University Of Phoenix / Axia College / Apollo Groupclass action law suit: misuse of title iv funds and accounting practices: unethical business practices : scam and fraud

U Review updated:

I am a united states marine on the temporarily disabled retired list residing in charlotte, nc. I qualified and received a federal student loan to pay for my university of phoenix education. Coexisting with enrollment, i was contracted with bank of america for the approximate loan amount of $9, 000.00 - $10, 000.00; a loan authorized under the title iv federal student loan program. My financial agreement and obligations were designated and contracted to federal financial aid only. I am unable to finance education without federal assistance; if i was unable to pursue federal loan i would have not nor considered an education through university of phoenix if put into the stipulation of a cash payment basis. According to federal guidelines, university of phoenix is entitled to a pro-rata share of tuition consequent to the amount of time i attended their online campus. This pro-rata sum was to be deducted from my federal loan that had been received by the university of phoenix. Instead of accepting the payment from my federal loan, without consent, university of phoenix improperly returned my federal loan monies, informing me that i was now responsible and obligated to pay any outstanding balance that the return of my federal loan had left on my university of phoenix account.

I provided payment to the university of phoenix in the form of a federal student title iv loan which satisfied my contractual obligation to pay for the time i attended uop. The university of phoenix’s actions extinguished my debt for the institutions own purposes without consent. All efforts by university of phoenix to collect on the amount they paid off without consent is not based on contract, nor reflects any obligation that i have undertaken with the university of phoenix.

University of phoenix’s action had no bearing or validation in interfering with my contract between my lenders. The actions by the institution apollo group and university of phoenix to extinguish that debt without my consent gives them no legal or lawful entitlement to collect the funds directly from me. This has not only imposed a prerequisite that was not contracted or agreed upon, but an illegal attempt to convert a federal student title iv loan owed to a third party lender, which provides certain privileges and rights; into a new and different debt owed to the university of phoenix.

University of phoenix now represented themselves that if i were not pay off the debt in full immediately; my account would be turned over to collections damaging my credit. My protest involves abuse with federal monies, breach of contract, false advertisement on university accreditation, appalling enrollment tactics, breach of verbal agreements. This university has tainted any consumer protection provided to civilians, united states military service men and woman by the american government. There are numerous lawsuits and thousands of consumer complaints of this academic institutions practices; and it is time action be commenced on the behalf of american people who have been wronged.

This university has not only misconduct itself as a academic institution, but taken advantage of thousands of north carolina civilians and military service men and woman with false advertisement with hopes of a better future, but the whole american public from coast to coast. I do not understand as serving this country in the marine corps; how our local state and federal governments could allow this leading high profiting university take advantage of us in this manner. There are thousands upon thousands complaints to consumer web sites, department of higher education, federal trade commission, and state attorney generals offices but yet action has to be taken against this institution and their unethical practices. Due to the enormous revenue generated by this organization, the company has become so powerful that it can manipulate political entities. One such entity is the department of education. If the department of education decided to perform due diligence and complete a rigorous audit of the companies accounting practices and uses of title iv funding, the department of education would have no other choice than to strip the organization of title iv funding. Matter of fact, the department of education could have used the organizations latest legal issue regarding religious discrimination (Preference to mormon's) as a basis to eliminate title iv funding; however, as usual this body of government choose to look the other way. Furthermore, the organization continues to walk a thin line in complying with title iv funding in addition to other compliance issues such as ferpa (Federal education rights privacy act) and dnc (Do not call) violations. Due to these ongoing compliance issues, the department of education could revoke its funding and strip the university of its accreditation; however, the department of education much like many of its other political counterparts choose to ignore the problem by monitoring rather than enforcing.

So why does the department of education stand absentmindedly by and let the organization do as it pleases? There are three reasons for the department of education's “hands off” policy as it relates to apollo group, inc and the university of phoenix. Those reasons are as follows: 1) the power struggle between government entities and corporate america. The financial wealth of the organization has become so massive and powerful that it can and does influence the political institution that governs its behavior. 2) the power of money extends to its lobbyists, shareholders, and the political influence of those shareholders. The politically influential shareholders have a self-interest in the financial well-being of apollo group, inc. I could list a number of politicians who hold apollo group, inc. Shares; however, i fear retribution if i were to name names. Here in north carolina, i may even come up missing. Thus, those individuals will use that power to prevent any financial harm to the organization because it will impact their financial stake in the organization as well. 3) due to the company being the largest private educational institution, the company has the largest number of students that could be negatively impacted. If the department of education decided to stop title iv funding, chaos would ensue due to the mass exodus of students to other institutions.In addition, how does the department of education manage the funds previously and currently distributed to existing students? As a result of these concerns, the department of education has taken a "hand off", wait-and-see, monitoring approach rather than perform the duties expected of the organization such as enforcement. By far from taking advantage of military personnel, low and middle class civilians; this institution contains sky-scraping numbers in profit of tax payer’s money through federal education programs in this economic downfall. I plead as a united states marine and an american; please shoot the phoenix down already; let the public be aware. Too many families and civilians have been hurt and mistreated and now is the time for action.

Reminder to indivduals about to join univesirty of phoenix: if you're not sure... Do not start class they can schedule you for class several weeks in advance and certify your financial aid before you accrue a bill. Why take chances? It is not them who will suffer if something goes sideways. Never sign a form called an "authorization to close" unless you know exactly what it means. You need to understand both the good and bad aspects of signing this form. University of phoenix usually doesn't volunteer the possible negative side of issues. There will be those of you who will say you work for university of phoenix and have not experienced any of this. Congratulations, that does not make what i have written less factual or the other thousand complaints listed in the federal trade commission data base.

