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University of Phoenix / unethical business practices!

1 United States Review updated:

I just want to urge anyone who is considering the University of Phoenix to please reconsider. First and foremost, the extremely high cost of tuition at the University is not a fair exchange for the subpar education you receive. You will be paying for shorter classes and peer learning, and from the research I've done, most employers do not recognize a degree from University of Phoenix as much more than a piece of paper.

I made the smartest decision ever by changing schools. I now attend Oklahoma State University. Not only is it a division one school more widely recognized, but its CHEAPER! The kicker is, the classes you take at UOP are mostly non-transferable to any State funded or division one school. After many arguments and debates, frustrations and setbacks, a number of Oklahoma colleges finally took UOP to court just to get a course catalog with comparative class information for their courses so they would no longer be left with the burden of trying to determine which classes you need credit for when transferring. Secondly, you cannot get a transcript of your classes from UOP unless you order it from the main campus either online, or by calling at a cost of 7.00 per transcript. Need an overnight transcript? How about a charge of 45.00 + the cost of the transcript itself! Yep, you got it! 52.00 dollars for a piece of paper delivered to you the next day (within 2 days if you don't order by 10am Phoenix time!) I've sent heavy parcel mail via Ebay transactions for less than that overnight!

The bottom line is, The University of Phoenix engages in unethical business practices. I have filed formal complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau. Will that make them change their ways? Probably not. But an informative website like help average people like myself make informed decisions. Should you decide to attend UOP, I'd like to say "I told you so" before you're the next person here expressing your frustration.

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  • Je
      31st of Aug, 2007
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    If you have the time to attend a regular state university, then the University of Phoenix is probably not your best bet as they do not offer the variety of degrees nor do they offer the typical college experience.

    However, UoP is a great, legitimate, alternative for those who can't attend classes because they work full time, live far from a typical ground campus, or have other factors keeping them from sitting in a class all day.

    The tuition at UoP is very much average for yearly in-state tuition costs at four year colleges, and significantly less expensive than out of state tuition costs. Classes are shorter, but more intense. Students are still completing the same number of credits in a 'semester' as they would on a ground campus, they just take one short class at a time rather than four or five long classes at the same time. This makes it easier to manage.

    Degrees earned at UoP are just as valid as from any other major university that is regionally accredited, such as Oklahoma State University. Call the Department of Education for yourself. As for transferring coursework, UoP has articulation agreements with a wide variety of colleges so its very surprising to hear that they had to be sued just to give up a course catalog, especially considering one is found easily on the internet.

    Transcript fees are found at any university, as is overnight postage if requested. Check with any college.

    Unethical business practices are thrown around by all sorts of people who make lofty claims because they didn't get something they felt entitled to get. If these same things, or worse, happened at a state university nothing is thought of it because they are not 'for profit'. However, since UoP is for profit suddenly everything is a major outrage, like $7.00 transcripts.

    Fact is UoP is the most scrutinized university in the nation because it receives the most federal student loans. Nothing has come of it except for two whistle blowers in California citing illegal enrollment compensation practices, which has yet to be proven true (the whistle blowers would be eligible for a cut of the money if they win).

  • Ji
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    The question is, can you trust a school that's had the following said about it....(from the Nation Online)

    "A recruiter could earn $750 for each student enrolled. Management pressured employees to enroll as many students as possible, and to do 'whatever it takes.' If a prospective student could find a better or cheaper option at a local community college, recruiters kept it to themselves.

    Employees told investigators they learned that only one thing mattered at Phoenix: getting '### in classes.' Federal law, however, mandates that college enrollment counselors not be paid a bounty per student, to insure that counselors do what is best for the student, rather than for themselves or the company."

    Or this from a front page New York Times article on the UOP

    “Their business degree is an M.B.A. Lite,” said Henry M. Levin, a professor of higher education at Teachers College at Columbia University. “I’ve looked at their course materials. It’s a very low level of instruction.”

    In November, the university’s reliance on part-time faculty caused a problem with Intel, hundreds of whose employees it has educated. Alan Fisher, an Intel manager, said the company had decided to pay for employees to attend only highly accredited programs. Although Phoenix is regionally accredited, it lacks approval from the most prestigious accrediting agency for business schools, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

    John J. Fernandes, the association’s president, said the university had never applied. “They’re smart enough to understand their chances of approval would be low,” Mr. Fernandes said. “They have a lot of come-and-go faculty. We like institutions where the faculty is stable and can ensure that students are being educated by somebody who knows what they’re doing.”

