The Brickreturns policy

Please help!

I am so disappointed and upset about my last purchase at the brick. On november 4, I purchased an electric stove in sault ste. Marie, on. (document # 11048famvjp luxtr94zz7, item code - yacr450w). It turned out that I didn't need the stove and that there was nothing wrong with my other stove. I jumped the gun and purchased a stove that I didn't even need. When my husband and I tried to return it the next day, they told us that once we picked up the stove and put it on our truck, there was no return. We just couldn't believe it. We never even plugged it in or used it. We left there in complete shock thinking there was nothing we could do about it. So now, I have a brand new stove that I don't even need.

We have been a loyal customers to the brick and leon's for years. Not once have we ever received this kind of service. Had I known that this was your policy, I never would have purchased it. Is there some way that you can make this right? We would be willing to trade the stove for a new dining table. Now that's something we could use.

If something is not done to make this right again, we will never make another purchase from the brick or leon's again, and we'll tell everyone we know about the service we received and how you treat loyal customers.

So disappointed,
Please make it right.
Penny & ron luxton

Nov 27, 2018

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