The question of accreditation: apollo group, inc. Educational institutions are not accredited at the same levels of other prestigious institutions for certain disciplines such as business degrees. Please check out the mba program and its accrediting body. The university misleads students into believing that its mba degree and other business degrees are on par with other institutions such as harvard and others. For this alone, the university should be chastised by the department of education for using substandard business practices in the recruitment of its business students. This does not apply to only business students, but students in other programs such as nursing, counseling, and education. Remember, intel dropped their affiliation with the university for some of these reasons and more.
All i can say is buyer beware.

How to get out after you get in:

# 1: ignore your financial, academic, and enrollment counselors. These individuals are trained and coached in sales strategies to discourage students from dropping out or transferring. Also, do not fall for the financial aid/student loan/return to lender scare tactic. These are strategies used to put fear into students in order to keep them in class and not to leave the institution. [i was forced to use this strategy with my students on a regular basis.] another tactic is the two week break tactic. Counselor are trained and coached to keep students from not taking a break longer than two weeks. If a student takes a break longer than two weeks, the student is considered a t-drop [uopx terminology] student which affects the performance matrix of the counselors. The performance matrix is a measure or device in which counselors are evaluated for raises. The matrix can be manipulated in several ways and often times done so by management. The intent of the matrix is to force a sales-based, pay for performance strategy at the university. The performance pay structure travels a thin line in being compliant with the department of education requirements for paying counselors. Again, the department of education has turned its head away from discouraging this practice and forcing the university to use another pay structure.

#2: make sure your account is paid in full at the time you take your last class. Do not spend your financial aid money if you know that you will be leaving the school. If you have funds on account or received an excess check, do not spend these funds either. This is the hook. If you do not have the ability to pay this back at the time that you quit, you will not be able to obtain financial aid at another institution or have your transcripts sent to another institution for evaluation to be admitted. If you owe money to any institution at apollo group, be prepared for a tumultuous journey of leaving the institution. You will continue to be harassed by all your counselors and at some point the collections department.

#3: demand an official withdrawal form and make sure to get confirmation that it has been submitted to university services by any of your counselors. Do not violate any student code of conduct policy. Violating this code could prevent you from being accepted as a potential transfer student at another institution.

#4: do not let them intimidate you.


Do not refer people to the institution. Prevent them from attending out of their best interest. Trust me when i say look for other institutions. Today, many traditional schools including junior colleges offer online classes that are convenient for all learners.In the past, apollo group, inc. Had a monopoly on the industry resulting in its rapid growth over the last 20 years.In addition, beware of other similar online institutions such as grand canyon university, kaplan university, the art institute, and south university with the later two belonging to edmc. Edmc current president is todd nelson. Mr. Nelson is the former president of apollo group, inc. I recommend goggling todd nelson, university of phoenix, and learn the history of his administration and the legal battles incurred under his administration prior to attending or working for any institution under the edmc umbrella. Also, i would recommend goggling brian mueller, university of phoenix, and grand canyon university too. Mr. Mueller replaced mr. Nelson at apollo group, inc. And recently left apollo group, inc. To become the president of grand canyon university. Many former employee's of apollo group, inc. Now work at those institutions. I wonder why?

If you want a quality education from a respectable institution, search out those institutions that were brick and mortar schools that now have established online classes. A few examples of these types of schools to consider would be university of texas, university of tennessee, and the university of nebraska-omaha. You may need to meet a more stringent entrance requirement and be required to take a graduate entrance exam, but in the long-run you will definitely receive a better roi (Return on investment) on your education and institution.

If you have been wronged by the university of phoenix / axia college / apollo group: here is a list of contacts to increases federal involement and actions

Make sure you file reports and complaints with these federal and state offices or departments. The more filed will increase awareness and investigation on the university of phoenix. Also, will assist with legal litigation in your pursuit of judgment against the university.

1) federal trade commission
2) state congressman / state senators
3) department of higher education federal
4) department of higher education state
5) state attorney general
6) better business bureau
7) contact your local and national news reporting stations

Pending class action suit contact & resources:

Current class action lawsuit i am involved in against the university of phoenix / axia college / apollo group contact:

Email - [protected]

Write her a detailed informative report of your incident with the university’s actions so that it can be forwarded to the legal counsel for further review. Also leave contact information such as an email and telephone number so the legal counsel will be able to contact you.

Class action lawyers:

Closing statement:

I value that some may reply to this with their own implications of why university of phoenix is illustrious and individuals on this form are being immature. Please do be advised that i am a united states marine who does not take pleasure in going through any legal litigation with any cooperation or anyone at that. Individuals have been harmed and ill-treated by this academic institution. Respect their statements if you have experienced other wise than they have. If you feel that you have been a victim of this academic institution; please take action for yourself and the sake of other future students. I am not the only military personnel who has experienced this; but accept as true when i remark that i and other marines will not stand by and be walked on by a deceitful academic institution such as this. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach me at my personal email. Thanks

Email – [protected]


  • Gi
    Gina knowa better!! Jul 13, 2010


    I went for 3 semesters and the problems started when I had an issue with a teacher she was rude and foul to me online in class not in private. They transfered me to another class, and it was only going to cost $341.00 out of my pocket becasue my loans and grants paid for everything per Mike Nelson. I went to another instructors' class. Just as bad, she never gave me credit for assignments or my DQ questions. I went online to retrieve my items and proof they done kicked me off line. Then today I get a letter saying becasue I failed her class I would have to pay all the $1500 back and I would not qualify for loans or grants. It was a lie. I called a couple of colleges and taht does not happen over one class. I made A+, B+ and worked hard and made a C+ and an F in Communications. The class was boring and useless to my degree. I comparerd othe classes and schools and Axia ia sloppy.It is a money mill and they do not care about students. They never fix the problems just charge more money. They target single mothers and people with a low income it seems by reading all the comaplaints. Anyone who dares get a call stay away or hang up!!

