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wrong overdrafts and unknown accounts

I was a valued bank memeber with us bank for a few years. I closed the acount because I caught them putting overdraft fees on my account for no reason!!! I had to call five times before someone just admitted they didn't know how that happened. The other reps just tried to figure a way to make it seem like i'm crazy. Fortunately, I got someone after the fifth call that knew it was unexplainable. Anyway, so I closed that account. When I tried to open another account at another bank, I was in the chexsystems for us bank!!! The other bank rep told me that us bank said I owed them $2, 750.00!!! So, when I called them to ask wtf, the rep tolp me I had 3 accounts and they all had a balance of over $300.00. I'm in the process getting it resolved, but it doesn't make sense that I have to go through this!!! Never bank with us bank!!!

  • An
    anonyMiss Jul 23, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sounds like employee theft to me. Point the finger at that branch's employees. If any employees were let go during your time banking with them for poor business practices, your account(s) will get linked to that time frame I bet.

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customer service

I have a car loan with U.S. Bank. I was receiving paper statements and decided to go paperless with online statements and by receiving email alerts. The email alerts never arrived. Customer Service told me to place them on my 'contacts' list which I immediately did. Still no email alerts. My second call/email to Customer Service informed me that my emails were bouncing back as undeliverable despite the fact that the address is completely correct. They recommended I set up text alerts for my cell phone. I did so. The text messages came...at 5:00 a.m.!! On my third contact with Customer Service, they informed me the text messages are random and they cannot control the time they arrive. They also told me regardless of whether my alerts were arriving, it was my responsibility to remember to make payments. After 4-5 months of no satisfaction from Customer Service, I went back to paper statements. I have NEVER had any difficulty with any online banking alerts coming to my email, so something is definitely wrong with the system at U.S. Bank. Lesson learned...never allow your car dealership finance dept to choose your financing company.

  • Re
    redrob Jul 23, 2009

    I have had the same experience at US Bank. My email provider said that the US bank emails contain link(s) that have been identified as spam so the email provider is bouncing the entire email as spam. US Bank needs to get their servers off of the spam lists.

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late fee charges

I added my us bank credit card to my us bank bill pay almost 2 months ago received a phone call from them stating that I had not payed my bill... I had assumed that us bank would have provided me with bill alerts being that it is after all their bank and also due to the fact that when I set up the bill pay for their card that they issued me the us bank website stated that the information would be added to my bill pay since they have information on the biller that I was adding... Needless to say, no notice was given and yes a "late fee" was charged for what they claim was "my oversight."

  • Vo
    volunteer99 Jul 20, 2009


    US Bank systems are designed to ensure "customer errors amd ommissions" that generate late fees. It is part of their business strategy. Their credit card site provides no confirmation number for on line payments and then takes no responsibility for payments that they did not receive. They are the only bank/credit card company that I ever have a problem with out of the 13 personal and business accounts that I manage. I think that Balckplatter's mistake was not assuming that US Bank would send an alert but the mistake was assuming the bank was honest, ethical and professional.

    What department do you work in at US Bank?

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  • Na
    NAS18 Jan 21, 2010

    Umm, hello Maggie! I know you replied to another complaint about US Bank and as the other person stated in another complaint, they did check their account online, as well as calling in and checking. The available balance is not correct! I closed my account with them in 2007. In September of 2009 I received a call from an attorneys office stating that I owed $1900.00 to US Bank! I asked how, no one can give me an answer. After going back and forth for the past 4 months, and paying $160.00 a month due to the fear this will go on my credit, still no information. I have never once received any information from US Bank of any charges that went through after I closed the account and of coarse, error on my part, never obtained paperwork stating my account was closed by my decision. I have reported the collection agency to the FTA for an unauthorized transaction and contacted the attorney today. They stated the amount might be from an $8.00 a day fee. I asked for a signature that I agreed to that fee, they stated there was nothing signed, it is in the terms and conditions. Stated that I need proof showing that I was provided the terms and conditions and they can't come up with anything. I will more than likely be taking them to small claims court. Attorney refused to be recorded. Odd, right?

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charge me with fraud

I worked for a company near a us bank, I found out that the company kept all it accounts at the us bank. So I...


US Bank "steals" again! Actually, my nickname for US Bank is the "U Suck" Bank of America...Leased a Honda...

