Taco Bell mall road Florence ky store # 033646amount of food paid for

I went through the drive through on mall road in Florence Kentucky. I paid for 3 extra sides of nacho cheese on a steak nachos box. When I receiveu food there was barely the normal amount of cheese on the nacho that should have been there. It was no where near the amount that I paid for. I drove around the store to go inside and have it fixed but the doors to the dining room were locked 30 minutes prior to when it was supposed to close with a handwritten sign on the door that was barely legible. So instead I went back around the drive through and told them my problem. They complained to me about how much was put on my food and after putting a very small amount more of cheese on my food and giving it back the cook came to the window and proceeded to yell at me through the window. At that point I drove away and proceeded to send this email. I am PISSED!! I spend a LOT of money at taco Bell but normally do not go to that particular store. I will never be back to that one.

Aug 05, 2018

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