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I can only enourage anyone thinking about attending the University of Phoenix to run as fast as you can away from doing so. After completing my MBA/Marketing with UOP I decided to continue with a Masters of Public Administration. I went through the process of re-enrolling and was told that my paperwork for the MBA/Marketing would cover my being certified for the MMPBL. I started my first class in the MMPBL, on May 26th and never did hear anything from the fianncial counselor about when my certification process was going to be completed and when I could receive my financial aid funding. Until one day two weeks into the class, I received a phone call that my file had a "pending" status because "there were conflicting numbers on my 2007 Federal Tax Return" and that I needed to get a Federal Tax Return Transcript from the IRS and fax it to UOP to remove the pending status. Mind you that this was the very same Tax Return that they used to certifiy me in 2007! I complied and got the transcript, scanned and emailed as attachment the same day requested. The next day I received a call from my financial advisor apologizing to me because research had made a mistake and that the tax return was fine!! I was so stressed out that I thought I was going to have a heart attack!! But wait --- it gets better!! The next day I receive a call from the Sr. Financial Advisor UOP ( mind you I am now in my fifth week of class) who told me "I am so sorry, you are not eligible for any financial aid funds for they were allocated during the time period you were completing your MBA/Marketing and this is all UOP's fault and we sincerely apologize."

I sat at my desk listening to this incompetent twit and thought told him that because of his lack of leadership and knowing what is going on with his staff --- I am not in a financial crisis and I expect a formal letter of apology from him stating the facts as they happen and stating UOP's wrong doing. I told him that he broke not only the bond of trust --- he also ruined my credibility. I told him that I wanted out of the UOP without any financial responsibility. I dropped my class and I am until the day I die spread the message that if you play with the incompetents at UOP then you will soon become one. Stay clear of UOP and run towards another online university that believes in treating students with dignity, honor and sees us as human beings. AMEN!!!


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      Sep 03, 2009

    I totally agree, run as far away from the University of Phoenix as you can. Their MBA has no credibility and will not help you with your career. I "graduated" with my so called MBA almost 4 years ago. I was laid off from a management position with a large corporation. Now even with this lovely degree that was supposed to earn me a higher level position is a joke. I have over 100K in student loan debt because I had no help to pay for my education, yet the job I am doing is an entry level position that barely pays enough to make the monthly rent. The MBA from Phoenix has NO credibility and will NOT help you in your career.

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      Oct 23, 2009

    Well why am i not suprised with these complains i am about to enroll and start school novermber 2009 and i am already having problems with the counselors..they have no dedication or motivation towards a students success..i am very much so dissapointed at the counselor appointed in the EL PASO TEXAS area handleing military seein as i am a military wife..i am having my sencond thoughts on this particular school and believe very much so that i am better off attending a community college that is much more credible not to mention cheaper ...

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      Aug 01, 2010


    I am not disagreeing exactly but want to offer another perspective, if I may. I am wondering if any of the posters here were specifically told by their employer that UoP degrees really don't have credibility with them. In my experience, short of Ivy League big boys, an MBA or other Masters plus degree doesn't hold much wait without the corresponding experience that goes with it. I have a B & M undergrad, and an MBA and MA from different online schools and just started my PhD with still a different online university. I have over 15 years of experience to back up my education and have yet to have any challenges getting a six-figure job.

    I can only imagine the frustration of busting your behind and blowing the budget to get that little piece of paper, but it is what you do with the knowledge in the YEARS after that will better secure your future. I think someone gave you bad data as it relates to expectations. In this economy that MBA may be exactly what allows the the entry level job where those with only a B.S. may be left hangin.'

    Even though no one has asked for advice, I would offer it anyway from this old geiser; be patient, be deliberate with your job search and goals, and put in the work and time towards your dreams and enjoy the journey.

    May God Bless you and your situation and lead you down the right path.


    Dustin Kennedy

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