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Well to start off I work for a tim hortons, sadly, I hired in a year ago, I am a serv safe certified supervisor, and well never in my life would I eat or drink anything from any location,
We are taught in training videos that everything has to be re baked every 8 hrs, well our location bakes at 5am and sells the product all day and at the end of the night we are ordered by the owners to put bagels and muffins ina bag and leave them on the table to be sold the next day, eeewwww, things have a expiration for a reason guys!!!, the "fresh tea" is anything but, more like 4 days old and watch out for the mold, machines are rarely cleaned, employees are docked 1/2 hr out of every day they work for a break they do not get, we work one person at night, so how do they take said break, fresh coffee every 20 mins is a joke!!! We are told by owners to stretch the coffee out.. Which usually means keep it for about an hr, they are cheating the corp by falsifying production sheets so food cost is low, I have went to owners many times with all of this and they simply do not care, aslo have contacted corp and never heard back, I am the only person who does any cleaning in our store and trys to keep everything going they way its supposed to be but it never happens, its a dead end!. All the employees have given up and just dont care anymore, supervisors run our store, which we only have a few, and they only get 7.50 an hr, which is a big slap in the face if you ask me, money is always coming up missing and only when the owner is around, then said money is taken out of our checks, the owners keep track of our hrs, we do not get to punch in or out, and checks are always wrong... Ohhhh sooo much more that would just turn your stomach but I feel this is more than enough as call to the right people are in progress, especially about the docking of hrs, you work 9 hrs and only get payed for 8.50??? If I added it all up for the year thats almost a thousand dollars they have screwed me out of and every other employee too, this is a warning for anyone looking for work at tim hortons, turn around and walk away, its not worth it,

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      25th of Apr, 2012

    This sounds like a terrible work environment ! I am so happy you are taking the proper channels. I hope everyone goes to bat with you! Perhaps the news media would be interested.

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