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  • Dl
    DLee012678 Jul 29, 2010

    I got screwed by UOP/Axia as well. This college stinks. They returned all of my funds and sent me a bill for over a thousand dollars...they wanted it paid immediately. This has been an on-going battle with this school for almost two years now. They are holding my transcripts and will not release them to me or to the school that I am currently attending. This school is bogus and will not help at all!

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  • Kc
    KC89 Aug 02, 2010

    I am starting my second block of classes through Axia. I am already unhappy about the school. They have some how managed to put me on academic probation and dropped one of my classes that I have just started. My current amount due is $0. I want to drop the school and transfer to a local community college. Any suggestions for me?

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  • Mw
    m.wilson Aug 28, 2010

    I am having same problem and I am a voc. rehab/disable student. I was injured on the job. UOP hustled me in with hopes and dreams of regaining my independence, taking advantage of me finacially and discrimination against me becauae of my disablity with bulling tactic by facilitators and supporting bulling by students, they also condone retaliation too, if you complain things get worse.They have no sympathy for student of disablity I will file a claim with ADA ACT discrimination and privicy act for violation of confidentality of condition of disablty (instructor made anoucments of my disablity in class in their lectures). I am now suffering mentally and with all the harrassment from finacial counslors ect. they have made me relapes in my health. They are not a instution for Voc. Reb as they claim to be. I am interested in joining in the class action in california or any other state that is supporting california students. How can you brib monies from a Voc. Rehab Student my grants covered everything, but yet they are holding me for money and not giving me my transcripts.

    Civil Right, Voc Rehab law suit help

    I want to join too in the class action


    [email protected] net

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  • Ca
    Carlos Small Oct 12, 2010

    I would like to jion in Class Action suit against Axia, I filled out an application after I was told that I qualify for a grant. I got nothing but positive feedback from my teacher's, but the next thing I know I am being dropped from class sent no assignments, and my grant has turned out to be a loan, and oh yeah I have been threatned.

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  • Lw
    LWashington Oct 17, 2010

    I have been a student at Axia since Sept 6, 2010. I qualified for financial aid, including Pell grant. As of today, Oct 17th, I have not received the excess amount that is supposed to come to me directly. All other financial aid has been paid on my tuition. I can't get any answers as to what date to expect my Pell disbursement to me. After reading all the complaints and now this one, I am worried that I won't get it. I am also worried that I have made a big mistake. Should I be worried? Is this how it all started with everyone else too?
    Please feel free to email me: [email protected]

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  • Ma
    MastersAtU.DE Mar 19, 2011

    Dear United States Marine, I can't tell if this might be the issue, but I believe that if you do not complete the pre-requisite number of credits/classes, if you do not maintain a GPA average of C or better, if you drop, withdraw or do not make attendance, it is my understanding (as a Grad Student) that you have not earned the right to your Title IV funding as per the policies of the Dept. of Education and a school is legally bound to return that entire amount of Title IV funds (loans and grants) to the government -- even if they have already given you the excess funding to use for educational expenses. How a university or college deals with the "money owed" for class time used after that point -- including and grant money not earned but already given to the student -- varies from school to school. I suggest visiting and taking an "Entrance Counseling Interview." It reviews the policies and regulations a student must abide by and achieve in order to earn their Title IV funding.

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  • Br
    brittstah Jul 13, 2011

    I could not have said it better. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a thorough argument.
    It is amazing to me that such an institution is allowed! Not only is it allowed, it is advertised and praised profusely!
    I was contacted 4 months ago by a national organization to collect my delinquent loan amounts (over $7000 for 4 prerequisite classes). My letter stated that If i did not start to make payments, they would begin to garnish my wages. Paying $100 a month, my debt should be paid off in about 6 years.

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  • En
    Ennis Patterson Apr 08, 2013

    My name is Ennis Patterson and I'm a student at UOP and I'm hating every minute of it. First I was told that i would be able to see a live tutor in my area, that turned out to not be the case but I was already into my second semester. I was accused of plagiary when a Professor didn't know what the word "neoteric" meant. So far I'm going into my second class of my second semester and I have two C's that I feel should be contested. I feel that the classes are set up in such a way that they can give you whatever grade they want to give you. I'm also very skeptical about who's on the other end of these on line courses. This past Saturday I called my credit union to see what was taking so long for my refund check to be uploaded to my savings accout and they told me that Apollo Group Inc. has me down for a checkings account which means that even when the check get there(credit union) they would have to send it back because I don't have a checkings account, it's a savings. I feel like they are playing games with me since I've already spoken out about their inefficiancies. I feel set-up and boxed in. Sorry all these thoughts were so random but I've had some terrible experiences with UOP since i've been there, but I'm somewhat apprehensive about speaking out too much because I know that they will try to ruin me and my higher education endeavors. (216)527-3717 There is other things too...

