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US Bank has been charging me monthly maintenance fees. According to their own rules, the fee would be waived if you have direct deposits over $1, 000 for the month. Every month I have well over that amount in deposits, but they still charge me. When I finally realized what was going on, I sent an e-mail to them showing the details (amounts, dates, etc) of my deposits. They had the gall of sending an answer e-mail saying that they do not consider most of my deposits as "eligible". There own rules cleatly say that direct deposits over $1, 000 are what determines whether a "maintenance fee" (whatever that is supposed to be) is charged or not. They say nothing about deposits being "eligible" or not. STAY AWAY FROM THIS CHEATING BANK!!! I am switching to Bank of America.

Apr 17, 2014
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  • Jl
      17th of Apr, 2014

    Not all deposits are Direct Deposits. You could go over each day and deposit $1000 and then drive around the block, take the money out again, but that will not get you a free account at any bank. My advice is bank at the most convenient location to your home or work, while being careful to avoid fees. I have banked at Bank of America for years - they have rules and fees, too. In my area, there are credit unions offering free accounts with a minimum balance of $300 while BoA requires $1500. Both Bank of America and US Bank have treated me very well, never cheated. If you won't read your statements it is not the bank that is at fault. Wells Fargo? i bank there, too, no problems. Citi? No problems. Chase? No problem. Guess I'm just lucky.

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  • Mk
      18th of Apr, 2014

    " Every month I have well over that amount in deposits, but they still charge me."
    It sounds like the Direct Deposits (Which are payroll deposits ONLY) are not over $1000... But all the deposits are over $1000.
    This means you still get charged.

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