Taco Bell / service

Hi, I am very disappointed and shocked the way I was treated at the drive thru, the employee on the intercom was very rude and disrespectful she was yelling and made very rude remarks everytime I would order something she would say are u done!!! And when I asked if she had freezes, her response is I only have skittles do u want it or not, not allowing me to answer she just sounded so rude, I asked her you ok she said yelling are u done or not.. Then I asked can I please speak to someone else and she placed another girl and not knowing the mic was still on she yelled ignore her [censored]. I told her ur mic is still on I can hear you. Mind you there is cars behind me and they can hear her say that. I even advised the new girl on mic I can hear what she is saying I want to speak to manger at the window, when I get to the window a girl by the name of claudia which her voice is the same as the rude drive thru girl said she's the manager I told her about my situation she had no sympathy she didn't care, she said ok so do you want your food or not, I was trying to explain my situation how bad the service was I asked what is the employees name that was at the drive she refused to give to me she said do what u gotta do. She had no customer service and no manager skills. Worst service ever.

Jun 06, 2018

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