Telus Communicationsno service issues for months now

I have been having issues with "no service" on my iPhone for a couple of months. I phone periodically, as I did today, first I called the local "office" and was told they do not handle these calls, they only sell, and they gave me a *611 to call, which I can't because my phone has no service. So I called back and got a toll free number, I was on the ph to them for 45 minutes, to be told that I need to go into the local office to get is sorted, another option she gave me was going to an Apple Store, the closest one is approx 1500kms away, hardly worth the trip... I tried explaining the distance and she didn't get it... then they very kindly offered me $5 of my data charges a month, ridiculous, I have not had even close to full service for months, what use is a reduction on my data charges if I can't use the phone. I know that I am not the only one having issues, and can't believe that it is still not resolved after months of complaining. I am hoping that Rogers will step up and help me out of this situation...

Jan 27, 2017

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