Vodacom / cancellations

Johannesburg, South Africa

No service and threatening to list me after 3 months trying to cancel

So a while ago my phone got stolen - I did not activate the number immediately again and when I wanted to it was deleted so they gave me a new number. But whoever loaded the new number loaded it as an upgrade effectibvely starting the contract from scratch - nobody can sort this out. My contract expired at the end of october 2016 and I have been trying to cancel since then - everyone promises they swill sort it out - I have 16 reference numbers but nothing - so I stopped my debit order - then called and told them why and asked they make a note - for which I have a reference but which now does not exist - last week I get a letter of demand - today I call the collection no sorry they can see the problem but can do nothing I must call cancellations - cancellation keep cutting me off - so collection say either you speak to cancellation or we list you - a threat ??? Who do you think you are vodacom ??? I am going to post this on every site I can and expose how little you feel for your customers

Feb 6, 2017

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