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I added my us bank credit card to my us bank bill pay almost 2 months ago received a phone call from them stating that I had not payed my bill... I had assumed that us bank would have provided me with bill alerts being that it is after all their bank and also due to the fact that when I set up the bill pay for their card that they issued me the us bank website stated that the information would be added to my bill pay since they have information on the biller that I was adding... Needless to say, no notice was given and yes a "late fee" was charged for what they claim was "my oversight."


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      Jul 20, 2009


    US Bank systems are designed to ensure "customer errors amd ommissions" that generate late fees. It is part of their business strategy. Their credit card site provides no confirmation number for on line payments and then takes no responsibility for payments that they did not receive. They are the only bank/credit card company that I ever have a problem with out of the 13 personal and business accounts that I manage. I think that Balckplatter's mistake was not assuming that US Bank would send an alert but the mistake was assuming the bank was honest, ethical and professional.

    What department do you work in at US Bank?

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      Jan 21, 2010

    Umm, hello Maggie! I know you replied to another complaint about US Bank and as the other person stated in another complaint, they did check their account online, as well as calling in and checking. The available balance is not correct! I closed my account with them in 2007. In September of 2009 I received a call from an attorneys office stating that I owed $1900.00 to US Bank! I asked how, no one can give me an answer. After going back and forth for the past 4 months, and paying $160.00 a month due to the fear this will go on my credit, still no information. I have never once received any information from US Bank of any charges that went through after I closed the account and of coarse, error on my part, never obtained paperwork stating my account was closed by my decision. I have reported the collection agency to the FTA for an unauthorized transaction and contacted the attorney today. They stated the amount might be from an $8.00 a day fee. I asked for a signature that I agreed to that fee, they stated there was nothing signed, it is in the terms and conditions. Stated that I need proof showing that I was provided the terms and conditions and they can't come up with anything. I will more than likely be taking them to small claims court. Attorney refused to be recorded. Odd, right?

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