pay my phone bill, additionally i was strapped for cash at the time and the increase pushed me out of budget.
That was last year, about August, My phone service was then locked due to non payment.
I was unable to call, sms or use data.
Whats even more disgusting is that even AFTER the number was locked and not in use, I continued to get charged, the bill is over R2000 now.
Since then i have made multiple attempts to resolve the issue fairly by Calling in, visiting the vodacom stores etc.
Each time i get pushed around, hung up on, take your pick of bad service descriptions here.
My issue is that i feel the charges are completely ridiculous. Furthermore, how can you charge someone for a service they no longer receive.
Surely there must be some recourse?
Dealing with the customer service agents is terrible, and all the people in the branches do is ask you to call the support line.
I have been a vodacom customer for over 10 years. What to do?

Feb 06, 2017

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