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  • Ti
    Tierranl Aug 28, 2013

    I went to UOP online and in my last week of classes, passing them as well was dropped stating I missed a combine total of two weeks, although I was still passing it didn't matter even being in my last week of classes there. Then after all that two weeks later I receive a call from student accounts saying I owe them 958.00 dollars for tuition which I know couldn't be true because they had my financial aid and there was no way they returned it. I also called the Direct Loans- Department of Education and they stated there were no funds returned from UOP. I also checked my NSLDS and saw that there were no funds returned from UOP. So they are scamming me and with holding my official transcripts for money I do not owe them.

    My name is Tierra Lucas and I attended in 2011

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  • Ti
    Tierranl Aug 28, 2013

    I would like to be apart of the class action lawsuit against UOP. Tierra Lucas Frederick, MD . attended online Axia College/ Apollo Group

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  • Si
    sissyjohnson Oct 02, 2013

    I want to be part of this lawsuit, I am having my funds taken away, owing account balance because I withdrew, classes are bogus, I was lied to, promises were made and not kept, I was sucked in and now three years of my life was wasted and 40k in debt. I want them to reimbursement me for this!!! [email protected] lets ### them down

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  • Se
    Sean M. Howard Oct 30, 2013

    I also attended this scam of an institution. I attended for nearly a year. I could not get a hold of the on-line instructers when I needed help, until after my assignment was due, which in turn caused me to fail some of my classes! I took out an "automatic" student loan through Bank of America for nearly $10, 000. After failing a few of my classes as a result of "POOR COMMUNICATION" from the instructers I quit doing the classes. I then realized it was a complete waist of my time and wasn't even acredited in most work places!!! After that I started recieving letters and phone calls from the school telling me I owed them $3, 300! I refused to pay it of course. I kept recieving notices wanting me to pay! They eventually turned it over to the board of education and returned my loan back to Bank of America, but yet I was still in debt to them!!! this year (2013) they actually took my entire federal tax return. Wait i'm not done!!! Now for the past several months they have been GARNISHING 15 % OF MY PAY CHECK EVERY WEEK!!! I have a baby on the way, and as hard as it is right now to get by with a baby coming, they go and start taking 15% of what little I make every week!!! I WANT AND NEED HELP. I NEED THIS STOPPED!!! IF ANYONE CAN TRUELY HELP PLEASE E-MAIL ME @ [email protected], Thank you

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  • As
    astrolux76 Dec 25, 2013

    I am having similiar issues. The degree is doing nothing for me. I was lied to by the financial counselors and some how owe $87k for an associates, bachelor's, and one year of MBA. I see how this school has issues with being accredited as I had 4 classes where my instructors just gave me 100's on my work when I know it was nowhere near that. In fact, my business financial class my instructor gave me 100 and i forgot to attach my homework. I asked him about it seeing if it was an error and he told me to re-submit and then an hour later I had 100. The problem was the material was tough and I left some answers out and still got 100. Happened in a few more classes. Its not that I am trying to get out of paying a bill but the school is overpriced, you get lied too, and get graded for work that is far less then the grade it should be. Employers look at that too and see it as the degree not being worth anything because of that. And now the school is networking with companies... lets see I owe $87k and they have jobs like store manager at radio shack and sales person at verizon or AT&T. I guess you need to be Larry Fitzgerald to even make it looks like their program works. I would like to sue the school though.. any information email me at [email protected]

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  • La
    Lady in AZ Apr 08, 2014

    My son was scammed by UoP and like others, was charged for a class that they enrolled him in and did not attend. They took complete control of his enrollment, putting him in classes that did not apply to his major, then charging him for them. They said he would need a $10, 000 student loan plus the pell grants to pay his tuition but he only received two disbursements of about $1200 in excess, which should have been around $3000. He cannot get his transcripts because they say he owes for the class they enrolled him in and he never attended. He desperately wants to go back to school but with this BS he can't get his transcripts or financial aid. I would NEVER recommend a for profit school like University of Phoenix, even though I finished my MBA at a for profit. However, my tuition was 1/4 what UoP said his was.

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  • Be
    Beckfe32 May 29, 2014

    I am also a victim of Axia college & Apollo Group /scam. I was told that I did not log in the correct amount of times and the teacher told me that I flunked the course because I did not meet the attendance requirement. The teacher said when I logged in; my answers did not meet the number of words that had to be typed in each log in attempt. The requirement was that you had to log in at least three to four times a week and so many words to make your answer legit. I asked for help plenty of times and was told to go to the student guidance link to take online tutoring and they never helped me.This took place back in 2009 of November. I’m having to pay back the $10, 000.00 because they said the Government would garnish my wages if I did not pay it back. My financial agreement and obligations were designated and contracted to federal financial aid only also. The loan was a federal student loan. I am also a United States Marine. I got an honorable discharge back in 2005 of October. Where do I go to join the Law suit?

    Is there a list or web sight you can go to get legal advise or help to know weather you qualify as a victim of fraud? [email protected]

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  • Ka
    katkeef Aug 18, 2014

    I have been attending the University of Phoenix since 2011, I switched from a school that did not offer a Human Services degree. UOP said they could tailor the classes to my needs. Now I am not very book smart and not all my grades are good, but I am trying my best. I have been fighting with them since the beginning, telling them they had me under a Business Management degree program. They assured me it was just a name they had to put me under something. As the classes went on none of them seem to be towards my field of interest. They continued to tell me they knew what they were doing, and I just needed to keep going, so I did. Now I have never had algebra in my life and so far not doing so good, I do not believe I will pass. They now have come out with a Human Services course, so I asked to be transferred over to this program, I was told it is too late in my current program to be transferred over. I fought with them saying this is what I was supposed to be in to begin with, , now I am over $24, 000. in the whole with Loans. And all this time feels like a waste. After this last class I am withdrawing and going elsewhere. I received my new schedule and while I still get credit for the courses I took, only 3 actually matched up with the Human Services Program. I am furious, I feel cheated, I am a single mom and time away from my kid is precious to me, and things I have missed out on just kills me. UOP is a money pit, They do not care about their students success. This is one life lesson I wish I could have missed. I failed a class and they immediately threw me into the Algebra class and charged me out of pocket for it, due to failing the class before and inform me that I may loose my financial aid. I am freaking out and so lost. Any help I can get to figure out how I can make sure no one else goes through this, people need to know they were on academic probation for a reason, and I am sure this is why..

