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Us bank lease-end fraudulent fees for "excess wear and tear."
I leased a vehicle through a local volvo dealership, which set up the financing through us bank. I made all payments on time for four years without incidence, but ran into a problem at lease end concerning us bank's unilateral determination of "excess wear and tear" to the vehicle. Simply put, us bank asserts that it alone (through its inspector) determines what constitutes "excess wear and tear" and that the lessee cannot challenge that assessment. The lease language defines "excess wear and tear" as any scratch, ding, windshield nick, etc., suggesting that any mark on the vehicle after four years of use is “excess” and not ordinary. The lease also fails to point out that us bank interprets the lease to give itself the unilateral power to determine when such exists and how much they can charge for my case, us bank sent out an inspector (datascan), who documented every minuscule scratch or ding, categorized some as "normal" and others as "excess" and applied a cost to those in the "excess" category. When I lodged my objection to the assessment, us bank advised that the lease did not allow me to object and demanded payment or have my credit damaged. I refused to comply and they did, in fact, turn it over to collections and reported to the credit agencies that I failed to make payments on the lease. My credit has this been damaged and I am being pursued by their credit department.
I meticulously documented the condition of my vehicle before turn-in and requested an inspection by the local dealer who accepted the vehicle at lease-end. I provided both the complete documentation and the name of the individual from the dealer who performed the inspection (he determined no "excess wear and tear" to be present) to us bank, but they ignored both. On the former, they advised that they would stand on the documentation of their inspector (all photos taken within one inch of the vehicle surface, no scratches larger than ¼”) rather than consider the complete and accurate documentation that I provided. On the dealer inspection, they advised that they had no obligation to discuss the assessment with the dealer and, in fact, cited to a clause in the lease that specifically denied the admissibility of any outside inspector’s opinion — apparently, even that of their own dealer client accepting the vehicle on their short, us bank has set up a situation that is patently unfair that offers no recourse to the lessee other than essence, they have said if I don’t like it, it’s just too bad.
As I felt the problem stemmed from unfair practices on the part of us bank, I lodged a complaint with the arizona attorney general's office, which simply forwarded my complaint to us bank and requested a response. Us bank, in turn, responded by saying that I refused to pay for repairs to “excess wear and tear, ” but ignored the fundamental issue of fairness and failed to advise that I was denied any opportunity to object to their unilateral assessment. Unfortunately, the attorney general's office declined to take up the matter on my behalf and advised that I seek counsel.
As the issue is one that is universal to anyone who leases from us bank, I feel that it would be best to pursue action against us bank as part of a class, rather than as an a quick research on the web, I found numerous complaints from others who have had the exact same problem with us bank at vehicle lease-end (google “us bank vehicle lease dispute” or similar query). I have leased numerous vehicles prior to this one and have never had a problem with any other my opinion, us bank is using the power of their position and their ability to damage one’s credit to bully borrowers into making substantial additional lease-end payments. There is no question that this is a widespread practice that is fraudulent, unfair, and nets us bank many millions of dollars each year in undue profits. While I first and foremost want the matter over, I would like to see us bank held accountable for their actions. Many others have been forced to pay or be harassed. I want to put a stop to it.
If there are any attorneys who would like to learn more about the issue in order to consider taking up the matter, or if others reading this have had a similar experience with us bank, please contact me at [protected] As an individual, we are limited in our actions against a banking behemoth; together, we can stand strong and bring accountability and fairness to past and future lessees who find themselves in the unfortunate position of having signed a vehicle lease with us bank.

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  • Me
      Dec 08, 2010

    leased a car for 36 months from US Bank. No issues, no problems. Perhaps you had other issues?
    You could have had the car reinpected after any issues were resolved as US Bank will do this at no charge to you. Or you could have traded the vehicle in and purchased / leased another and then you would have had ZERO charges, period. Used Volvo are doing well over residual value and have been for some time now at auction. I am sure your dealer knows this. so unless your car was a "roach" with high miles, you couild have made money. My guess is you beat the crap out of it and then were shocked when you were called to account.

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  • Ma
      Apr 25, 2012


    works for US bank

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  • Bt
      May 10, 2012

    The writer above is correct and I will not buy another Volvo financed by US Bank. US Bank is taking advantage. They have defined excess wear and tear to exclude "normal". Virtually everything is excess wear and tear. They hide behind their own "guidelines" that ridiculously in their favor and aren't transparent. The charges are determined by sending out a third party inspector (datascan) with these guidelines. So for a 48K car, the inspector documented a mismatch tire and minor scratches which amounted to $638.00. OK I didn't read the fine print on the tire but the scratches were crazy. What really hurts is how honest I was in taking good care or the car only to feel hosed with no recourse. I will never do business again with US Bank.

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  • Ur
      Oct 12, 2015

    I leased a GMC Acadia that I recently turned in. I received a bill from US Bank for "Excess Wear and Tear" for $1, 521.29. The "excess wear and tear" is the worn out tires and some scratches on the wheel. Took good care of the car and turned it in below the mileage yet they still charged me $1, 521.29 . In addition the GMC dealer informed my that the car is not re-sold at the dealer and is sent for auction. The car is sent to auction so US Bank is just trying to screw customers for more $$$ Never again will a lease or buy a GMC or US Bank.

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  • Jo
      Feb 19, 2016

    I had Excess wear and tear insurance ( 650 dollars) that the dealer suggested I get. It payed 150 dollars and rest of the charges are not included.

    A tire warning light ( they didnt inspect the car for 2 weeks )and it sat in sub zero temperatures costs 250 dollars ( fill it with air. it was LOW MILES)

    i sent the car in 5000, below my limit. It was prisctine.

    My question. US BANK closed the account on my credit reports saying paid. However 2 months later i get the bills ( because they sent to an old address) Meanwhile I get my statements ok for 3 years.
    If they cleared my credit report can they still come after me for this bs Tire AIR charge.

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  • Bi
      Aug 02, 2016

    I will never do business with US Bank again. I had the same problem that so many others have had. I leased a GMC Acadia through US Bank. There were some minor scratches here and there. Nothing that could not have been buffed out. The final bill arrived...$1626. I called to dispute the charges. I spoke to a nice young man and was able to knock about $600 off because the inspection report did not include photos of the "dents" that were listed on the report. In my past experience with leases (between my wife and me, 10 vehicles over the past 15 years) I have never paid more than $90 and that was for "uneven" wear on the tires. I had a Chrysler lease through Ally Bank and turned it in with an good sized dent on one of the quarter panels. I knew I would be charged and was prepared to bite the bullet and pay for the damages. They charged me $45.00 for labor! Obviously they were just going to pull the dent out. The inspector sensed that I was surprised at how low the charge was and told me they just want the car repaired and do not look to profit from excess wear and tear.Never ever ever will I do business with US Bank again.

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