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Hello my name is Onofre Castro. The reason for this formal complaint is in regards to customer service through phone banking. I spoke to a representative by the name of Lesley (didn't get last name) on Monday July July 23rd, 2018. The outcome was unsuccessful because the issue/ inconvenience was unresolved through her. I did ask to speak to a Customer Servive Manager at the time but there weren't any managers available to speak too at that time. I was supposed to receive a call from a Service Manager within 24 hours and looks like I didn't receive a call nor a voicemail with a follow up. Today I called back with the intent to speak to a Customer Service Manager through phone banking and this time I was able to speak to Richard (didn't get last name) and explained to him my situation leading up to 2 over draft fees. Looks like I received 2 different answers on why I was not able to get refunded the overdraft fees; first reason was because my account was new, and second reason was because there are no refunds on second party errors. I know this can be a case by case situation to consider; I don't think I need to explain myself but about 2 weeks ago my wife and I went through a miscarriage which led to us having an emergency trip to the ER, and follow up appointments. I missed work a couple of times as unpaid absences which set me back 2 days worth of pay. The cost of these trips to the ER which are extremely important for my wife's well being at that time were costly and was definitely nothing else to think about other than to pay for her visits. I am 100% well aware of banking policy and procedures and how my current situation can be misperceived since there's not quite some history in my new relationship with US Bank. My intentions are not to game the system in any way shape or form, I did try paying my phone bill which I was backed up 1 month by overdrawing and paying it back with my direct deposit. The payment was unsuccessful and it triggered 2 OD fees for the intents, now since nothing was covered I also know that there's a possibility to help customers out as a one time courtesy as well. I do want to continue doing business with US Bank but at the same time I would like to know that I chose the right financial institution and not based on refunds but based on Customer Experience. I hope that my choice to open a relationship with US Bank was not a mistake and I would like to know that US Bank takes pride in helping customers succeed financially. Thank you for your time, I will be waiting for a response as soon as possible with a solution to this matter either through phone [protected] or via e-mail: [protected]

Jul 27, 2018

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