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Hello on Sunday Sep 16, 2018
Nanaimo Store The Brick

We went to the Brick and just looking around for mattresses for our daughter.
We where greeted by an older lady Roxanne B, and asked what we where looking for and took us straight to the kids bed section.
She was kind of helpful but also pushy. But we did tell her we are only looking around.
Roxy Still showed us around for about 20 mins and showed us a bed that we liked and that was budget friendly for us. She was also going over the paper work for a Brick card as we have had a Brick card time, time again, she procreated to go off about it. We told her we would pay cash for a small perches.
Roxy still proceeded to go off about getting a $5, 000.00 Brick card and telling us about payments but she didn't get the hit we where not interested.

Roxy took us to the computer and to show us price and what would be good and then showed us all the different metal bed frames and what would work the best and better support. But I didn't know she was doing an order for us as I've been a long time customer for over 10 years. When she was typing my name in and then she asked for my address I asked her why do you need my address as we are only looking.
Well Roxy's attitude changed and got all snippy at me. I said we will have to look around and see and have to talk about it. I was nice about it as I've been working in customer service for almost 20 years. I asked for her card and told her we have to think about it and she began to give me more attitude and told me that if we come back she would appreciate us coming back to her as she rudely told me this is how she puts food on her table.
As a person that has worked in sales and customer service, she had no need or right to tell me how I better go back to her. I was upset and I'm a mom of a 11 month old and struggle so hard with cost of living like everyone else.
As we looked around town and didn't find anything as a good deal we went back to the Brick and me being so nice because she did the paper work I felt obligated to go back to her.
But when I went to find her she walked right by me and ignored me and then she talked to me like she didn't know me. I told Roxy you don't remember me as I was here and hour and half ago. She looked at me with a and said its been a busy day with a snotty voice. I brushed it off and told her we are here for the bed.
And Miss Roxy's attitude changed.
We did the order and I payed for it. I wanted to ask for a manager but I had my 11 month old and its a long day for my little one.

I'm righting you as I was not impressed with Roxy's Attitude and what she said about this is how she puts food on the table. That is not right nor none of my business. As a long time customer with the Brick of 15 years this will be the last purchase I will be dealing with the Brick. This just put me off and a lady over 50 should know better about customer service and been working at that store and your company The Brick. for 13 years.
Sad I've spent a lot of money at the Brick.

Sep 19, 2018

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