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  • Sa
    Sak717 Oct 21, 2014

    University of phoenix destroyed any chance i had at getting a college degree. They walk you through web pages and tell you check this check that and never really give you an honest answer when you ask about financial aid. They had me start an online class knowing i had no internet access because i had stayed that during the walk through online. They told me i would recieve a student loan check and can get a laptop with the extra funds. So i enrole for criminal justice telling me i will have a laptop soon enough. I did do work at the library but that wasnt always an option i have a child i cant just leave for hours and expect my son to raise himself. Eventually they tell me im on academic probation and i cant get my loan. They are rediculous so is college america we need to stand together and put these scam artists to an end anyone willing to help stop this bs my number is 646-599-2627 i want to start a class action suit or help if one has already been started because i know im not the only one. 646-599-2627

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  • Ch
    Charlottec4 Nov 18, 2014

    As of February 2015 I will owe over $57, 000 in student loans for attending this college. In four years I have not once received the full amount of the FAFSA money I was awarded and in my second year I was coerced into doing the Stafford Loan even though I had the classes covered without it. They said it would help me since I was only working part time at the moment. I think it helped them out more than me because I have never seen where this Subsidized and Un-subsidized money went other than to them. The award letters and the disbursement letters they sent me detailing what money is received by them and how much will be disbursed to me apparently were wrong because I never received by me, but yet they can not tell me what, where, when, and how the money has been applied. Now I am in debt up to my eye balls and have an Associates and Bachelors degree that is not worth the paper it was printed on.

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  • Do
    Donna Benoit Dec 07, 2014

    I totally agree with all the allegations!! RIP off school with NO interests on a success story.

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  • Do
    Donna Benoit Dec 07, 2014

    The previous post was a test as the first somewhat detailed post did not send. In a nutshell, this university IS a money mill business for profit only. I have been attending this school since 1998 and now in the doctorate program SAS. The facilitators are (mostly) ill equipped to teach or mentor. I had one committee member state that she was spending time w/ family. WTF for 7 mos. Yet I have a tiny window to submit a proposal of which references now are outdated. At the residences learners ate flat out lied to with regards to your plan of attack and study plans and methods to only find out when the board denies you. The counselors fail to counsel in situational conflicts with facilitators whereby you suffer a hit on your GPA . This body of leaders are getting paid to do nothing but delay and misguide you and leave you with no mercy, degree, sustainable employment, nor FICO score to make a wave in life. It is not an isolated case, but rather a Conspiracy Theory that I will take to my grave. I will elaborate and escalate in legal transcripts.This university MUST be STOPPED and loans repaid or waived. "Let's get to work" is BS. Now when you call they make a point to ask if you know anyone interested in school? WOW...

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  • Lu
    LuisO Mar 06, 2015

    I enrolled in UOP in 2008 for a dual master degree in nursing and business. I complete the degree with no problem. I decided to re-enrolled again to pursue a doctoral degree in nursing . For the past eight years, my English writing skill has never been a problem. Now after 117 credit hours and more than 75, 000 in student loan. The university dismissed me from the program based on false accusation, defamation of character and writing skill deficits. The Dean of the College of Nursing Dr. Francine Nelson had the nerves to critique my writing skills when the comment addressed to me she wrote that I was a student very unorganized and very unclear. Shame for a so call Dr. who does not know that the antonym for the word organize is disorganized and not very unorganized. The school comments does not makes sense are very contradictory because in one documents. Moreover, this person addressed me as a female student when she know very well that I am a male nurse. The text called comprehensive exam for the doctoral program have many contradictions because they asked to choose between one topic or the other and they failed by because I addressed only one. I have pay more than 10, 000 dollar of my own pocket to cover their expensive and lucrative doctoral residencies. In any of them I have learned anything and in the last one I was taught how to write a resume or CV. I went to Phoenix Arizona to learn how to write a resume. In the history of the program, they have registered more than 400 doctoral learners in nursing and only graduate a hand full, the first one was graduate in 2014 words from the Dean of the Program. Tell me this when I already have complete and paid for every course. I am looking for legal advice for discrimination. I wrote an email to the research author book and my topic does not have anything inaccurate in it but apparently the UOP refuse to allow me to do a research based on the lack of representation of Hispanic in Leadership Roles.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Tucker Mar 28, 2015

    I attended UofP and received both my Associates and then my Bachelors. Sad part is, the education I worked hard for is not worth the paper that the diploma's are written on. I had instructors that did nothing to assist me when I was having trouble with Math classes and another that constantly informed me that I did not grasp the concept of Literature. I have yet to receive any information on repaying my student loans and when I contact the school, I never hear back from them. But I do get calls from my Alumni Advisor, I get flack because I do not use their job searching tool. Their job search tool is a joke. Sure it list jobs in the field I chose, sad part is none of the job listings are in my state. UofP Axia is a JOKE

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  • Ji
    jill 5466 Aug 12, 2015

    I presently was in phoenix and attend and did my homework everyday and only had two weeks left and they pulled me from the class and said I want attending which isn't true.I was online at 11:45pm to make sure work was all done and it was and the next day it said I was pulled from the class for non attendance.which is bull and they charged me for the course and wanted me to retake it and in not.They got my money and want more of my financial aid.two weeks and I would of passed the courscourse.They need to be shut down for taking peoples funding and not allow me or anyone else get the degree they want .

