Taco Belldrive thru/customer service

F Nov 22, 2017

I'm extremely upset about the level of service that I received at Taco Bell located at 10850 Haynes Bridge rd Alpharetta, GA 30022 from a male employee he gave me the name Jean and indicated that he was the GM so me contacting corporate w/ a complaint would fall on deaf ears.On 11/22 @07:00 am I pull into the drive thru only to end up waiting in the drive thru for 10 mins w/ all the lights off on the menu so I figured they weren't open yet I drove around to the front of the store to check the hours on the door and saw 3 customer make eye contact w/ me at the door and learned that they in fact should be open.After I go back to the drive thru line and say "Hello" about 4 times at this time it is 07:25 am w/o any answer all of a sudden I heard the employees talking over the intercom a male voice said "this [censor] can keep driving around to drive thru as many times as she wants but she going to have to wait cuz aint [censor] done. I then say hello I can hear everything you just said that was really rude the male employee says "You sat there and listened so that's your fault we didn't know the button was pressed then all the employees start laughing.At that time I said is there a manager available the male says that's me DO YOU WANT to order or not ?I asked for his name he said Jean I informed him that I was extremely dissatisfied w/ the level of customer service that I'd recieved from him and the staff he leads and asked for the store number to contact corporate to report the incident at that time the person Jean states google it they aint going to do [censor] they need me to run this store but you go ahead and give it a shot and then went on to say that I had better go find somewhere else to eat Jean refused to serve me told me to go elsewhere. At that time I was so shocked that I just proceeded to drive off while driving off I stopped at the drive thru window in which had the survey contact information about how the experience was posted on the window at that time a male opens the window and says I'm the manager Jean and like I said you won't be eating here today bye bye we don't serve your kind anyway your a man dressed as a woman Tacobell won't even hire your kind and began laughing. As a transgender woman I feel discriminated and just to know that the manager of the store confirmed that Taco bell doesn't hire transgender is discrimination at it's best.If these allegations aren't true then the manager Jean needs to be held accountable for his actions.

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