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Taco Bell / awful quality food

1 5240 Roe Blvd.Mission, KS, United States Review updated:
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Not much beef in the tacos, either soft or crunchy. Just a smear of beef on the bottom and filled up with lettuce and cheese. No tomato though. This is false advertising the tacos don't resemble the menu samples! Boycott, and ask 'Where's the Beef?'

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  • Jo
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    the taco bell in dayton ohio on nort main is total rude the manger and ### manger the the girl running the drive thr they dont know how to count i went back to get my money they refused to reund it all beacuse they didnt know if i was thrie they kep 5.00 dollarswhen i call it was if i was such a bother i spoke to the manger . i will never !!!go back to this taco bell i wnated to give them a 2nd cance they always mess u[p the order .

  • Ho
      23rd of Oct, 2008
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    I know, I used to be a night manager at the one in Riverside. You wouldnt believe all the ###s they have working at these establishments. I had tons of customers that would come in only when my car was there because they new theyd get fresh, quality food.

    I used to tell my employees if you wouldnt eat it dont serve it and that was my motto, I never messed up and order or handed out sub par food my entire employment there. Funny thing is I got fired.. because they didnt like the way i did things.(This was last year) So now I drive by at night and see NO cars in the drive-thru on nights when we used to be packed. Guess they went back to serving people old nasty soggy tacos and food off the floor. What a shame.

    Heres a trick though... If you frequent Taco Bell, be really super friendly to the employees, even if its busy tell them their doing a great job everytime you go in and watch your food get bigger and better everytime you go in.

    And dont be rude to a Taco Bell employee unless you want food off the floor, (Ive never done it but seen it done)..

    You can email me if you want, I'll tell you some stuff to watch out for.. Have a great one!

  • Ja
      4th of Feb, 2009
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    I went to a taco bell in Shepherdsville Ky. The manager was as rude as could be we ordered 6 bean burittos two with no red saucce and 4 without onion. They handed it out the window with no way to indacate witch onewas witch. we asked them to tell us witch one was witch they said they had no way to mark them took them back pulled them all apart and put them in different bags we were okay with that but when we tried to eat them there was bean allover the rappers my girlfriend was on her way to work and got beans all over her uniform. this was a v ery bad experence. we took the food back in and when we did the manager rolled her eyes and said whatever and asked for 6 more. my girlfriennd asked for a refund because she did not want spit in her food.

  • Ra
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    I ate at Taco Bell in Carson City when the food I eat had a rock type shaped bone in it. The cost to fix the tooth is 5K and they refuse to pay for and lied about the tooth that I cracked was already unhealhly, but my denist stated it was healthy tooth. From their own addmission from their dental expertS (they got my medical records), something hit my tooth but stated I basicly can no prove it (how many times will they get away with this). Eat there, be toothless! Keep away from Taco Bell! They have a long history quality issues. If you have any quality issues with their beef, post here !

  • Km
      10th of Apr, 2010
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    I ate at Taco Bell in Houston Texas, located Westimere and Voss. I went threw the drive thru in which i had sharp bone in my burrito supreme that i almost choke on when i brough to the Assistant Manager the Mangager they took like it was nothing in which i could have choke on very sharp bone objec.t The service was not professional because this situation is very serious matter in which it could have been child or elder person. I am very up set i just don't know what to do. This has nerver happen to me before. Any one know of what i can do...

    By km

  • Ch
      13th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    The regular tacos only come with lettuce and cheese the supreme tacos are the ones with sour cream and tomatoes you need to ask whats on something before you order it if you feel your not getting what you want and all tacos come with 1.5 oz of beef if you want more than that you should ask for it

  • Ch
      13th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    I think it's very nice that you are trying to clear up the Taco Bell issues ChristinaZ. I know that if you still work for them they are quite lucky to have you!

  • Km
      14th of Jan, 2011
    -1 Votes

    First of all I like to state my Complaint is not a taco its about the Burrito Supreme Steak and i know what to order from the menu unlike your self i don't want order of steak bone in my Burrito Supreme Steak and stop being a smart [censor] if you realize that it was a very serious matter that some one could have lost their life so i prefer you keep your smart as comments to your self put your self in my shoes it could happen to you so don't be to quick to judge. So you are employee of the company as well as I was so what's your point when something happen in your place of business you should take ownership for not to put crazy comments that could be next some one who is can get hurt. So that's why i need to compliant because its not right!!! I DON'T ANY THING WITH THE COMPANY ITS HOW THE FOOD IS PREPARE...k, m

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