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University of Phoenix [UOPX] review: misleading students when enrolling and financial aid disbursements

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I began actual classes in april and was originally told that I would have my excess funds disbursed to me by the 2nd week of classes. I am now 6 weeks in and no money. I called and spoke to my financial advisor last week and was told that they received (and applied) my pell on the 9th (of may) and had received my student loans on the 18th and that I would have the money between the 25th and 27th (of may). On may 26th (yesterday) I noticed that only the pell had been applied to my account, so I called once again just to make sure my money was on the way, and much to my surprise, it still hadn't been applied to my account. They'd had 4700.00 of my student loans for 9 days and still had not applied them to my account. I then asked my financial advisor if I could change the disbursement methond to direct deposit and if it would be quicker than waiting on a paper check, to which he replied "if you do dd, once the money has been applied to your account, it will be sent immediately through to the bank, but I will call you back this evening and let you know when to expect it." needless to say, he didn't call back. I logged into my checking account this morning and, of course, still no money, so I call him back. This time (less than 24 hours after I had spoken to him) he told me that by doing dd, it still wouldn't be immediate, and would take 3-5 more days, but still couldn't tell me why my money had sat there for 9 days without being applied. When I spoke with him last week I told him that I needed to know an aprox. Date because I had an electric bill that was past due (I have a 5 year old and a 4 year old, and no income) and was going to call my electric company and have it put off so that I could make sure I had the money. Yesterday, when I called him I told him that my cutoff was the next day, and he assured me that I would get the excess funds as soon as the loans were applied to my account. Now, i'm facing a cutoff today and still no money until, according to him, thursday of next week. Also when I first registered for classes I was told that it would take 1 year and 9 months to complete my associates in health care admin, and that i'd need to take a loan out for 9, 400 to cover what my pell wouldn't. At no point was I told that the 9, 400 loan only covered the first 8 classes, and that to complete my degree I would need to take out more loans that I will not be able to repay. I think that it is very wrong that employees (enrollment and academic advisors) are lying to students, not being up-front about costs, tuition, and the amount of loans needed to finish your degree, they never return calls or emails, and only giving out the information that they deem important and are even lying (instead of telling the whole truth) to the students that they enroll. I am very upset and would like to know what, if anything, I can do about being jerked around and lied to from day 1 and who I can call to get this taken care of. If i'm not mistaken, weren't there already lawsuits involving uop and pretty much the same issues that i'm having?


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Jan 29, 2020 9:06 am EST

I am a current student. I like the one class month and the work load and the cost isn't that bad. My financial aid however seems to be off. They are wanting me file 20- 21 FASFA now and not in June. I told them my Pell grant should cover my classes for almost 6 months. My loans would cover anything else I am missing. What they do is pay for 5 classes, 5 fees for Tech fees, and loan origination fees. So my classes are 5600 and my aid is 6100(pell) 9500 (loans) plus I got a 500 scholarship. The site says I am overturned 5100. I called the school and they told me that I am only getting 700 in a refund. Explain that?

Jun 01, 2019 9:59 am EDT

I’m having the same problem with financial aid as well they don’t even tell the steps to take out your funding they should just be like other schools and give back the excess money you have in your account they want to continue to give you the run around about your own money which is not fair at all I’m in Panama City Florida and we just suffered from a hurricane not too long ago and I’m still unstable and they act like I can’t have what mines I’m trying to provide a stable place for me and my children but that can’t happen because these jerks wanna play with my money if it’s a lawsuit going on let me know or if there is a number I can call to report this abuse to let me know I’m sick of this school already and this is my first semester

May 17, 2019 9:33 pm EDT

My ex just graduated with a BA in Psychology but the work is so easy. I attend a seated university and when I would help her do her homework it was like the 13th grade. I didn't even have to cite my work for papers I helped her with. She can't even spell Psychology yet has a degree in it and tons of debt. This school is a rip off. Spend the money and go to a real school.

Aug 08, 2018 2:40 pm EDT

Before I began at UofP, I was told that I could obtain my master's degree for under $20, 000 - final amount if loans came to over $58, 000. I should have known that their promise was too good to be true. I had to take additional classes locally because their program was incomplete based on local requirements (I was assigned an advisor that was supposed to be knowledgeable in my state's requirements for licensing).

May 26, 2018 9:32 pm EDT

Omg you guys are making me nervous I have a the overfunded amount the amount you get from financial aid? I need a computer really bad.

