Target / bad customer service cartwheel fraud!

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Went to the Target Store in Westlake Village Ca. 91301, on black Friday. I spent 3 1/2 hours and $600.71
I was told to use the Cartwheel App for an additional discount on clothing. I asked the person at checkout what do i need to do in order to receive the atonal %15 discount, she said that it was an automatic discount and no further action on my part was required .
This was untrue
I did not receive any discount .
I went to customer service counter and they said that It was my responsibility roo Scan each item on my phone ???? The would not honor the %15 discount and that my poly option was to return my entire purchase!!! I told "Robbie" that i had spent over 3 hours selecting the clothes and that I did not have time to start shopping all over again.
She was very unhelpful.
I then returned to the checkout person who then told me that she had no idea that i was supposed to Scan each item on my phone?????

I then called the customer service number when i arrived back at home and spoke to a person who said I was supposed to receive a $20.00 discount, however, she could only offer me a gift card for $11.00 she also said that she knew that this was not fair to me but that was all that she could do???????

I refused the $11.00 gift card as that was an insult to me !

Terrible customer service, deceptive advertising and a really BAD STORE EXPEREINCE!

Nov 25, 2016

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