  • Ka
      14th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I attended UoP online for four short months. I was planning on transferring to classes on campus after my second set of classes, but by the middle of that set, I was done with UoP. I wanted to go to school for a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, but my enrollment adviser told me that I would have to get an Associate's degree first and they don't have an Associate's in Elementary Education. Subsequently I was put on the Associate program for Business Management (which I had no interest in) and was told that when I was done with that I could then go into the Bachelor program for Elementary Education. When I started classes, I was taking their "Into to College" class and an English class, then started another English class and a Critical Thinking class. These classes were taught by "professors" who had MATHEMATICS degrees! There was one assignment where we were supposed to watch some cable news program and do a paper of some sort on a story. At the time I didn't have cable (and still don't) and when I informed the instructor of such and asked for some sort of alternative or solution, he argued with me over it. I had no way to complete the assignment, which was worth about 20 points, and because I argued with the instructor, he somehow managed to dock me more points than the assignment was worth. That was the last straw for me and I promptly told them that as soon as that second set of classes was over, I was done.

    I dropped out in August '06 and by January I was enrolled in another school. UoP kept calling me and when I answered they would ask if I was ready to come back to UoP. I told them I was enrolled in another school and that I was not ever planning on going back to their school. They would end the conversation and then the next week or the week after that they would be calling me back again. The school I am in now is so much BETTER than UoP, and I am taking online classes from a traditional university the same way I was with UoP, it's CHEAPER, I'm going straight for my Bachelor's in Elementary Education, and the instructors actually have degrees in what they're instructing! Imagine that!

  • Do
      22nd of Feb, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I being a parent and a fill time working mom thought Phoenix would be perfect for me. The Student Counselors push the fact that I only need to be on line 3 days a week to complete all of my classes. They made it sound perfect for those of us that already have tight schedules. BOY WAS I MISGUIDED!!!! I was finding myself on line doing class work 6 nights a week online until 1:00a.m. in order to be able to do well in my classes and complete all of my assignments. There were several students who were only in class the 2-3 times a week and they were failing both classes. This to me is a FALSE ADVERTISING SCAM TO TARGET MOMS AND DADS WHO WANT TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL. It go so bad that I was not getting any sleep and when I had to finally call my counselor to ask for a couple of months off one because too much strain on family and two because I almost had a car wreck due to lack of sleep. They told me in order to get credit I would have to complete the other 2 classes in order to get credit for the block. They were only willing to give 1 month to me or I would not get credit for that block. Looking back all I could remember is how they stressed the fact that they work with busy schedules and working people to help them get the education and that they are there for their students. UOP IS IN IT FOR THE MONEY!! The GREAT PERSUASIVE COUSELORS REELED ME IN knowing it is nearly impossible to make the grades going to class only 2-3 times a week. Therefore when students find outt that in order to make good grades , they really suckered you in.With the class work and assignments there is no way that is possible to acheive an A. I did have A's in both of my classes but like I said I was walking around like a zombie and never had time for my family. SO FOR PHOENIX TO BE TARGETING PARENTS AND FULL TIME WORKING PEOPLE, THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!

  • Yo
      23rd of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes

    This is not a school anyone would ever want to attend,a waste of time and application fee for any serious student. A weird experience NO one shoudl endure...bias towards certain persons and demographics looming at every corner,AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  • Ca
      1st of Mar, 2008
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    The problems with UOP are deeper than most here realize. In a case out of California, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ex rel. )
    the tremendous amount of fraud is being exposed in a case the US Supreme Court ruled needed to be heard when they tried to dismiss it. We are not speaking of they have problems, we are talking of an enormous case of fraud committed against consumers and the United States Government itself. Adding to that the United States Justice Department informed the Judges, they agree and support the lawsuit as did the Federal Board of Education against Apollo Group Inc. the parent of UOP. There is noted an apparent increase since the case came to light against students who may or may not provide potential testimony as the case grows. Few if any of the Professors have been certified to teach a class. Lee Finkel head of the Office Of Dispute Management is actually an INsurance Liability Attorney in Arizona, so the odds of a student resolution appearing from work, he has published, is always going to be in favor of UOP to increase stock for stockholders. The majority of their counselors are not qualified to recommend anything to anyone and the financial has a goal to increase stock pay offs for stock holders. Their own stock holders sued them for fraud and won just months ago. The Founder John Fueler has failed at almost all other enterprises he has engaged in. One involved charging 50k for the cloning of pets, folded. He promotes the legalization of illegal drugs on the Street and has a open attitude of I can do as I wish irregardless of Government laws, which has been published repeatedly. They hire those associated with Government connections from the inside in order to gain clout to pull of what any other College would be prosecuted for. Though they receive accrediting, that involves a ten year span for recertification between. At this time, with the rulings and investigations by the Fed. Dept. Of Education, whatever accrediting they have received is overthrown by fines and charges from 9 million dollar fines of EEOC violations to fines for stealing from the Government. Why actual prosecution has not occurred to key figures in this scam is something that has never been addressed.

