The Brickpoor service, repairs and price guarantee

I have had terrible customer service for many months now and nobody is calling back or trying to rectify the situation. There are 2 situations: 1 for a mattress I just purchased and the other with furniture I purchased.

I purchased the princedale sterns and foster April 21 2018 for $2014 without the box spring. Now the Albert park is on sale with the box spring for $1676. I called the manager Ruth at the Richmond Hill mattress store on May 25th about this price guarantee. I believe I am absolutely eligible for the 90 day price guarantee. This is the exact same bed. Same coil count, memory foam, etc. Just has a different name.
The 90 day price guarantee clearly states that if I find a COMPARABLE bed then it would apply. I found the identical bed and the only difference is that it has a different name.
"We take pride in saving you more so if you find a comparable mattress advertised at a lower price within 90 days of delivery or pick-up, we'll not only refund you the difference, we'll also give you an extra 10% of the refund amount."
The refund should even be $100 more as I didn't even purchase the box spring.
Please advise as the store Manager Ruth is not being flexible and I called other stores and they said I would absolutely be eligible for the price guarantee.

I emailed the brick complaints section on the website on May 25th. Nobody got back to me.
I emailed again on May 31st and nobody got back to me. It asks if you want someone to call and I said yes, yet nobody gets back to me.
I spent over 13K at the brick and this is not the way to be treated. Truthfully it doesn't matter what I spent as this is not the customer satisfaction that no customer expects.

The other issue is with furniture and the warranty I purchased.
Initially I was told they would order my furniture tracks as the drawers keep opening which is very dangerous as my kids run around near it and they constantly open all the time and it would take 6 weeks to get them in. I get a call about 6 weeks later and said they cannot get the tracks and they cannot fix my dresser. Nobody called me to talk about credits or anything like that and they closed the file without notifying me of anything.
One of my night tables was damaged and they said they no longer carry that model so instead of getting a new one that does not match my set they would provide a credit, which they did of $225.
I have had my dining room chairs replaced twice as the springs are very cheap and the springs break within months of the replacement.
They are also not replacing my sectional couch due to sagging from the springs and I asked for a manager to call me on March 8 2018 which the agent Roopini Gopinath said they would and nobody did. I emailed her on May 2 2018 to follow up and never heard back from anyone.
It is just one thing after another and I am very disappointed in the quality of the stuff I purchased but more so by the terrible customer service I have received or lack thereof. This is completely unacceptable and I would expect someone to finally care enough to call me back and try to rectify the situation. I am in sales and would never ever treat clients like this as I would not have any clients if I did.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE call me to discuss further as I have spent so much time with all of this.
Thanks very much
Jason/Jennifer Bucovetsky

Jun 08, 2018

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