Apr 26, 2017 10:18 pm EDT

I am a victim from University of Phoenix in Rockledge Fla. than they moved to Melbourne Fla. I apply for Pell Grant and financial aid never receive any of the money. I had to pay back money that I have never receive. I my IRS TAX money one year. I stopped going cause it moved to far down in Fla. and I didn't receive any money from University of Phoenix. Is there anything could be done about this School? Please someone let me know. Cause they going have to stop abuse money. My email is Thank you.

Feb 02, 2017 7:41 am EST

If anyone decides to get a class action suit going against them for deceitful and misleading practices please let me know. My marriage almost ended because of this school and things will never be the same! Melody Sommerville

Jan 14, 2011 7:49 pm EST

This is the worst school I ever been too. Financial aid office I feel are crooked people. My story, started classes everything was good in the beginning, then within 6 months financial aid person emails saying I owe $300 two weeks before my new class about to start. I am like I don't have the money and why my Fin. aid not covering it as well as my pell grant. Well don't know what she did but it was covered and I was able to start class. Months go by again, here we go another $300 due, this time I was tired and paid to finish up school. Well life interrupted my education, got a new job, had to move and plus was getting married so I couldn't focus on school, told the counselor and fin. aid person both kept pushing me to start class right before or after my honeymood. Well needless to say I fail that class due to the wedding and honeymoon, (oh while in Mexico, check my email and the fin. aid person had the nerve to say can i sign on to class in Mexico) was she crazy $5.00 for 10 mins. plz. Told them over and over I wasn't ready to begin. Now one fail class I had to pay for then I get a collection call saying I owe $2, 890. but yet I thought I only owed $1, 300. So now Im paying this back due to my job I can't have any collections out on me. This has really put me in a bind. Everytime I try to talk to a manager about the fin. aid person they felt she was in the right. Didn't care what I had to say and the teacher (basically that class was bogus) I did the work
and one guy had the nerve to drop out at the last minute but yet he fails me. After this debt is settle don't have to worry about me to come back... We need a class action suit on them...sorry for the long VENT...

Nov 28, 2010 5:20 pm EST

They duped my wife into believing that she could be eligible for grant assistance, and very persuasively got her to commit to an online course. When I found out, it was 2 weeks into the online course. I told her to cancel immediately, since we had NO money to afford such a commitment. She had no particular goals of any particular certificate or career decision made, and unfortunately did not discuss any of it with me, before making such a commitment. After she canceled, they informed her that she owed the college $595.00 for the time online. Maybe it's me, but I don't see how using a couple of programs for 2 weeks can equal such a large sum of money. There's something not right about this...My wife is kind of gullible, and not very wise about such things, but I don't find such business practices very legit. Needless to say, I refuse to pay...

Dec 16, 2009 5:28 pm EST
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Won't forward my transcripts after they recieved full payment. I had to go into the hospital and they penalized me. They say I owe them $167 and refuse to send transcripts to other schools. Even after filing a grievance and filing a comlaint with the board of higher education in Arizona, they still refuse. It's only two classes, but they recieved over $2000 that I have to pay back and I don't get credit for.

Jun 23, 2010 9:27 pm EDT
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Ok I placed a request for more information in to University of Phoenix (UOP) in April 2009. I received a call from Tina on Friday who asked me what I wanted to go to school for and did I want online or campus. I told her campus. She immediately sent me a link to my email and told me to choose a log on it I would be able to see how the classes look. That was the first trick she was signing me up. Once I saw that I stopped the process. She called me back the next day and said why haven't you finished. I told her I was not sure if I wanted to attend she said thats fine lets just see what you are eligible for and what you will need if you dont get enough money or you need to many classes you will not need to go. I said ok It sound fair but the next day She called and told me that everything looked good all my credits where accepted and I would start on Tuesday. I was shocked I explained to her that I just received notice that I was layed off. She said thats no problem you need to go to school to help you get a job. That sound good to. Ok so I began with the orientation and then my first class. There is truly no screening for the students at least not at that time. I started with a small class. So the entire class was One learning team. Thats the worst part of the school One team member didn't understand how to use a computer at all she couldn't type and didn't understand how to do research. When an assignment was given she just copied directly from our tesk book and handed it to me hand written. The other person just came up with excuses and the other two just didn't do anything so everything truly laid on me. Once you got into the higher level classes they began to give exams which was fine with me, but the teachers where not all very good. Some never covered the material thats in the book some went on and on about there personal experiences. I did have a few good teachers that actually taught but when that happened usually a large amount of the students just didn't catch on and some kind of way they passed the class. That's when I truly got angry and started to look for another school. I can take two classes at University of Baltimore for the price of one class at Phoenix. If you want to teach yourself and babysit and possibly teach your supposed to be peers than this is your school but if you don't like getting stuck then go some where else. I havent mentioned that the classes are about 5 weeks long and you have at least 2 papers due a week. one team and one individual. Your first night of class you have a paper due before you get taught. Its odd but its true. The Fees are outrageous the books are all digital but you can not save them. It's just awful. Don't do it.

