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Taco Bell / not enough workers

1 Ruth st.Sulphur LA, LA, United States Review updated:

I waited in line at taco bell for 30 minutes. I finaly was next in line, It took the car in front of me 20 minutes to even get them to take her order.. Everyone in line was either blowing their horns or leaving. I counted 15 cars that left. A worker finaly came outside and told the customers to quit honking their horns as she could'nt hear to take the outside orders. The reason the customers were honking their horns is because a lady had waited as long as everyone else and her order was wrong & did not want to wait in the drive thru again. She was knocking on the door & they wouldn't let her in they had just locked the door. If the worker hadn't come outside to scream at the customers the Lady wouldn't have been lt in. I know the worker was just mad at the horn honking because the lady in front of me yelled out of her window that no one had attemped to take her order. If the girl inside had enough time to come out and yell at customers, she had enough time to take an order or fill an order. I then left after being in line so long and also being appalled by her rudeness..Her response to all the customers was she was only one of two people working inside and the drive thru and could only do so much. I feel she was correct, and was told that this was a common practice at night. Taco bell should be held responible this is ridiculos. I guess they don't need the bussiness. I later went back to see if the line had shortened once the lobby closed. It had not. I arrived the 1st time @ 9:30 pm stayed till 10:05, Left and returned @10:30. The drive thru line was all the way around the building and into the street On both occassions. I went inside not knowing the lobby closed @ 10:00 PM. A customer let me in. They explained to me that the lobby was closed but they would still take my order. I was appaled at the way customers were talking to the workers as they pulled up at the drive thru. They were cussed at yelled at and called very ugly names. I now see both sides as a consumer and as the employee. This is ridiculos. Is taco bell making so much money that they don't need the bussiness because I know they lost a lot of sales today at least 30 drive offs, not including the people that couldn't pull up in the restaurant because traffic was backed up in the road. Is bringing in extra help during the holidays not cost effective for this resturant? I know they lost way more money than paying and extra employee or two. If this is common practice I will not ever return to this location or any other one. I think that upper management is to blame. No one should be treated this way after all it is "fast? food"

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  • Ka
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    I'm really glad that you were able to also see this from the empoyees perspective also. I can't even imagine how frustrated you must have felt having to go through this, and as someone who worked in a fast food chain for many years, I know all to well what it is like to do those kind of shifts under staffed. I cannot even count how many times I would have loved to just walk out instead of dealing with an endless line of rude customers that I had to deal with because there was only myself and one other employee working. And I agree about your comment about the franchise needing to put more people on staff. I hope this restaurant corrects the problem. It's not fair to the paying customers who have to deal with this, and it is also not fair to the poor employees who have to bust their behind doing the job of 5 people because they are under staffed (and I can guarantee you that they are not getting paid well to do this either, on top of it all).

  • Sh
      5th of Apr, 2009
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    dude ### you. Have you ever worked at a fast food place? It's ridiculous. Then fat ###s come in an order ###ing 3 grande meals, and the next person orders 3 number 6's and the nex person orders another grande meal, and then the next person orders 1 ###ing taco and expects it in 2 seconds. did it hurt you that bad to wait in line? and if it was such a problem why didn't you get your lazy ### home and eat a ###ing lean cuisine.

    And as for the pay, 7.40 dollars an hour in not enough to make me want to make your impatient ### happy.

    I'd be an ### to you too. Don't expect fast food places to cator to you every ###ing need when your stupid ### goes in there at the dinner/lunch rush.

    Dumb ###.

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