Taco Bell / treatment of employees

Review updated:

I am now a ex-employee of taco bell located on Delhi ave, due to favoritism and mistreatment. I had to quit because the GM uses favoritism towards female employees. All the men get treated like slaves and yet all the female employees get treated like queens. It is not fair to the men who have to do all the closes and can't get the days they need off and when they try to request days off they are told they have no option but to work, yet the women never have to close and always get what ever days they need off even if they wait till the day before or even the day of. They tell you in your interview it's a flexible schedule but at the Delhi store it only applies if you are a woman. As for competitive pay, that is a joke. You get bare minimum wage and are over worked for it. The store I was at and quit they put double the people needed on day shift and half the people needed for night shift. The employees are unappreciated at this location and is full of favoritism and mistreatment, this is why I quit and will never work for or even eat at a taco bell again until this is fixed.

Jun 10, 2018

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