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Telus Communications / final billing

1 Canada

2016-02-24 I received an email from Metropolitan Credit Adjusters in regards to an unpaid billing from Telus.

The amount being claimed was a final billing after having cancelled my service due to moving overseas.

I had been receiving my monthly billing by email upon my choice. However this final billing was not sent by email but was instead sent by regular post to my address where I was no longer living so I never received it.

I did not receive any further billing or notices that I had an overdue amount owing by Telus until I received an email from Metropolitan Credit Adjusters. At first I thought it was a scam so I contacted Telus to verify.

Upon verifying that there was an amount still owing on my account I asked Telus why they did not send me my bill by email as they had done so previously every month. Telus replied that the final billing was sent regular mail as per there policy. I explained to them that had the bill been sent by email I would have paid it forthwith and I did not know I still had an amount owing. They have refused my request to remove this collection record from the Credit Bureau even though it was their fault that they had not sent me the bill by email and had not informed me that the final bill would be sent to my last known house address.

The result was that my excellent credit rating has been ruined and my credit score had dropped about 200 points.

I do not feel that this was my fault as I had always paid my bills on time and Telus should have recognized this and removed the complaint from my file.

  • Updated by strb, Sep 22, 2018

    This was the final billing not sent by email by Telus yet was contacted by email from the Collection Agency which raises the question as to why Telus did not send me this final billing by email themselves before handing it over to a collection agency.

    Your TELUS Mobility Bill
    October 24, 2015
    Account number: 29475292
    Account summary – turn over for details
    Balance forward from your last bill ... $0.00
    This reflects payments of $128.05
    New charges
    Mobile services $121.50
    GST / HST $6.08
    PST $8.51
    Total new charges ... $136.09
    Total due... $136.09

    Your account number Bill date Total if received by Nov 19, 2015
    29475292 Oct 24, 2015 $136.09
    BOX 690
    BOX 690

Sep 22, 2018

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