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I ordered a double oven gas range from The Brick. The day before delivery they called to say the range was damaged and I would have to wait while the made a new one. I received the range and my gas man attempted to install it yesterday but said there is major damage to the pressure regulator. I found a damage report attached to the back of the range and it had my range's serial number on it. The report stated "THE BACK OF RANGE IS CAVED IN". It also had a work order number and was attached to another customer's delivery invoice. So, the range was delivered to another customer, rejected due to severe damage, repaired by The Brick and then sold to me as a NEW range. I called The Brick and they adamantly told me they do not sell refurbished product. They refused to believe me about the damage report and customer invoice I found so now I have to take a day off work to go in and show them the documents. They also told me I would have to have it repaired by their warranty service and I would not be receiving a new range. I'm going to fight this one all the way. What they have done is nothing short of FRAUD!

The Brick

Dec 02, 2014
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      Jun 04, 2015

    People are so quick to assume fraud, when in fact the brick as no intention of scamming you... I've been a brick customer for years, and human error does happen, but the customer service people always take care of me!

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