Jun 23, 2010 2:00 pm EDT

I love the University of Phoenix, with one exception, FINANCIAL AID. I had a financial aid advisor that refused to do his job correctly, and treated me as if I was ###ed when I would ask questions about my refunds. However, my beginning advisor and my academic advisor more than made up for his lack of intelligence. The only problem I am having now is no one seems to know when they are going to get my refunds back to me so that I can take care of my bills and get my new computer so that I can continue attending class. It is extremely frustrating for me, but I do feel that my new financial aid advisor is just as frustrated with the situation. She is always patient with me, and gives me the best answers she can give me to the best of her knowledge. It's just so frustrating and aggrivating, knowing that the excess money the have from my student loans is MY money, I have to pay it back, but they feel that they can hold on to it for as long as they want.

Jul 21, 2011 1:33 pm EDT

Long story short, in 2010, U of P started an online forum called PhoenixConnect which was intended to allow students to interact with each other. This was especially nice for the online only crowd who rarely, if ever, knew or communicated with students outside of a classroom forum.

Recently, however, the school has taken to moderating and censoring students who post comments that disagree with the views of the school. In particular, students who post issues about financial aid, academic rigor, instructor effectiveness, and a whole host of other topics that don't agree with the liberal slant of the school and its student relations team are moderated off, censored, and even banned from posting altogether. They claim the "community guidelines" spell out what is and what is not acceptable, however these guidelines are only available to members who are not banned from the forum. Furthermore, the guidelines are ambiguous and left up to the subjective judgment of student/staff moderators who may or may not have an ax to grind on certain topics.

The Sr. Student Relations Manager is very good at emailing students when they have been found in violation of the guidelines, but is not adequately able to explain in detail what criteria causes students to become banned. She makes a point to note that the forum is a private forum and that it is a privilege and not a right.

Well here's me telling her and U of P that our tuition money that you use to fund that forum is a privilege and not a right. You do not have a right to our money and then to ban us from certain university services. I am almost finished with my bachelor's degree, but I assure you that because of this censorship and subjective interpretation of the "guidelines, " I will be one alumnus who does not continue on to grad school with U of P. I hope more students who have been subjected to this unfair and arbitrary moderation have the wherewithal to stand up and speak out about it.

Jun 24, 2009 4:24 pm EDT

I dealt with uop in san diego years ago before they became popular. the classes were pretty good. my problem was with their "financial aid." I wanted to attend part-time and work at the same time to avoid getting student loans (which I despised from my first degree).

I told a "man" named stacey in uop's fa office that I did not want a student loan since I was not a full-time student. I thought all was well. not! by accident I heard from the loan funders (who were somewhere at a bank in illinois) letting me know that I had dropped below full-time and my loan would be due soon. the bank rep was nice enough to tell me that the loan had been sent out to uop before I had even asked for a loan! what's worst is that the uncashed, unclaimed loan remained in my name and hadn't been returned to the lending institution!

I called uop's fa office and they avoided me like the plague. they kept putting on a receptionist, hoping I would yell or threaten her although she had nothing to do with my situation. I was transferred from vm to vm, office to office, leaving my name, ph# and situation. uop did not return my phone calls. no, they did not even return my uncashed, unsolicited student loan check. it was still sitting in their office. I kept in touch with the lending institution in illinois nearly every day. they called uop and gave them the run-around, too. meanwhile, this "outstanding loan" is going on my credit report. believe me, you do not want to p-ss off csac (calif. student aid commission) with a default. my fear was that this check was lost, stolen or cashed in my name. thanks to the fi's intervention, the loan check was returned uncashed many weeks later. but the mess still affected my credit report.

Anytime an educational institution has to make tv commercials to gain enrollment, beware!

