Excelsior College Complaints & Reviews

Excelsior College of Nursing / Nursing program: now 7-12 month wait until cpne and to sit for nclex

Oct 04, 2016

Where is the accreditation commission for education in nursing, why is the school being permitted to continue to offer this program when they can not meet the needs of the student body paying them for the education? What college any where would think of allow the students to complete all...

Excelsior College / CPNE Scam

Sep 23, 2016

I recently failed the CPNE over stupid, subjective things. I performed all assessments, skills, and interventions perfectly. Only one guy passed my weekend and he failed to identify one of his patients!! He was a black guy, so perhaps they needed more blacks or more men to pass. I'm not...

Excelsior College / Nursing CPNE

Aug 26, 2016

I am in bullet /brief mode so bear with me here: Finished all exams, been in healthcare almost 20 years, I know what I'm doing but, for Excelsior College, that seems to be a problem! I went to the CPNE exam with a note in hand from the Dean: I'm allowed to eat. I tested twice before and...

Excelsior College / Lvn to rn online program

Oct 29, 2015

I moved to Texas from California to complete my LVN to RN program since California's nursing programs are highly impacted. I told the recruiter my plan was to move back to California once completed. The recruiter told me that would be fine because this is a 'National'...

Excelsior College / CPNE and Rights

Sep 13, 2015

Students of any school do not only have student rights, but they also have consumer rights as consumers of services provided by the school. Consumer rights may be broader than student rights. Know what your rights are, and what actions you can take under each right. If you believe that an...

Excelsior College / Legal Funds for Self-Defense

Sep 10, 2015

Excelsior College is in the planning process of deleting all the college credits that I have accumulated with them since 1980 because of the complaints that I have publicly filed against them here. They charged me with violations of students policy. I want to set up a personal legal fund...

Excelsior College / An Open Letter to the Leaders of Excelsior College

Sep 08, 2015

When you go to your office each morning and you find that you have to defend the lies and deception of Jamey Heit, PhD, a faculty member of Excelsior College, and that you are directly and indirectly engaged or involved in the practice of lies and deception; it's time for you to...

Excelsior College / Discrimination, Rubric Scoring, and Lies

Sep 06, 2015

Do you know that Excelsior College actively engages rubric scoring and lies to discriminate against me, their student? In other words, they are biting the hands that feed them! Do you bite the hands of your mother who feeds you? That’s what they are doing to me; bite my hands that feed their...

Excelsior College / Not accredited by AACSB

Sep 05, 2015

If you plan to take business courses, get your degree from a college or university that is accredited by AACSB (, such as the University of South Dakota ( Also, the tuition there is much cheaper than at Excelsior College. Excelsior business courses are...

Excelsior College / Body Camera

Sep 04, 2015

If you are planning to take the CPNE test in the future, remember to wear an unobtrusive BODY CAMERA during the exam. Don't let them rip you off with their CPNE. I wish you the best. If I can help you, e-mail me to [email protected] I am as close as your computer.

Excelsior College / Complaint against Excelsior College students

Sep 03, 2015

Mr. Donald Trump says that our leaders are stupid! He was right. They are stupid. Why are they stupid? They are stupid now because they are too stupid when they are in college long time ago. They don't learn anything from their teachers because they are too timid to ask questions and get...

Excelsior College / Late Notice Deception

Sep 01, 2015

One of Excelsior College method of deception to get students to enroll in their course is not by notifying students at the beginning of the course, prior to enrollment, what prerequisite is required for successful completion of the course, but toward the end of the course. This method of...

Excelsior College / RUDE teachers

Aug 31, 2015

I have recently taken a class from Jamey Heit, PhD. He teaches the Liberal Arts Capstone course at Excelsior College. The class that he teaches covers diversity, critical thinking, ethics, communication (debate) and tolerance. He is RUDE. I asked him, how can we tolerate ISIL/ISIS when...

Excelsior College / Where is my refund?

Aug 29, 2015

If you are enrolled with Excelsior College, don't ask your teacher questions that he/she cannot answer. If you do, points will be taken off from you. For example, I have just completed a course called Liberal Arts Capstone. My teacher, Mr. Jamey Heit, who has a PhD degree in Literature and...

Excelsior College / Class Action Lawsuit

Aug 29, 2015

Capstone Course is the last course that Excelsior College students have to take before they can graduate. If you are in the Liberal Arts program this year, Power Point Presentation is one of the assignment that students have to submit and is worth 30% of their total grade. Power Point...

Excelsior College / Incompetent Professors

Aug 26, 2015

I have been a student of Excelsior College for some time in the past.. This school used to be a "quality" school when it's called Regents External Degrees. After I have been absent for some years, I have returned to take some classes from Excelsior College. Whatever the word "Excelsior"...

Excelsior College Credit For Certifications / fraud

May 20, 2015

Advertised credit for certifications - 3 credits for PCCN, also verified in multiple emails, and assured by advisor and nursing department, that the PCCN will be awarded by three credits after sending it straight from AACN in sealed envelope with required information. After few months past...

Excelsior College / admissions

Jul 01, 2014

7-1-2014. I called the school today to see if I could get the actual courses I needed written down so I wouldn't be hit with other courses later on, I spoke with admissions on 5/16/14 and was told my sciences were expired... I took [email protected] and micro in spring and summer of 2009. I wa...

