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United Parcel Service / lack of attention to detail

1 United States
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Cliff notes:
1. UPS memo request me to leave a cheque payable to shipper in order to receive package
2. A cheque is made out to shipper
3. I come home and see my package
4. Receive another note requesting a cheque
5. Receive another note stating I need to make a cheque out to UPS, not shipper
6. I leave cheque payable to UPS
7. UPS guy calls me saying I need to make cheque payable to UPS. I say I did.
8. I get an invoice requesting money for UPS
9 I call CSR, she asks how I want to pay. I tell her the situation. She tells me her notes say a cheque is being processed.

Conclusion: UPS made mistake, keeps asking for money. CSR is careless, almost made me pay them twice.

Long Version:

I had a package delivered to me when I was not home, so the UPS guy left a memo stating that he would leave the package the next day if I write a cheque for customs brokerage. It stated, “Make cheque payable to the …” and he checked the box that said “shipper” and not “ups”.

I prepare the cheque to his request, leave it out along with the UPS memo for him to pick up the next day. When I come home from work, I see my package at my door.

Couple of weeks later, I get another UPS memo on my door stating that I need to pay for customs brokerage. It did not state any other details. I ignored it, since, I got my package and had given ups a cheque. A week after, I get another memo, this time the UPS guy gives me the details: “You had made a cheque out to the shipper, we need the cheque payable to UPS” “We will return on: Monday” So now I realize that the UPS guy made a mistake the first time and chequed the wrong box. I made a cheque out to UPS and left it and the memo out for them to pick up.

One week later, a UPS guy calls me stating that he had left a note for me and he had not received the correct cheque from me. I fully explained the above. He said OK and hung up.

Recently, I got in the mail and invoice for the custom brokerage amount. I called UPS Canada, they asked me for the invoice number. After I gave it to her, she asks how I would like to pay. I explain the situation above. Then she IMMEDIATELY says that her notes say that a cheque has been received and is being processed. I can’t believe how she had not payed attention and was so close to making me pay twice.

In the end, it was a not a detrimental experience, but the lack of attention to detail, carelessness or incompetence has made me think twice about trusting them with any package or payments. Next time I will use DHL or Fedex just for less headaches.

PS They still have my cheque that was made out to the shipper. If they like driving to my house so much, they should drop it off so I don’t need to worry about it getting cashed out. Also still wondering if the correct cheque will ever get processed.

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