The Bricksealy posturepedic

We bought this bed with a 10 year gaurntee in 2009, still have the bill.. We called after 2 years, because the mattress was dipping in the middle, which the guy they sent out to see it, verified that it was indeed dipping 2 1/2 inches in the middle.. We did point out a small water stain, but he assured us that was not relevent.. We were told by the Brick, however, that the stain, cancelled out the warranty, and they would do nothing... To this day, we are both experiencing, back and leg pain at night, while sleeping on this mattress... which of course interferes with our quality of life, and unessesary pain and discomfort, which carried into out everyday lives.. I say a guarentee is a guarentee, regardless of water stain on the mattress.. and we are entitled to be reimbursed. Period!

M Batrincha,
Windsor Ontario
(email), [protected]

Jan 09, 2017

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