Jun 24, 2019 6:32 pm EDT

Any outcome from your suit. I’d like to know how to get on board. I started with them in 2009 and they pulled the same stuff but I can’t find anyone to even hear me out...

Oct 01, 2016 10:57 pm EDT

It's so funny I'm reading all these comments from years before and it seems like this University keeps getting more and more irresponsible of their money/students funds. I was also mislead when I signed all my new student paperwork on the disbursement of my federal and private loan funds. I started on 07/11/2016 and it is now Oct. 2016 and I have seen nothing in my Direct Deposit Account. I have spoken with three finance advisors and they keep telling me their was a glitch in their system and that the school was not prepared for it. Now there is over 17 thousand students waiting 90 days or longer for the school to review their funding amount. I have already been approved my the lenders. I have a feeling that the school is holding on to all this money in an account so they can collect interest off the funds. I have now written to FSA and to their corporate headquarters about this problem. I have spoken with several major national and international banks about this and they confirm that it does not take this long to review a 4, 000 loan from the FSA or private lender. I have called so many times to my finance advisor, he will not call me back. This has really upset me and is very misleading to any new student. All I can say is do your research before enrolling with this University.

Nov 02, 2015 7:26 pm EST
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I started UoP two years ago and really did not have any problems. I am here in Tulsa and things were going great until about a year and half into my program. Then they closed my campus. They placed me in my psychology core classes which I am finishing the last one this week and then I am done. Then I go back to my gen eds. The problem is that they have me scheduled on line now since my school now no longer exists.
It is frustrating having to deal with people from another state who do not care about us out here and we get the run around all the stinking time. So I am looking into 2 things. I am looking into transferring schools which I found out I will have to start over, and I am looking into a lawyer to help see if I can get any of the monies I have spent so far back. I can not believe how far the school as gone down since I first started. I do not even want to tell people that I am a student there. I just want to move on and be done. If anyone has any ideas on a lawyer here in Tulsa that can help please send me a note. Thanks

Oct 15, 2015 12:35 pm EDT
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I seem to be having the same problem as all of you. I started in june of 15. was told I would receive the excess check in august during my second class. I am now into my fourth class and I still haven't received it. I was told september, then the end of september. guess what it is the middle of october now and still no check. every time I call they tell me a different amount and a different date - usually a week later. I called again yesterday and the guy told me it would be 2 weeks after a week of holding the disbursement, so guess what? that means another week has been added. why is this allowed and who can I complain to that can actually do something about this.

Sep 21, 2015 1:46 pm EDT

I just started my classes back in June 2015. I have 5 classes left until I get my associates. I have been communicating back and forth with my financial advisor and she told me that once I finish my first 2 that I should receive my funds on 9/17/15 it should be posted to my account and then 14 days for me to get the money. Well on the 17th of this month I logged in and did not see any credits posted to my account so today I decided to call, I did not get my advisor I got another one and he told me for some reason my funds were pushed back until the 26th and he could not tell me why so I left a message for my advisor to call and 4 hours later no call so I called back. I received another advisor with a nasty attitude that stated that she saw that I called this am and she is basically going to tell me the same info. I advised her that he did not give me a legit answer of why it was pushed back he just kept stating the date of the 26th. She said that it was the original date from the start and they cant change it. I told her that my finance advisor told me the 17th so I couldn't just pull that date out of my head I had to get it from somewhere. Now they are telling me that I will not see my excess funds until the end of October when my assigned finance advisor knew the reason why I needed it. Once I complete my last 3 classes I will not refer this school to anyone else and pursue my further education somewhere else.

Aug 15, 2015 10:33 pm EDT

I recieved my refund but it wasn't the full credit I had a credit of 4750 they gave me 2090 and left 2740 on my account I asked why did I not receive my full credit balance as I requested. my financial advisor stated that they kept a credit balance to pay for future classes. wait hold up isn't that illegal I requested all my funds be transferred to my bank account n the school should not be budgeting my money plus we get two disbursements meaning all future class invoices will be paid with that disbursement. they are robbing people. I know how much I should get back my ex wife graduated from the university and she says they are double dipping n that they tried that on her until she caught it and got a supervisor she said when she called back that advisor was no longer there this is sad.

Aug 11, 2018 1:03 am EDT

Hey, i am currently going through this, did you ever get all of your money? What did you have to do?

