Telus Communications / tv & internet bundle cancellation overcharge

Burnaby, BC, Canada
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I accepted promotion offer with them as my apartment suggested and it has been the most horrible few months of service and issues . First I have accepted the offer on my apartment door and told the two reps that I can only accept if they don't charge early termination fee if I move out of service area because of possibility moving out of country for job acceptance. I was told "Telus not charge early termination fee if the sis the case " but they never send me written confirmation as they promised After accepting free TV gift and not able to get Internet speed they offered.
I have contacted several times for poor Internet connection and they told me I need get upgraded internet service over bundle charges. I told them that I don't need their tv and asked them return their tv and get decent internet connection instead, they refused for returning tv.
After several connection, they upgraded internet modem and I was able to work properly for awhile,
Due to unemployment situation I need to cancel my contract and move out of country, even though I was told that ' Telus not charging early cancelation fee if customer move out of service " I was told that they will charge me cancelation fee $200 because of free Tv gift and I was asked to return the Ta several times they refused the returning the TV gift.
I about of country now, Talus charging me over $500 cancellation fee instead of $200 as they promised after several phone conversation.
I am disputing this unfair charge, misleading info, lies and deception just the make customer pay more . Please proceed and take action for this if not resolved and Telus has to correct my payment based on the agreement before cancellation process.

Apr 28, 2017

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