Taco BellI was at 1111 springfield avenue irvington nj

I will not be returning to the taco bell in Irvington nj first let me start by saying the manager Tiffany was very un professional and so is team I was in the lobby trying to place my order the cashier Miss Tiffany and another employee always on their phone after I place my order I sat in the lobby I seen a rodent run right past my foot I never experience anything like that before the lobby was filthy the bathroom smell horrible the older was coming towards the lobby I really don't know what's going on but I was on my way to call the Board of Health who's ever the owner of that Taco Bell is need to have an exterminator come in right away I will not be taking my business back to them I will be taking my business to Union well I know it's nice and clean someone needs to step in and do something about that thank you very much Vivian gwathney

Jun 10, 2018

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