Sep 14, 2014 10:14 am EDT
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Update from my first complaint:
Last week, I received a telephone call from a woman who wanted to hear about my experiences with the uop online classes. I told her my story about how the uop recruiter had lied to me about how I could go to school for free as long as I kept my grades above a c, and told her how as long as I kept this; I would never have to pay a penny for my education. after I told her my situation, she said she was so sorry that happened to me. she then told me this, and this is what shocked me to hear her say this to me, she told me the uop recruiters were not allowed to do this anymore. so this proves to me that the uop recruiters, financial advisers were deceiving potential students all a long. now, I am in debt with the bank that carries my loans, to the tune of over $48, 000.00. uop should have to pay the bank back and not me.

Sep 13, 2014 8:26 pm EDT

I started my first real class a month ago, at first I was told that I would have my refund after week three. when I called back I was told it would take another week. then they said I would be about another month and a half. also when I first started I was told my tuition was 10, 200 after being in class for a few weeks of went up to 11, 596 they told me I had to take upper core classes. My friend started at the same time as me and got her refund after 2 weeks. Students are the ones that have to pay their loans back So it doesn't make sence why it tales so long. I need to get a new computer for school, which is why they are suppose to refund money.

Jul 16, 2014 10:06 pm EDT
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Help me! I am in debt up to my eye ***** In 2009 I was looking at my Myspace page and checking my emails. As I was doing this, I noticed a little tiny box in the upper right hand corner. The little box said Obama signs bill which allows moms to attend college for free. I was a little curious about it so I clicked on the box. It was not long before I got a telephone call from a recruiter from the University of Phoenix. The recruiter told me his name and who he was. He asked me if I was interested in going back to or if I was interested in going to college. I told him I was but I could not afford the payments. He then proceeded to tell me if he could arrange it for me to be able to go to school for free would I be interested in attending classes online. I told him I would be interested but I also told him once again, I would not be able to ever pay back the loans if I got accepted. About two minutes later, he said to me that it was all set and that I could start classes in a few weeks. I then told him, how is this possible and he told me because of the bill that was passed by Obama I would be able to attend for free and as long as I kept above a C grade, I would not have to pay anything back. He reassured me over and over again that he was sure there were no problems. Two weeks later I started classes. I was so proud of myself because I never had the opportunity when I was younger and had four children to raise with one child having special needs which made it impossible for me to even go to work because I needed to be home if the school my son was attending wanted me to pick him up because he could not listen to the teachers. I was enjoying being in a school finally and I kept my gpa above a C. Towards the end of finishing my Associates degree, I received a letter that said I had to pay over $3, 000 for the remainder of my classes. I called the school and the school said I was all set and not to worry that it was not in the system yet, and I did not have worry about paying anything. I even struggled with the math online which was very difficult. I ended up graduating with a gpa of 3.65. A few weeks later, I received a telephone call, my diploma in the mail, and the congratulations from the president of the college for doing such an awesome job in keeping my gpa so high, and doing such a good job. I also received another telephone call a few weeks later asking me if I was thinking of doing any more classes and go for my Bachelors. I decided to go ahead and continue because I had not been told yet, nor had I found out yet I was lied to by the recruiter at that college. I started my classes in August, and once again, I was very excited to continue my education because with a better education, I could get the job I really had been working for at that was Human Resources. After I started my classes, I received another letter that the bank where my loans had been coming from was sold to another bank. I had no clue what the letter meant and I called my financial adviser. She told me that she was sorry that I was lied to but there was nothing they could do. In March of this year, I lost my dad. The woman my dad was married to cannot take care of herself and needs to move out of the house. My brother had been made the executor of the will and he could do whatever he wants with the house. He decided as soon as he can get my dad's wife out of the house he wants to sell it. I told him that my husband and I are interested in buying the house, and that is when I found out because of the University of Phoenix's recruiter lied to me, I will most likely never have my own home. When I found out that I have to pay back over $38, 000.00 to the bank because of attending the school, I realized that I had been lied to, tricked, and deceived. The world needs to hear of this deceit, and people need to learn that it is and would be a terrible mistake to attend this college because of fraud, and misleading tactics that are used to find and put people in debt. Tomorrow, I will be withdrawing from this school, and I need a lawyer. I do not believe I should have to pay this money because I was clearly lied to, and I am still not finished.

I want to warn everyone of the decisive ways and lies that recruiters have done and I can see they still are. They need to be sued.