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unlawful holding of funds ($3000)

I filed a dispute concerning non-receipt of an item I had ordered. Apparently this gives green dot the right...

nondisclosure liechtenstein

I was advised by mr alexander abfalter of bonus capital trust in liechtenstein, that trustes of the justen...

increase in interest rate

I opened my statement today and found an increase in the APR to 15.24%. It was 5.25%!

My situation is similar to others that have posted. I pay on time and i've paid more than the balance due. I called twice today and ended up with a supervisor that treated me like I was an idiot. Where can I go to find out what the justification would be for banks to do this? That's all I was asking. What's going on? Things are happening every month - reducing limits on cards, changing terms, raising rates.

If there is nothing the banks can do, what can consumers do? Anything consumers try to do sometimes create more problems that affect the credit score. This whole thing is getting ridiculous!

  • Jl
    jls May 19, 2009

    They did the same thing to me. I just called and they told me that they check my credit score every 90 days. Since they noticed a change in my credit score they increased my interest rate from 5.15% to 15.24%. I told them they had no right checking my credit scores as long as I pay my payment on time (which I do every month). They also told me that I should have received a letter indicating that my interest rate was increasing. I told them I never received the letter. I am waiting for a supervisor to call me back. The lady told me that this sort of thing won't be happening when the new law goes into affect next year - in the meantime the consumers are getting screwed!!! Something needs to happen now - not next year!!!

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  • Hi
    Highway Child Jun 03, 2009

    06/03/2009 - Guess what! Same thing happened to us. We NEVER received any letter, (which they claimed to have sent). I have already filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and considered filing one with the BBB and whomever else I can think of! But then the thought occurred to me that if they can increase our rates like this, then they can probably close out our accounts for any reason whatsoever, so then I "backed down" because IF they would close our account it would again damage our credit. What a crock!!! Our interest rate was also increased to 15.24% - that seems to be the amount across the board. But you know what "still" worries me is that they made it a VARIABLE rate which leaves it open for them to increase IT EVEN MORE!!! YIKES - WHERE WILL IT END? I agree something does need to happen now - not next year. What good does 2010 do us - that only gives them more time to think of ways to screw us. Unhappy in Wyoming...

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  • Us
    USBankSucks Jan 23, 2010

    yup, happened to me too. I`ve been paying my dues loyally ever since i got a US Bank card. I started off at 0% promotional rate till November 2009, then once that expired they jacked the rate to 9.15% in December 2009. Heres the problem, in January 2010, they jacked up the rate again to 13.99% without notifying me or sending me any letter!!!
    i`ve had it with these idiots playing us like fools and here we are bailing banks out with our taxpayer money while their CEO's still rake in their millions in bonuses.
    I think its about time we get together and sue these criminals!

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trustee threatens beneficiary

Trustee for the justen family trustee, sends me sms that states we do wish you financial harm. He wa...

bank fraud, nondisclosure, tax fraud

Us bank trust, in milwaukkee involed in perjury to a state judge and nondisclosure of assets in offshore...

online banking

US Banks online banking has been down for over 2 hours. They are displaying a message saying they are doing "routine maintenance." I work in IT and I know that no one does rountine maintanence in the middle of the day by choice --- I assume they were having an issue. I finally called the bank to see if there was an ETA on when the problem would be fixed and the system would be back online. To my great surprise, I was told there is no problem (nor was there an ETA as to when it should be back up. I was told to just 'keep trying'). US bank has purchased some banks in California and they are running a conversion program to integrate customer information into their regular system. DURING NORMAL WORKING HOURS?! Excuse me? What kind of an organization impacts their customers to run a rountine program that should be handled during the overnight hours like everyone other real-time transaction processing shop does it? Clearly, this company doesn't care about customer service. This is the proverbial last straw for me. I'm going bank shopping.

closing of the checking account

On December 1, 2008 I have became a victim of identity fraud. All of my personal information was stolen and I...

terrible bank

On Oct. 6th, 2009 my parents sent me 850.00 dollars, from the sale of my car, I paid my rent with a check (I...