  • Ja
      4th of Mar, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I transfered from a well known universtiy in Detroit and I was a parttime student. I had to take my Grandmother who is 97 years old and work, so I had decided to attend this university to finish school sooner. Well they found out that my financal aid was in place and all we had to do was transfer it to their school and get my transcripts. Well it so happened that the school I came from had semesters and this school was full time only, in which I was not informed. After I started to attend, by the second class I was approached by my financial adviser, who I had never met. I was informed that I had acquired a balance of $2,850.00 or more due to the fact that my financial did not cover my entire tuition. So, I called the feds and they informed me that the school already knew that before they signed me in, because you have to transfer at least 42 credits for them to get enough to fully cover the cost to be a full time student. Since then I had major surgery, and the classes I had at that time where a repeat of the ones I had at the previous school. When questioned about review of this I was told that only the main campus in Phoenix could do the evaluation. This has happened to at least four other I work with or had association with in the field of criminal justice. They have been hounding me ever since, and others that this has happened to. We need help to get this resolved, these practices are unethical.

  • Te
      16th of Apr, 2008
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    This school is a total fraud. I posted attendance in class and was still auto-dropped. They sent me a letter stating that I withdrew myself after posting attendance. This is a complete and utter lie.

    Now, here we are in April 2008. I am trying to attend another university. Phoenix is responsible for updating my NSLDS record, however, they swear up and down that they are not. I spoke with the people at the NSLDS and they said if Phoenix refuses to update it, to let them know I'll be going to the BBB and Attorney General for fraud and embezzlement of goverment funds. This school is totally a waste of time, there are so many other more reputable schools that are online out there.

    Now Phoenix is telling me that I owe them $1, 770 because they had to return funds for classes. They want me to take out a loan to pay them off. Not going to happen, whatsoever!!!

  • Li
      23rd of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am having the same problems as you. I too had to pay for my 2 classes. I wonder if we can contact Sallie Mae regarding how the school mis informed us to get eh funds from Sallie Mae and it was never disbursed to the students?

  • Ki
      30th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I attended phoenix in August of last year but January of this year i transferred to another college that was better. Phoenix said I owed them $4417 for the classes since my loan was sent back to salliemae on their behalf. Now i can not continue my education because phoenix will not release my transcript to my present college I am attending. What can I do? Please someone contact me at my email address Thanks!

  • Jo
      8th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I currently attend the University of Phoenix and the experience has been positive most of the time. Most of the professors seem to have degrees from major accredited universities. Sometimes it does get frustrating when you get a professor who doesn' teach very well. I'm sure every student experiences courses that sometimes make you very angry due to poor teaching and instruction. This does exist everywhere in a lot of schools. The educational quality is the main thing that worries me about the University of Phoenix . Will employers look at a Univeristy of Phoenix Business Degree like ant other state university busines degree? Can it help you advance your career with a degree from their university?

  • Ph
      12th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I currently attend UOP, I was checking to see what complaints the school has. I worked full time and I can't take full time classes. This school made it convenient for me; I know the classes are short and you spend more time doing the work. But I feel the only way to solve this is which companies will accept a graduate from this school. I understand that the staff is unstable and I hate to continue a program if I don't get anything out of it after I graduate. I'm not having problems yet so far, but I do agree that the staff should be stable.

  • An
      18th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am half way through my program, and I have a 3.92 GPA. However, the only reason I have such a high GPA is I work my butt off 6-8 hours a day 6 days a week. When I was enrolled I was told I would have a flexable schedule, because I am a mother of four. I have had nothing but problems over the last 12 months through UOP. First, most of my teachers did not provide feedback until it was to late, and the assignment was already due by the time they got back to me. Then the books they provide are horrid; they do not cover everything you need to know. I found myself spending hours searching the internet for the information I need to complete my work. Why am I paying for books that do not provide the information I need to complete my assignments? I am starting to think I made a BIG MISTAKE attending UOP. Is there someone I can make complaints to reguarding UOP? To anyone who is thinking about attending UOP DO NOT DO IT! If you do you will regret ever doing so!

  • Jo
      19th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    The fact of the matter is that UOP/Axia gives you the responsibility to manage YOUR OWN TIME. If you had really been auto-dropped for attendence and disputed it the faculty would have reconsidered. It's not in their best interest to dump people out of their programs over technicalities.

