Taco Bell / I am complaining about the food and service.

When arriving at drive thru between 11:15 pm and 11:30pm on Friday Nov. 24th to place order could tell right away the lady was not in good mood. Ordered a XXL nacho extra cheese, Mexican pizza no beans extra cheese, taco supreme, 2 sft steak tacos only steak cheese and tomatoes, and apple empanada. Was told they were out of apple empanadas. I said ok give me cinnamon twist. Went to window paid for food. As lady was bringing my food drops half the nachos out container. Takes what is left on plate around corner and then brings me what was supposed to be all my order. I say thanks and pull around. Didnt have my Mexican pizza or cinnamon twist so pull back to speaker and told them, she said yes we have pull around. So i got to the window to be told that there was no cinnamon twists. So I told her okay give me some nachos or soft taco in the place of it because I had already paid for it and she rolls her eyes. She slammed the window and went to the back and then come to the window and gave me my Mexican pizza and some cinnamon twist that she said she did not know they had in the back. When I got home I realized that nachos had only about half a scoop of meat the mexican pizza as well. What meat was on them was dry. Then realized I didnt get a receipt either. I have hardly ever had any issues here and this was very surprising .

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Nov 25, 2017

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