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  • Ri
    Richt999 Oct 17, 2015

    Same complaint as others. $30, 000 in debt and no job due to aN unaccredited degree.

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  • Mi
    Misty Walters Manuel Jan 20, 2016

    I attended UOP from Feb 2015 until just Jan 2016. I took a medical leave and was to return on Jan 19th. I received a email from my academic adviser on Jan 19th telling me I have been dropped from the school due to my attendance. I was told how he had tried to call me and I failed to respond back to him. I replied back to him explaining that I work a full time job as well and am unable to answer calls while on the job and after work I have my own issues and family that I am trying to juggle as well. I told him to go and drop me that I would find another school. I am all in on a action suit against UOP. Misty Manuel My email is [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Rosebud24 Feb 03, 2016

    I had the same experience. Such a mess. I am also a Marine. They really target us.
    Email: [email protected]

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  • Ta
    Tasha Jolene Apr 13, 2016

    I have an Associates degree from UOP and a Bachelors degree as well. I was recently in the MBA program. First of all my goal was to go for Psychology or Social work. I Got my Associates degree in Human services Management because I was told that I could then go for social work and so on. Well they do not have a social work degree so then I got a bachelors degree in Business management with a lot of Psychology classes because I was told that I was in the right direction. It turns out that I would have never gotten a degree in Social work or Psychology with UOP. Due to the fact that I had already got two degrees from UOP I decided to attend again for my MBA with a plan of then transferring to another University . However I was kicked out of the MBA program because I had a received a low GPA. The low GPA was due to an instructor who accused me of turning in work that was not mine. He never had facts of this just his personal opinion. I turned in all of the correspondences between myself that the instructor to show them how I was treated and that I did not deserve the low grade because I had not cheated etc. UOP did not defend me nor did I get any support on how to file a complaint on the instructor. I was told that they can grade as they see fit. I was kicked out of the MBA program and now they say I owe $500. I have so many loans to pay back and I cannot go back to any University until I pay. I would like to help with a class action lawsuit as well. [email protected]

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  • Mi
    mike farr May 11, 2016

    We should no longer have to stand in the shadows of this corrupt, predatory, and illegal company known as the Apollo group. Aren't there enough stories /complaints on here and the web to do something about this? Surely there is someone out there who has the ability and leadership to seek justice for all the victims of this sham. Where are you? Come forward!

    Perhaps the class action lawsuit should not be against Apollo group (UOP) but instead the US government for allowing this sham to take place and also promoting it and encouraging it. I remember all the on-base advertising for UoP at our so-called "education centers".

    -Honorably discharged US. Navy sub vet that was corruptly mislead by the government he served. Sign me up! [email protected]

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  • De
    Debra Sapp May 19, 2016

    I attended University of Phoenix and was 13.66 credits away from graduating and they sid i owed them 2, 000 dollars that they received the grant on they told me to apply for a loan with some company they recommended abd they denied me and a i never received my Bachelor in Human Services and they denied me access to finish in any other school . And i never graduate . My mother was waiting to see me graduate her only child that wouldof graduated she died disappointed due o they stole it all away from her and me.Debra Sapp

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  • Rh
    Rhonda Butler Sep 09, 2016

    I also had trouble with UOP/AXIA. I was finishing my finals and had waited for two weeks for a grade. After finally calling to see why I hadn't recieved a grade for one of the classes I recieved an e-mail saying that they were sorry that I had choose not to finish the semester. I once again called and the said that they had not recieved my final and assumed that I had decided to quit school.
    I gave them the information on my final, the day and time my computer showed it was sent. They were double checking on it. I few days went by I hadn't heard anything from them. I was then informed that I had no record of attending classes with them. I went back to my student page to print everything off and of course ny numbers and access had been locked or deactivated. I could no longer access anything.
    Calling the school once more. I Was informed that I could not be helped, but if I had gotten a loan I just needed to pay it.

    All I was is for them to have to pay back Wells Fargo and get it off of my credit report.

    Rhonda Butler
    [email protected]

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  • Hc
    Hconcept Sep 22, 2016