    When they say that you can do the degree on a part time basis, they're not saying that you can do it in 4 hours a week - you have to put in the effort and the time. So if that means 2 hours a night 6 days a week, it's certainly better than 8 hours a day, 5 times a week. It's all relative.

    I have been doing a AAIT with Axia for almost 2 years now and have found the experience rewarding. I can manage my time better, have better organizational skills and have learned a lot of interesting (if not valuable) facts.

    It's better to have read all the facts ahead of time before getting into any of these kind of programs. If you can afford to do night classes or day classes at a brick and mortar college / university - then do it. Online education is probably not for you - and having the spare time to do in class education is much better. But if you're in the situation that many of us are with full-time jobs or families to deal with, online may be the only option.

    There isn't much difference between the online experience and the correspondence experience - they both require a lot more "self-starting" and are not applicable to everyone. Some people find the classes too easy - if that's the case then you should be in another school.

    Personally my experience has been very good with UOP/Axia and I recommend it to the person who has the discipline to keep at it and can dedicate the time to work on it.

  • Pa
      24th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Please stay away from UOP - their web site has technical problems that effects student's abilities to access the site and upload homework. If your homework does not successfully make it to the teacher's hands - your grade suffers, regardless of it being due to a server or network problem. We have been complaining through their bureaucracy and the staff has been hiding behind paperwork and draging things out waiting for us to give up and go away. The result of this technical glitch for us was a lot of hardwork and money and a D+ to show for it. Stay away from UOP - they are all about the profit and don't care about students except for their money.

  • Mi
      11th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    The previous posts are very interesting. I found a couple that really hit a chord.

    First, flexible means you are online when it is convenient for you, not that you do not have to put effort into the program. I commend a 3.92 average, but you would have to work just as much at a brick and mortar school to attain the same grades.

    Second, books provided by any educational institution have pertinent information missing so that the student has to do some RESEARCH to answer questions. An education should not be spoon fed, the more work put into, the more taken away by the student.

    Third, I completed a masters with UoP and only experienced technical difficulties a couple of times. When I explained to the instructor what had happened, I was given full credit, never once were points deducted.

    Sometimes it almost seems silly some of the complaints just because it is the University of Phoenix. Traditional schools have their problems as well as other online institutions. But, since UoP is for profit, great target. I enjoyed my experience and most of my classmates did as well. The shame is that only complaints get aired.

  • Br
      14th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I wwish some one would have told me about this school before I let them steal all of my finical aid.This school suck it is the worst thing I ever seems in my life. and the way they do your finical aid is so very wrong. And I ready do have to pay that money paid. I really thought that this was a great ideal taking classes online, but this has became a nightmare for me. Now I am almost through with my classes I am thing about leaving for good

  • Be
      14th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    I'm really surprised to see all of these complaints about UoP- I'm currently enrolled in the EdD program for Curriculum and Instruction, and I've been working harder and learning more than I ever did as an undergrad at a "real" school. Let me tell you that the University of Pittsburgh was a real nightmare! I am actually able to speak to real human beings at Phoenix- at Pitt, I'd have to wait on the phone for an hour, or try to make it to their office hours (10-3). Phoenix is great for adults with real jobs and families, and that's their intended student base. Every university has complaint sites, and unfortunately there will always be consumers who have a terrible experience.

  • Ca
      27th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    Good luck to all of you in the traditional colleges you seem to think you'll find success. The truth is most of you won't complete a college degree, regardless of the school you choose. And, guess what... traditional schools will expect you to look beyond the textbook, participate in class (online or otherwise), work hard, and write well. Are you under the impression Harvard University counselors are telling students about less expensive options? Do you think Columbia University professors are all great teachers? Do you think because you are "moms and dads" you should be expected to do less work? Again, best wishes to you all at your future fantasy campus.

  • An
      6th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was told I could just do my school work on my days off of school, that is why I transfered from going to class 3 days a week for 4 hours a day, to the UoP. I was told just do my work on the weekend when I was off, post it, and I was done for the week. As soon as I signed up, and class started, I was told I would get a call about how to get around the websites, and a call from someone about getting credits from my past school, as well as those earned in the Navy transfered over.

    I never got either call. I was told I had to sign on 3 days a day, post something meaningful in repsonce to people just posting "I agree" and there was due days.

    After asking where I could find everything at on the site, I was told to call tech support if I had trouble with the site working, then ignored.

    As for my credits, well they claimed my school closed, and they could not get them transfered. So I called that school, who said no one has requested them on my behalf.

    My credits from the Navy..not gotten those either.

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