Target / rude cashier

I was standing in line for a very long time at Target. The lady in front of me was disputing a charge on something and said there was a sign giving another price. I patiently was waiting and decided to look at my phone as I waited. When it was my turn to checkout the cashier made a remark to me that I was reading the Gettysburg Address. Then a few more comments. As he finished ringing up my items he told me not to read the text as I was driving. I definitely don't read text messages while I drive but gee keep your comments to yourself. I told him I don't do that and that's why I was in the store reading my texts (as I patiently waited on him) then he said so I walk through the store reading texts and run into people. This guy must have a problem. Next time I spend money at Target the cashier can keep their comments to themselves or I won't be going there.

Nov 29, 2016

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