Taco Bell / commercial for chicken tacos

Ronan, MontanaPolson, MT, US

O.K. I'm a 63 year old Native American woman living on my reservation in NW Montana. I have NEVER submitted a complaint about anything in my entire life...until now!
I have just viewed the latest commercial for Taco Bell for chicken tacos or something with chicken. A couple walk up to a guy who is the woman's ex boyfriend and he says, "How's it going chief!"
I could not believe that in 2017 such disrespect happens on a national commercial such as this! Chiefs were held in high regard- Not the stuff of a stupid commercial!
I teach at a Tribal College on my reservation. You can be assured I will inform my students about this bigoted stereotype. They represent your target demographics.
Perpetuating this type of stereotype is absolutely uncalled for in 2017. Insensitive to say the least.
The closest TacoBell is located In Polson, MT on the this reservation!
I am hopeful this complaint does not fall on deaf ears.

JoAnn Ducharme

Nov 25, 2017

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