May 13, 2014 6:04 pm EDT

I believe that there are a lot of factors to consider when getting in this topic. I think that the university of phoenix, as a whole, is a good institution that gives you real life experience to prepare you for the workforce. I love that about the university. when talking about the refunds, things get a little sticky... I agree with both sides of this argument in that area. although there are many that will say that people who are "angry" about not receiving these monies when they are promised, will say they are the people who are in school for the wrong some instances, this is exactly the case. but people have to also understand that some people are in school to make a better life for themselves and their families; this means that money may be something that they rely on because they aren't millionaire, they are real life people that have a story and need that extra push. a push that's needed when "life" happens. but there are others who do take advantage of these funds and should really think about a less expensive college or university to attend, that way they receive full pell along with the large and excessive loans they had to take out at the university of phoenix. I like the university while there are some things I don't agree with, I also know that the university of phoenix brand that comes with your degree will open up many doors when applying for jobs in your field. so really you have to take the good with the bad or keep it moving... find something that's more suited because ultimately, as some of the comments stated, this is our money and we should get what's owed to us because we do have to worry about repayment at the end of the road. that is all.

Apr 22, 2014 8:01 am EDT

I started UOP 2/11/2014 and have yet to receive my refund yet, they give me excuses all the time and that is why this institution is criticized all the time. Drop out rates are related to this topic and something should be done or an undercover investigation should be done to expose these false practices.Financial advisors are rude and disfunctional at times and I feel I was mislead to attend this college. If I had read all these complaints beforehand I would have stayed local in pursuit of my bachelors degree.

Nov 07, 2013 2:52 pm EST

The purpose of disbursements, should you choose to not have them sent back to the lender to avoid having to repay excess loans at the end of your education, is to assist you with school related expenses. it's not to buy diapers, pay your rent, pay your utilities... you are going to school for the wrong reasons as the person with the last comment stated. I would be more concerned with your education than the quick cash you're getting for your disbursement. by law, uop waits 30 days after you begin you first class (which is not the orientation class... that's a no credit requirement and doesn't count as your start date) to process your disbursement. then, after the 30 day mark, if you have met the requirements with attendance and so forth, they will process your disbursement which takes 10-15 days depending on how you chose to receive it. I know several people that are going to school for the disbursement and if you were truly smart and wanted the money and that was your priority, you should have chosen a brick and mortar school. at uop the average high disbursement payment is $2675. if you went to a school on a campus (like a community college), your disbursement would be about $5600 each time. uop is very expensive and sucks up more of your loan.

Jul 30, 2018 10:04 am EDT
Replying to comment of astridvond

Its obvious...You so work for them 😂

Dec 24, 2012 6:45 pm EST

I have no complaints, I'm actually grateful. I received my MBA-ACC from UofP, and it has already been paying off. So, I'm headed back for an MS in Accounting, and I pretty sure my career will hit an even faster track when I'm done this summer. The coursework is real life, and only working professionals are in my classes. The professors are experts in their fields with real-life work experience, not just publishing professors with a background in theory. And the cost compared to the career boost is definitely worth it.

If you're on here lodging a complaint about the time between disbursement and payout, you're going to school for the wrong reason. Look at UofP as a career boost, not a short-term cash injection. If you're on this site looking at the complaints - the only people who spend the energy to write a complaint on a website are angry people to begin with. And you can't trust a website that only has a complaint button, and no praise button.

Oct 15, 2018 11:12 am EDT

It’s obvious you work for UOP. Bless your heart. You had to come on her just to tell real people with real experiences that they are angry?

Aug 22, 2020 5:04 am EDT

I totally agree with everything you are saying. It sounds to me, like, people are going to school or the wrong reason. I have received both my bachelors and my MBA from uop. I am practically writing my own checks! I may have a ton of debt from attending school, but, the payoff will off-set that debt.

Dec 21, 2012 10:20 am EST

I to been having a problem with my loans, they tell me something different every time I talk to them. I'm in my 10th week of classes and they keep telling me that my paper work went through fine, than turn around and tell me that it wasn't excepted . I don't know what to do my computer is on its way out I was going to use the money for a new one, but I don't think so I think I might just drop out and inform fafsa about the whole situation, and find a real college. The whole reason why I was doing online school is because I have health issues and have to have multiple surgery's, this is not fair to people who want to have an education. exceptionally when it means so much to somebody.