illegal cash advance

I broke my leg and was in the hospital when my husband called me saying he was having problems getting money from an atm.. he had made 3 withdeaws at an atm i went online and found out that he had the wrong atm card. so i transferred 480.00 from the other acct we have to the account he had taken from. i did this immediately...now that was on a fri ..mon i called the bank. explained what happened to the bank manager jennifer at the st roberts, mo branch..she said ok she could remove the 6x 37.50 fee's but i would have to come in and sign a form requesting the removal..i explained again i just got out of hosp and couldnt drive. she was rude and said then the fee's would remain, i was able to get a neighbor to drive me an hour to the closest bank where jennifer faxed the form, i signed it filled it out explaining what happened and that us bank faxed it to the st roberts bank to jennifer the bank manager.. i didnt hear from her so i called her the next day. she said she would decided weather or not to remove the fee's and i would need to get money in there or have daily fee's accumulate. i explained to her i did not have funds to put in there as im not working ive broken my foot and going thru surgery. several days passed and i called her at this point she would not speak or return my calls this went on for a week i called the main office in st louis several times they said they called her and she would be calling me...she didnt meanwhile an 8.00 a day fee was incurring on that account. i called again and she told an emoployee craig to tell me to put money in there by taking a cash advance i told him no. i wouldnt be able to pay that back my boss has now fired me because of my broken foot.. jennifer told him to tell me to bad the fee's will continue i asked him to just close all 4 of my accounts. he said jennifer said no i needed to take an advance. the next day i went online and he did he took an advance of 330.00 from 1 account and deposited into the other..i called and asked to talk to jennifer but she refused my calls...i called st louis main office 4 days later she called 1mar.2009 i told her someone took an advance on my account and put in the other one. she said well that is cheaper than the 8.00 a day fee. i said i dont care i did not authorise craig to do that..she said oh well now i will close your other 3 accounts and when your tax check comes you can pay that off...i have banked at this bank since 1988 and have never in my 52 years of life been treated and lied to as i have with this bank manager jennifer from st roberts, missouri us bank.


So there is 600 dollars in my account and 5 pending transactions on Monday.

I rent a car on Wed. and they authorize for more than the available balance.

3 transactions go through Thursday and accrue 3 overdraft charges that amount to over 100 dollars in fees... even though the actual transactions occurred days before the car rental and even as I write this, there is enough money to cover them as the car rental and the other 2 pending transactions from before the car rental still have not cleared. In the end I anticipate that because the car rental was so cheap but they authorized for so much more than it actually costed, I'm going to have over 200 dollars in fees but my actual balance will never have actually gone into the negatives EVEN AFTER THE FEES.

So thats right, at the end of the day there is enough in my account to cover the actual transactions AND the fees that are apparently being charged because "there wasn't enough money" WITHOUT ever actually going into the negatives.


USBank allows banking customers to make debit card purchases, even if their account is in the negative. You can't assume that you are protected. They are happy to charge you $37.50 bounce charge for a $3.00 coffee purchase. You might have a deposit that is returned. They don't notify you of the situation for almost 7 working days. In the meantime, you continue to make debit card purchases, thinking that your account has funds. I didn't KNOW my account was in the negative. In the 7 days it took USBank to have the US Postal service deliver a notice to my mailbox, I made a total of 12 purchases. 12 x $37.50 in fees.

I called USBank and the Branch Manager agreed to put my account on hold until the problem could be resolved. He lied. My account continued to accrue Daily negative fees of $8.00. In fact, my account was set up to transfer $50 from my checking account to my savings account every month on the 15th. USBank processed this transaction...$50 from my NEGATIVE checking account into my savings account. They then proceeded to charge $37.50 for the transaction. When my deposit was returned to the bank, it caused my account to go into the negative. They assessed a $19 returned check fee. THEN they charged a $37.50 bounce fee on the $19 returned check fee. THEN they charge an $8 per day negative balance fee on top of the $27.50 plus $19.00.

I asked the branch manager to provide the written policy that allows them to charge fees on fees on top of fees. He told me providing that information was 'not in his job description'.

If you look at your account online, you may see that they are bouncing checks even when you show a POSITIVE balance. I asked why they were doing this. I was told I didn't KNOW HOW TO USE MY TOOLS. You have to double click on the balance to discover the REAL balance, which is almost always less than the balance they are showing on the register. There is no way to figure out HOW they come up with that number.

This is FRAUD plain and simple and it needs to be reigned in! These people are crooks and the people that continue to work for them should be ashamed of themselves.

Banking customers are human beings. They have families. They are drawn to USBank because USBank advertises 'FREE' checking. THEN...they institute policies that are hidden, like the ones described above. Oh yeah...they might put them in the fine print. They insisted to me that they explain them in detail when you open your account. THEY DO NOT. It is theft. It is fraud. It is preying on the low income, pay check to pay check community and it needs to be ended.