    I had applied to UOP because I was a childcare provider and I wanted to become a teacher. When I saw the advertisements on television stating that they were accredited I placed my info on line for education. A recruitor called me back and I told him I had an associates in early childhood and needed a program in early childhood. He convinced me that the bachelors in human services/ management wouldbe beneficial and that they were currently waiting on my state to approve them for the elementary education program. He said The program was almost approved and if I can get into the human services one then they would transfer my credits. At the time I really wanted to be a teacher being naive I accepted and before you know it I filled out the fafsa and I was enrolled. Unfortuneately, I ended up using my financial aid on this human service degree as I kept asking about the education one. It was not into I finished that they finally said they got the education one available and reenrolled me in the masters one. My instinct did not fell right because I felt a bit under qualified for a masters in education. Although I was working with children in my own famil child care they were not at the elementary level. They stated I needed proof that I had been working with children for over 3 years so I sent them my state licence for my childcare. They quickly enrolled me after I sent them the letter. I feel very cheated because I am in a huge debt which is way more than I expected. My loan documents were signed on line so I never new the terms of these loans. All of my loans were federal and at the time I had no idea what the interest rates were and no financisl aid advisor discussed them. I also never noticed that the cost was getting higher with every term. I just figured that when I graduate I would get my teaching job and pay. They always sent me a form to rate my counselor do I did. I always thought they were great on that aspect but I would imagine. I did notice in teams that there were people who had non college level writing skills. It created a flag but I really wanted my teaching degree so I ignored it. I graduated in 2014 and have applied to every teaching job in my county and have gone to the teaching fairs. I still have no job. I received one interview and I left offended and a bit discriminated when a vice principal said " I am glad you did all those things you said but what can you really do in a classroom?" I had just discussed my experience with childcare, observations, and student teaching experience in a 4th grade classroom." I thought my degree would speak for itself but apparently it seemed worthless at that point. No matter where I have even applied to teaching positions where they need a Spanish speaker which I am I have not received an interview. I am overwhelmed with the stress of the loans which are in hardship deferment since I am freelancing at the moment. If I take the Obama loan repayment plan it will take food out of children's mouths because 10 percent of my gross will seriously affect my net which turns out to be alot when you have car payments, insurance, electricity, water, garbage, and credit debt. If I could go back in time I would have never gone to an online college. I feel horribly ripped off and with sll the controversy it just makes the diploma even more worthless. I am totally dissappointed with our government and the department of education for alloing this exploitation. Not being able to get a job in my field of study after over $100k plus debt and God knows I have and still am trying has been a blow to my mental health.

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  • Me
    Melody Sommerville Feb 04, 2017

    @Hconcept I feel the same way, going to college was supposed to be my contribution to our family. I wanted to make my family proud, only it didn't end that way. I received my bachelor's degree in psychology and yet I have not been able to use the degree. I feel taken advantage of because the recruiter that contacted me would not give me time to talk things over with my husband. She said that I needed to go ahead with enrollment so that I could start the next classes which were beginning the following week. I told her that I also wasn't sure what I wanted to get a degree in. She asked me what I had liked in school, I then informed her that I had dropped out after my freshman year but I had taken a psychology class that I enjoyed. I told her I might like to be a school counselor. She said a bachelor's degree in psychology would be what I needed to become a school counselor. I told her that I live in Indiana and wanted to make sure that was the correct degree. To make a long story short, I managed to graduate with a bachelor's degree, even though I made a D in algebra and a D+ in algebra II. I told the financial advisor from the beginning that I didn't understand how the financial aid worked such as how much would be grants and would I need loans. They always gave me the same answer, there would be enough to cover my degree and I would not owe much after graduation. I graduated in April 2013 and then found out that I need a master's degree to be a school counselor. I have been unable to find a job in which I would use my degree. So basically I have over 60, 000 in school loans which I am unable to pay because we were already in deep debt before I started college. This has ruined my self confidence and quite possibly wrecked my marriage. I want something done to this school so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. I'm forty years old with a worthless degree and I'm very bitter about the situation. University of Phoenix should have to pay these loans because most businesses do not accept their diplomas.

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  • St
    stephanie stone Sep 30, 2016

    I am extremely blown away by the actions of a school I was once proud to say I attended. I am nearing the end of my schooling and have worked extremely hard to get this far. Last year in August I had turned in my final for PSY/230 a couple minutes late and ended up failing that class. So, I had to retake it and the school told me I would only be receiving $800 during that disbursement period. My financial advisor advised me to go on a leave of absence after I finished my next two courses and to pass them so I would not be placed on academic probation, which I passed.
    This brings me to this year in August when I returned to school, being told I would begin on a clean slate. They received my pell grant, sub and unsubsidized loans and are telling me that I will not receive any disbursement monies again, and his reasoning is I have to finish 18 credit hours and in April then I will be sent my refund. In April I will only have 9 credit hours to complete until I graduate. I asked him what about the 6 credit hours I got before my leave of absence.
    I informed him I would like to opt out of giving them authorization to withhold any funds for these so called resource fees and then he came up with this 18 credits I must finish, now this is the issue. I know they are just giving me the run around and trying to fatten their bank account at my expense and I am the one who is in need as the student but most importantly, I am the one who has to repay these loans.
    The UOP knows they are in trouble and are working overtime conspiring on how to malicously manipulate millions from hard working students who are just trying to make a life for themselves and their families.

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  • Mi
    misy1234 Nov 21, 2016

    I also attended axia/uop. I graduated with AAS in Healthcare Administration and was never able to transfer the courses or find a job. I am in debt of about 45, 000. How can I become apart of the law suit as well? My email address [email protected]

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  • Me
    Melody Sommerville Feb 02, 2017