Dec 17, 2012 3:22 pm EST

I too have started school and am now 6 weeks into school. I called my financial advisor last week and was told that the school was to recieve the money for student loans. Then it was supposed to be returned to me after they take out what they need last week but should recieve it at latest of this week now week 6. I called back because i checked my bank accounts and since its holiday season banks are having issues. Well the stupid lady told me the complete opposite of what the previous lady had told me. She told me it takes up to 3-5 days from the time it is recieved by the school to be dispursed to me, angrly i ask ok so should i recieve it sometime this week and she replies welll after the 5 days from when the money is credited to your account it can take 14 days for you to even recieve it and thats when i got really mad because i too as well am at risk of something. I am at risk of not being able to pay my rent due to there lack of caring and lazyness now im at risk of being kicked out because i needed that money to make my rent payment. This is ridiculous and dumb now i have to wait a total of 20 more days on top of the 6 weeks ive waited when others ive known have got there school return money on week 5, ive gotten 2 letters saying that the university has recieved my money. Well where the hell is it then because i find it very hard to believe that they have no idea where the money is at all when its kind of money i borrowed and money i have to pay back so since thats the case i kinda need the money i borrowed not them, to be able to pay rent. For anyone interested in University of Phoenix i would say dont go you dont learn anything besides how to copy others work and that teachers dont grade you work hardly ever until last minute. That is what i have to say way to ruin my day... Sincerly angry student.

Nov 16, 2011 5:06 pm EST

I am about three classes from finishing my associates, I have a credit balance of 5775.00, after the last two classes are deducted comes to 3325.00. Spoke to Vince the financial aid rep this morning, because my financial aid rep is not in the office and he told me that they will hold all funds till the end of my classes, then told me that no, they will hold them until my next classes begin, and then told me they have 14 days to process the money and that after Nov. 25th we could request a refund. I have never had a problem and Vince tells me because you are at the end of your program, refund circumstances change, if you fail a class, we want to make sure there are funds there to cover a class, that is BS, if you fail a class you will not get financial aid, so why does it make it important at the end of the degree... Spoke to Richard my enrollment advisor for the bachelor's degree program, and he is supposed to contact Melissa, Vince's superior and find out what the policy is, I think they make their own policies as they go, I am having serious thoughts about going to them for my bachelors and depending on when I get my excess money (which is not their money) will depend on my decision, I made Richard aware of this. Phoenix is a scam, half the instructors are not certified and could be the person next door to me...Their financial aid department is a total joke!

Jul 27, 2011 7:36 am EDT


Jul 11, 2011 6:59 pm EDT

you realize that the University of Phoenix if its the on line school went out of business about a year ago. They owned a on line high school my son went to
and it was a joke if its the same one, I would file a small claims court to get your money back.
goo d luck

Jul 07, 2011 3:05 am EDT

My money is a month late now, and they are blaming the government even though I received a letter last month saying the school had received my money. My financial aid advisers name is Vania and she is very rude.

Jul 05, 2011 10:07 pm EDT

I started this University about 3 years ago. However after about the first year & a half I started having problems. I was told to take out the max amount of loans each year, along with my pell grants. I attend school online, using my internet service & my computer. There are no books & I just do not feel I am getting the quality education that I am paying for. I have completed my associates degree as of 11/01/10. The last full disbursment I recieved 10/15/10. Now they are telling me after I have completed this program, & applied for addtional funds/loans that I have not finished paying for my balance on that program. Now entering the Bachelor's program on 11/23/10, I have had a shortfall the last three semesters, even though this university explained to me that they would be billing me for four semesters at one time when I receive my disbursments. Everytime it is time for me to receive my disbursment, I end up with nothing & another promise for a full disbursment at a later date. (A few months down the road). The disbursment, financial aid & student loan information is difficult to understand & makes me feel like I am being cheated. But basically there is nothing I can do about it. Who can I complain to that will not direct me right back to University of Phoenix? I am so frustrated and wish The Federal Student Loan Agency would do something about it.

Jun 03, 2011 11:10 pm EDT
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I started at the same time as you and I have not received my money either. They got my loan on the 20th of May 2011 and I have got nothing. Also, we are paying interest on this money we do not even have!

Jul 05, 2009 10:51 pm EDT

@Kay Rammond
We have the SAME EXACT situation. We are getting a class action law suit together. We just need a couple more people with our same situation and you appear to fit it.
I have forward this post to our Attorney. IF you want his info, please send me a message and I will send it to you


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