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Target / discrimination

1 Tulsa, OK, United States Review updated:

Today I went into a Target store to purchase several things one of which was a game for my daughter. When I arrived in electronics there were also two other laters their waiting to be helped. One of them looked for a sale associate and when he arrived he opened the case to get them a Wii Game and handed it to them. I asked him if he could help me and he opened another case for the Nintendo DS games. After looking at one, my daughter decided to get a Super Mario game. The sales associate held onto the game and then asked me if I would like to pay for it now or if I had some more shopping to do? I told him that I had some more shopping and he told me that I would have to pick it up at "Guest Services." I said, "I have to walk up to guest services and pick it up?" He told me that I could just go to the checkout stand and tell them that I needed it.
After this I looked at my oldest daughter and she looked said. We are African American and I can honestly say that this is the first time my 13 year old daughter has seen this type of behavior. I am saddened that I had to explain this to her and tell her that this does still exist. I wrote a complaint on a card but will this happen to someone else? And what was the reason that this little kid felt I needed to be treated like this?

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  • Am
      17th of Mar, 2009
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    As an employee of Target, I can say with confidence thee employee was probably not discriminating against you because of your race, it's actually store policy to make sure electronics that are locked up are payed for at the electronics boat. The electronics employee is also req'd to notify the GSTL (mngr at cash registers) when a TV is being taken up and whether the customer payed for it or not.

    It's not uncommon to find empty electronics game/DVD cases in other areas of the store. They're items that are of high value and are stolen very often.

  • Le
      22nd of Oct, 2009
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    This is exactly the reason why people become racist. It seems that more often than not, minorities jump to racism as an excuse to be pissed off before they ask someone why this happened. If you were that concerned, you should've asked to speak with the store manager. This is what the store manager would say:

    It is policy to ensure that no one walks around the store with an unpaid for item that has been locked up. This includes game consoles, iPods, games, and some gaming accessories. If the sales associate just handed you the game and let you walk around with it while you continued to shop, what would be the point in locking it up in the first place? It must be purchased at the time of unlocking it or it must be kept under the supervision of an employee. The only reason the guy handed the game to the other person is because more than likely the other person already told the guy that he wanted to purchase the game right away. So you need to shut your mouth and stop calling people racist when they're not, because it's ### like this that makes others racist. It's called reverse racism.

  • Ge
      10th of Dec, 2010
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    it sounds like he was quite polite to you. i didnt pick up on him being racist, but maybe you just gave him the wrong impression. do you know how many people prolly steal electronics? this was a safe way to make sure it didnt get out the door without being paid for.

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