America First Credit Union Complaints & Reviews

America First Credit Union / customer service

May 07, 2016

America First Credit Union is the worst credit union in the United States and avoid this place like a plague they're just out there to get your money and don't care about you and your family do not join this place. Their customer service people telling you lies just to get you off the...

America First Credit Union / to much like a bank

Apr 30, 2015

I have been with them for 15 years and now I am leaving them. It was great the first 12 years excellent service no fee's just the best. I had some medical issues and they were good through that, because of health issues job loss and low income, I got behind on a auto lone 45 day...

America First Credit Union / unfortunate treatment of customers


I have banked with America First for ten years, I had a charge come out of my account that I wasn't aware of. I paid it as soon as I was aware of the charge, unfortunately they didn't warn me, they didn't send me a letter but one thing they did was alert my credit before I...

America First Credit Union / rude and stupid


I have never missed a payment. I have never stuck AFCU with any debt, or tried to get out of owing them money. I carry 115K in debt with them. However, they choose to treat us like bottom dwellers. You go in and sit with one of their loan officers, and they look at you like your the ### of...

America First Credit Union / horrible customer service


have NEVER been as mistreated by a company as I have been by America First. I currently own a 2007 BMW and my loan is through America First Credit Union. I lost my job October 2008 at a big corporation due to the Real Estate recession. I was making 15k monthly and I had never been late on...