US Bank / US Bancorp / auto finance and repo division

Houston, TX, United States

Carynne Trammell purported manager of repo division mocked the mental condition of my father (dementia) when I sought to complain regarding the company's failure to produce the vehicle after payment. My father missed 4 payments due to the dementia, which he suffers as a result of agent orange during the Vietnam war. He is a decorated honorably discharged soldier who recently began suffering from his years of wartime service. We have tried since Friday 10/12, the day the truck was repo'd to get it back. After submitting my power of attorney US Bank authorized me to communicate with them re the account. After paying it current, the truck was "released" only for us to find that the company US Bank contracted with (American Recovery Service/a Patrick Willis Company) was too busy to release the truck to our possession today. We have to wait until Thursday at 2:30. That is a breach of our contract with US Bank in that we have paid for possession. When I explained all of this to Ms. Trammell, she in an insensitive disingenuous tone of voice, said "I'm sorry, we don't control their schedule." I asked why not. Why contract with a company that cannot service your customers? I asked to speak with her manager or someone who could produce the truck today. She told me that was not possible and then dismissively, that she would forward my grievance and someone would get with me. I hope the call is recorded. Ms. Trammell needs sensitivity training and US Bank needs another vendor in Houston.

Oct 17, 2018

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