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UPS / damage to home

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On Friday, 2-08-08, a UPS driver jumped over the barrier I erected to protect the wet paint on the floor of my front porch. He rang the bell. I was near the front door and I opened it in time to see the driver leap back over the barrier and get into his truck and drive off.

He left a footprint on my freshly painted porch and left the package in the wet paint. The paint is a special epoxy-type paint that is very sticky. I had to lay over the threshold of the door and reach around to pry up the package.

I called the UPS main number and was told that the local office would call me within an hour. The local office told me that the driver did not have a "lick of paint" on him. I said that my package was covered in paint. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor did not call me.

I called the main number again and am still waiting for the supervisor to call me. It is now Monday morning, 2/11/08.

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  • Gl
      20th of Feb, 2008
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    UPS is the pits, the absolute worst. I have never had so many problem with a shipping company in my entire life. In the last 4 months I have gone thru 4 major problems with UPS. They've Lost my package and I had put thru a claim, they've had me wait 3 hours in the 10 degree weather with my 6 year old son just to tell me they can't find my package, I've stay home numerous times for packages and the driver has gotten out of the truck with InfoNotice in hand and slapped it on the door without even ringing the bell, they've delivered my package to someone else job, basically they're just screw ups. I am going to suggest to my company which also uses UPS that they go back to Fedex. it may be a little more costly but a lot more reliable and friendly.

  • Ni
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    I hope your not holding your breath! They dragged me along for over 6 months. Then told the shipper it wasnt their fault and denied my claim. The left my pachage in my yard with 2 large, yet very young, pupped. I came home from work less then 1/2 hour later and didnt even realize they had delivered anything at first . Thats because the puppies torn the small box to shreds! I guess the way they see it, if they drop your package in your garbage can its ok, they delivered it and thats all that matter. I will not be using UPS again, ever.

  • Fe
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Good Luck finding an honest UPS representative. The UPS man came to my house while I was at home. He apparently thought I wasn't. In spite of my large, dry covered front porch the driver decided to come around to the back of my property. I was in the house undressed at the4 time, but heard something out back. I went to look out the peep hole in my back door and the UPS man rolled his two wheeler right into my pickup breaking off my mirror. Thinking the driver would do the right thing I ran to get some clothes on. When I looked out back again he was rolling his hand truck up my driveway. I ran upstairs only to watch the crooked lithe snake drive away. Within a few minutes I looked up the UPS customer service number and called to complain. I told then I was calling the police. The customer asked me to instead wait as she was calling the local UPS people and they would take care of anything that was wrong. Trust me people - These UPS people are lying ###. They could have fixed my mirror for about $100.00, but because they continue to jerk me around weeks I can not legaly drive my truck and require a rental car. Their game is to wear you out. They lie, they refuse to return calls. They make promises and then don't keep them. It seems all I can do is call the local press and file a suit. I am doing both!!! If one of these sneaks damages your property throw their ### in jail. That is the only satisfaction you will get out of these lying little sleazy crooks.

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