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I purchased a bedroom set, couches, side tables, dining tables and chairs August 20, 2013. My bed frame just recently broke. I have a 5 year blanket warranty for construction and master surface coverage. They sent a technician out last week to examine the damage. I called them after not hearing back from them after a week and they said the technician said I misused the bed. The main side panels are not damages just the inside wood that was stapled not nailed broke ripped off and caused the side panel to break off. This happened at the end of the bed. The customer service agent named Avin at the Vaughan, Ontario location said that the technician said this is from jumping over and on top of the bed. I am a 41 year old woman I do not jump on beds. They took pictures and the customer service agent could see that the quality of the product was not good and put me on hold to speak to the manager who came back and said that once the technician submits the report nothing can be done. I spent $5000 that day and it is guaranteed that when it is time for me to purchase any furniture I will not ever go back to the Brick and I will make sure that all my friends, family and friends of friends know that they do not stand by their products and warranty and come up with reports to avoid repairing the product. So it is not worth at all spending $400 on a warranty if it is not honoured.

Mar 30, 2017

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