I hear all this complaining about the interest rates charged at check cashing stores. That's NOTHING! This most recent fiasco resulted in fees that, when totaled and annualized, came to 8, 076% annual interest.

In this time of economic difficulty EVERYWHERE, we should all be VERY selective about who gets to control our money. USBank is made up of thieves. BEWARE. BOYCOTT this bank. Head for a credit union. These days you don't have to be an employee to join them. Their focus is not so much on profit as it is on service.

Pull you money out of USBank and any other institution that preys on the little guy.

  • Ka
    KaiserVadin Mar 15, 2010

    I think they can't do this anymore under the new law BUT APR fees will be higher !

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  • Ka
    KaiserVadin Dec 27, 2010

    I am thinking of keeping my green dot card and when i can buy a safe and put my money in there its way safer then trusting a 3rd party to hold your money ...

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fraud and cheating

My son was given permission while I was in the hospital to use my check card to by some groceries. Due to a mis-calculation which was my fault there was an overdraft on my personal account of 11.61. I am registered for alerts however; they never get to me until the next day or within 3 days.

So US Bank is charging me 35.00 for the overdraft, that's to be expected; here is the kicker, the personal account is also connected to my credit card account with US Bank, which resulted in the bank taking my last 9.00 out to put towards the overdraft. This means since there is a 10.00-dollar charge for that transaction and there was only 9.00 in the credit card account I am now being charged an additional over limit fee of 39.00.

That's a total of 35.00 + 39.00 + 2.50 = 76.00 for an 11.61 overdraft, no wonder US Bank does not need a bail out at this time it rips off the customer, nice.

All I can do is pay it though; however, once my relatives including my son who has accounts' with US Bank found this out they all are closing their accounts as I will within the month.

These fees along with fees charged by other financial institutions are too much considering the fact we are bailing out a lot of them with taxpayer funds.

  • He
    Hendrix Jan 20, 2009

    I opened a 'free' cking account with US Bank early this year. In April, I DID make a small error, which I admit, and my ck, acct was overdrawn by approx. $40, however, I was not aware of that fact for a week, and sent out several small checks (less than $20/ea.) US Bank charged me $35 for the 'mistaken' ck, then charged me $35 for all the small charges and cks, one was for $3!!. When I brought my payck to deposit, and receive money back for food, etc. the teller said I was now overdrawn by $175.00, and could not receive money back. All attempts to talk common sense to the Branch manager was like talking to a brick wall, they wanted the 175 PLUS $7 day. I explained that I realized I made an error, and was willing to pay the $35, but not for the other very small cks, which the bank put through AFTER the larger one, so that they could collect fat fees, all with a $35 fee . Several E-Mails and phone calls resulted in nothing, now US Bank has turned my acct over to a collection agency, with a price tag of $685!! This from an original overdraft of only $40!! DO NOT deal with US Bank!!

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  • VonBrumm Jan 27, 2011

    Your fault..admitted...your credit card was ok by u to use as overdraft protection. How is this the banks fault???

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I received overdraft charges (4 of them) on my account and I called to question them about it because...

cancel extended credit under false pretense to get higher % on interest rate

I have always had excellent credit with US BANK and I constantly have my limit raised to reward my perfect...

fraud and cheating

There are a lo of reports about these ### here. They tried their scam on me and I am going to get even. These calls originate out of India. They have bought US numbers from RNK telecom and route the calls over the internet. I have been working with RNK to get all known numbers shut down. AS of the last two days I have successfully shut down ten of thier numbers. They know I am doing this to them and they are furious. They call me night and day with threats. I wil not stop until they are destroyed. If you have any known phone number for them, please respond with it so I can get it disconnected.

  • Ho
    hotdoggy Jan 13, 2009

    These people call me 7-10 times per day insisting I owe a debt I do not owe, from a bank account I never even had! They harass me, and call my employers as well. They threaten arrest and all kinds of things.

    Here are the numbers I have for them:

    312-281-2221 ext 1041

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  • Mo
    mommy06 Jul 13, 2009

    here are some numbers that i have for them as well. After i googled them


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  • We
    Webster Cole Jul 10, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    a heavy accented Indian called himself Dave Maxwell called and offered me $5000. and wanted me to get a money gram from Wal Mart. I did not do it as I realized this is a SCAM. His number is 319-208-3431. He also claimed to be from US National Bank and gave me another number which is 320-287-5496. I know this is a fraud and I will not deal with them.

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