Excelsior College Cpne / CPNE

Nov 07, 2013

It's really nice that some of the post here are so wonderful. That's great that a minority can pass the CPNE and graduate. This is a complaint board. It is for complaints and this thread is for complaints about the CPNE. There is a need for us to speak about it and find a common...

Cpne Excelsior College / CPNE

Dec 05, 2012

Hello all, I took the CPNE, failed, totally humiliated, drained emotionally, the most awful experience in my life, total blow to my self esteem. I have recovered since that initial response and realized so many other competent nurses in the same boat as myself. I noticed a ton of...

Excelsior College / biased

Nov 12, 2012

, 2012, I arrived for my first day of the CPNE. I am including the "entire picture" so you can see this through my eyes. You will appreciate the situation more this way. I was first of all, given a letter that said to meet in the lobby at 4pm. I was there at 3:30pm and I sat and waited for...

Excelsior College / blatant lying

Nov 12, 2012

DO NOT DO IT!!! They can fail you even if you do perfect on everything, by going behind you on that Kardex that they "runaway" with for 20 minutes at a time and send you down the hall or into a closed room so you cannot see them. I am telling you, you cannot win unless you have evidence...

Excelsior College / fraudulent CPNE

Apr 26, 2012

I just returned from Atlanta Ga after failing the CPNE. Excelsior has no way to evaluate nursing skills with their CPNE so they major on the minors. The whole set up is fraudulent. Nursing students pay a $1900 fee to have their nursing skills evaluated through the CPNE. This in no way...

Excelsior College / CPNE RIP OFF

Feb 11, 2012

I attempted the CPNE in Dec 2011, and failed due "incorrect injection placement and failure to write the careplan correctly". I passed all the classes basically on my own, practiced relentlessly from my home to prepare for "the big weekend" and obtained everything I needed to pass, only to...

Excelsior College / disorganization

Apr 11, 2011

I have attended Excelsior College, and had to leave. I had the most difficult time obtaining answers to any of my questions from any department and when I did receive an answer is was a half answer. There was always a step missing and an "Oh well, I'm too busy" attitude on their part...

Rue / Excelsior College / Was thinking about signing Up?

Mar 16, 2011

I have been a LPN for almost 10 years now and I am at a cross roads. I want to go back to school to be a RN or do something else. The issuse is, I need to still work. The problem, there aren't any schools in my area that has the nursing classes on Sat or at night. This means I have to...

Excelsior College / CPNE clinical testing

Feb 22, 2011

My son who has been an LVN for the past 22 years applied to the excelsior CPNE program 2 years ago. He first tested for his CPNE clinical at the Mansfield, Ohio location in January 2011. He failed his third and last hour of the examination because his final assessment of his assigned...

Excelsior College / CPNE


CPNE is unreasonable, failure rate is high and they seem to be out to fail everybody. They are out to make money only. Please join group CPNE Unreasonable to file grievance. Or contact me at [email protected]

Excelsior College / CPNE failures


Excelsior College fails nursing students unfairly. If you have taken the CPNE and treated unfairly please contact me at [email protected] Please include when and where you tested and how you were failed. Together we can change things.

Excelsior College / associates nursing program


Have spent huge amounts of money in the associates degree nursing program. I would recommend anyone considering this to reconsider. It is not a good program. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. No teaching. Final clinical exremely costly and only graded pass or fail. So sad to find...

Excelsior College Cpne / CPNE failure is rediculously easy.


I just finished failing my CPNE. I have been an LPN for 15 years. I currently work in an acute care hospital. I have been working slowly twards my RN for many years now. I graduated from LPN school with honors and never had an issue with clinical while in school. Just felt that wa...

Excelsior College / Discrimination and Racism


Excelsior College and Discrimination and Racism Tactics The best way to improve the college and stop discrimination and racism is to get 'rid' of Kutchner (commencement organizer) and Janice (MLS program director). These are the most 'hateful' women the devil ever...

Excelsior College / Clinical (CPNE) $ SCAM


I signed up for Excelsior College LVN to RN program with high hopes. I passed all 8 computer exams, which I feared most. Little did I know...after traveling to 3 different states (Nevada, Indiana, NY) to attend CPNE workshops and after purchasing everything and anything they offered, I...

Excelsior College / failure of the cpne exam


I was failed on my cpne r/t something that the CA said I should have done. According to the cpne manual, this was not written in the m anual. I complained but to no avail. Yes, they are quick to shove a piece of paper in your face and tell you to try again. That is, You must pay another...

Excelsior College / Astronomical Failure Rates


A student spends years and thousands of dollars pursuing her RN degree with Excelsior. After all the tests are passed, she can finally take the CPNE - an examination of her nursing skills. Mind you, this costs $1825 to take. That's not including the airfares to get there (no, they...

Excelsior College / Scam


Students spend thousands of dollars trying to obtain an RN degree thru Excelsior College. There are yrly student fees, test fees, books costs, flash cards, dvds, skills bag, workshops, clinicals, airfares, hotels, car rentals... None of it cheap. All of it way, way, way more than a...

Excelsior College / It's a scheme.


I was enrolled in the LPN to RN program via The College Network (another group of crooks). This college charges all kinds of fees that go up on a regular basis. They claim that they are there for the student, but that is not true. Calling them is a headache, if you can get anyone on the...