    This has been the worst experience of my life. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology in April 2013. I enrolled in school to help my family because my husband had recently switched jobs and I wanted to help ease the burden. I dropped out of high school, only completing ninth grade. I had gotten my GED in 1996. I was very nervous about attending school after so much time had passed. I knew nothing about for profit schools versus non profit schools. I wasn't even sure what I wanted to do, though I liked psychology and thought I'd like up be a high school counselor. The enrollment counselor was very pushy not giving me time to think things over stating that I had already wasted so much time. The academic advisor wasn't much different. She advised me to enroll in first an associate's degree in psychology and then when finished enroll in the bachelor's degree. I was going to do online school because my children were small at the time I started, April 2009. I was excited about getting a degree to do what I enjoyed and I even asked the counselor if they were sure that would be the degree I needed in my home state of Indiana. She assured me that it was and went on with enrollment. I told her I would like to speak with my husband first because I was sure that it would cost a lot of money and I felt I needed his input. She stated that I needed to go ahead and enroll so I could start the next classes that were getting ready to start. Needless to say I did what she told me because I believed her job was to help me get the best education possible. I never would have thought that it was all a scam. My husband was very upset with me because when he asked questions such as how much is out going to cost, I couldn't tell him because she never told me. I tried to reassure him that it would be worth it because the counselor told me I'd be eligible for Pell grants and the rest could be paid for with financial aid /student loans. The counselor made it seem like most of it would be covered by the grant and that I may need a small loan. I put my complete trust in the staff because I didn't really know what questions to ask. I felt like sry she 32 I should know enough about schooling to not have to ask alot of questions. And when I did ask questions, they would side step them until I was confused but didn't want to admit to it. I had to take algebra 1&2 and I did not understand it at all. I kept asking my professor for help but they never could help me. They kept telling me to find a tutor on my own to help me. I even had my stepfather help me and he was an engineer for the army corps of engineers. Even with his help I barely passed with a D- and with his help in my second algebra class I got a D. I had always considered myself fairly smart in math but after that it shattered my self confidence. I ended up having to take a full time job to supplement our income so I was working forty hours a week and going to school online. The whole process put a huge strain on my marriage and I almost got divorced. Towards the end of my bachelor's degree I started having health issues partly due to stress and lack of sleep. I ended up taking a medical leave at the advice of another counselor. It seemed like I was always getting a new counselor just as I would get used to someone then they were gone. The counselor dais taking a medical leave would just extend the amount of time it took for me to graduate but it would keep me from falling the class and having to pay out of pocket to take it again. When I first enrolled I had inquired about job placement and was assured that they had excellent job placement. However that was not the case, I kept asking various counselors who I needed to talk to about job placement. They told me to sign up for the alumni page. I then proceeded to ask what my next step was in order to be a counselor. She stated that I would have to look up my states licensing requirements to determine what to do next. When I checked into the state licensing it turned out to be for marriage counselors and substance abuse counselors. In my state most schools required a master's degree in psychology. I was devastated, I didn't want to be a marriage or substance abuse counselors. I was so embarrassed about the situation that I did nothing. I didn't tell anyone, I just pretended everything was fine even though it wasn't. About a year after I graduated I stumbled across a lawsuit out of California in which a young woman was suing University of Phoenix over a psychology degree that was worthless. I tried to get involved in that suit but it wasn't a class action suit and I live in Indiana. I currently owe over 65, 000 with interest accruing. I haven't been able to make payments because my husband makes good money so the payments are the same as our house payment. What people don't realize is that my husband and I were already in debt and that was the reason I went to school. To be able to get a good paying job so that I could contribute to paying down our debt. Now my daughter is graduating high school and we can't afford to send her to college. I just feel like it was not only a waste of money (that I didn't have) but a major waste of four years because I have a worthless degree. It sickens me that these schools take advantage of those of us that are in the pursuit of the American dream. I thought my husband would be so proud along with the rest of my family but instead we were all disappointed. I haven't been able to get a job in the field in which I got a degree. And the University's solution was to enroll in the master's program. I hung up and never spoke to anyone again. I don't even display my diploma because it reminds me of all the mistakes that came after I enrolled in school at the University of Phoenix...What a rip off!! I would love to get a class action suit going against them so that they can pay off our loans as well as compensation for the lies and broken promises of success. My name is Melody Sommerville and my email address is melodysomm[email protected]

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  • Te
    TellyM Mar 20, 2017

    I've just located this thread & wanted to know if there is still a class action lawsuit? I know I'm a few years late, but that hasn't stopped the horrible experience I've had with this "school". I attended in 2008- 2009. I was enrolled for mt Associates in Business Management. I told them when I signed up I did not want loans, only financial aid & was told that was what I would be receiving. At the end of the first semester of my 2nd year, I inquired about graduation information since I was to only due 2 years for my associates degree. Well I was told that I wasn't signed up for graduation because I was enrolled for my Bachelor's degree. I tried to call the "mentor" that they had assigned me at firat, but he left & they'd fievn me about three other people-neither of which i could get in contact with. I tried to go back to the building where I enrolled & there was nothing there. The building was empty. So here i was with no degree & no way to get in contact with anyone. A few months later I get a letter in the mail stating that I need to start paying on my Student Loans! PLURAL! Im like what student loans? I signed up for grants & financial aid only. Needless to say, here I am almost 10 years later & no closer to getting this taken care of. All my emails from the school are on an email address that I dont have access to. I do have a paper saying I was enrolled for my associates degree-but thats all I have. If anyone is able to help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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  • De
    Deb Fein Aug 23, 2017

    I would like to join in the class action suit as well. Please tell me what I need to do.

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  • An
    Angela Clayton Feb 11, 2018

    My name is Angela Clayton and i agree with all the bad things that has occurred ...I couldn't finish school to top it off they took out loans on me and i only asked for a pell grant i pretty much have been screwed and harassed taken advantage of I am definitely on board with a lawsuit or class action otherwise i may try on my own
    wishing everyone luck from us NC here !

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  • Jo
    john081289 Aug 03, 2018

    So what about us that got our degrees from them in 2005? They charged me 70000 for my bachelors degree, only to have recruiters and organizations to tell me that they do not take the UOPHX degree because they consider it "buying" a degree. Any suggestions?

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  • Gi
    Gina D2010 Mar 14, 2019

    I can't believe an education institution is permitted to mislead student this way. I attended class years ago and when I left I withdraw from my classes and did everything that was required. Now they will not release my transcripts because they say I owe them. Their misuse of financial aid funds and misleading contact should against the law.

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