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UPS / awful ups customer service

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I had documents mailed to me internationally from the West Indies through UPS. My documents were held in customs for 4 days without any explanation. When I called UPS to get assistance in finding out why the documents were being held their representatives were just plain rude. I was told that customs was a government agency and they could hold my documents for as long as they liked without any explanation. When I inquired about a number to call for customs I was told to search the Internet for one. While I understand that UPS cannot control customs, their representatives could at least "pretend" like they are trying to help. Instead, they take on a snobby attitude as if I'm interrupting them when this is supposed to be their job. How can a company who has to deal with customs on a daily basis have NO contact information for customs? How can they not know who to inquire as to why a particular letter or package is being held. I understand if customs does not give you a response, however, how can UPS not even make an attempt.

It is now almost a week since my next day air letter was sent and I still have not received it. UPS customer service is by far one of the worse I've experienced in quite a while.

I took a course on Quality Management last semester and UPS senior managers really need to invest in retraining their representatives to provide basic customer service.

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  • Sa
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    We have been fighting UPS to refund our shipper (suppiler) in china for the package that
    UPS had lost.. it is now 15 days, and we still yet to see a dime...

    Our supplier in china speaks poor english, and UPS CANADA continues to tell us that the shipper in
    chian must contact them, so they have many times, but UPS CANADA does not reply to our

    They are very rude on the phone, and the only thing we are trying to do is refund our CLIENTS

    And we continue to get emails from UPS, telling us that only the shipper can request certain information.

    If anyone plans on shipping via UPS CANADA, , , please do not...

    Its is a wasted amount of time.. and headaches.
    WE continue o get no where with UPS.

    UPS CSR we are dealing with is
    Linda Belliveau
    UPS Customer Service

  • Ru
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    On Tuesday, April 7, 2009, I called the company where I order from to check the status on the order. I was informed that it was sent out and I should have gotten it by now. I called UPS in Saddle Brook, NJ and a female said it was delivered already that Monday, April 6th 2009 to MY NAME at approximately 12-12:30pm. I told her no, I didn’t get my package. Then I asked who signed for it, she said MY NAME. I told her, no, I was not home.” Then she said it was given to a female. I asked her once again, "What name did they sign?” The young lady hesitated and said, “That delivery didn’t need a signature.” I told her I need that package. I was told to check with the upstairs neighbor and next door. I did and no one had the package. I called back the next day to inform her no one was home when the package arrived and no one has it. I asked to speak to the manager who was Doreen. I expressed how I needed the package by Friday. She informed that the driver would come back (Wednesday, April 8) and point the person out who he gave it to. I agreed so I cancelled all my plans to wait for the driver Victor to come back. Come to find out, he was off until Monday and so was the Manager Doreen. That’s when I lost my patience. I ask to speak with her boss which I was told his name is Toni Gerbesir but he was in house but not there. I continued to call; I was told he was in a meeting. No one would return my calls. Between myself and my sister (who helped pay for order) continued to call. We where put on hold, when we would spoke, we were cut off, spoken to very rudely. Just to shut us up, another driver was offered to be sent out. How can that be? He didn’t know whom the driver gave the package to. That Monday I called Doreen back and informed her, how upset and angry I was. She said she would send the driver back that day. (Which was Monday, April 13, 2009.) I told her no, I don’t need it now because the event is over. The girls at our church were dancing that Friday past and the skirts I ordered were in the package. I want my money back. Doreen said, “Well we still need to find out what happened to the package. I will send the driver back.” The driver came, rang my doorbell. I looked out the door, not even 10sec; he was back in his truck. I had to yell for him to wait. The driver said, he rang the doorbell and a female yelled out the top window that she’ll be right down. So he left the package on the to step and placed garbage can in front of it. I explained to him that the garbage can not fit on the top step. Then he said He thinks it was another can and pointed at the garbage next door. I told him its garbage day and that can is never there. When I tried to speak he kept cutting me off. I told him well let me see if she’s upstairs and you can ask. He said no, he doesn’t do that. He had me sign a paper to say I didn’t receive my package and left. I called UPS back and explained to them he didn’t give the package to anyone. I told her I want my money back. Then she said I have to contact the company where I ordered the package from, and how I have to file a police report and report it stolen. By this time I was very angry. I told them no! The driver screwed up, you guys need to fix it. I was not going to say something was stolen and it was not. I asked for a higher person. I was told he was unavailable. Between myself and my sister calling to speak with someone in charge, we never got a call back. We were told that someone was going to call us back in 30min. I got that call the next day in the afternoon from the security department. I returned the call and of course no call back. The next day, Tuesday, the UPS driver Victor, came to my door telling me to stop calling and how we’re making ourselves look guilty. How we became suspicious because we no longer want our package. I told him, he looks suspicious because the upstairs doorbell doesn’t work and the person wasn’t home. Then he said he thinks someone yelled from the side or the back of the house. That told me right there, he messed up. He stood at my door for 10min. arguing with me. The company from down the street came down and told him that they are waiting for their packages. That’s when he left. I called UPS and Spoke to a gentleman that went by the name Jr. He was the ONLY one who apologized, who listened, who spoke to me with respect. I don’t know if he was sincere or not but he convents me. The last time I had an order that was delivered thru UPS, 3 years ago, I had a similar problem. That’s why I was trying other ways around it. The one thing I didn’t understand was that we were told, “From now on, anything with our address is going to require a signature.” So only if it’s a problem is when UPS does the right thing?

  • Pe
      4th of Jan, 2012
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    I'm going through something similar this very moment. Package supposed to be here last Friday, no note ever left on door, but they are telling me he was here and knocked and left notice. At least they still have the package. i just needed it by now though is the only problem. Getting the run around from CS, one lady put me on hold, and the music was playing and then there was a series of clicks and the line went dead.

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