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Taco Bell / bad food service, ripped off

Winchester Ave.Ashland, KY, United States Review updated:
I drove through Taco Bell this afternoon with an order for various taco items. We were ordering 8 different items. I paid for 8 and received a receipt for 8 but there were only 6 items in the bag. Because all of the wrappers and contents look the same, it is virtually impossible to check which is a gordita, taco, burrito, etc. while in the drive through. When I tapped on the drive through window, I told the worker that I had not received two items. He just stared at me then finally reached out for my bag and receipt. He disappeared into the store and was gone for a long time, finally returning with the bag again. He told me that my two gorditas were not in the bag, making it sound like my fault. I said that his happens more than 50% of the time at this Taco Bell and very very often at nearly all Taco Bells. I suggested that if they did a count of the items, at least they would have the right number. He didn't respond but sneered at me and said "have a nice day". When we got to our destination and looked at the food, we discovered, that the gorditas still weren't in the bag, instead they had given us plain tacos instead, a much cheapter item. Moreover, one of the other items was wrong as well. This happens far too often.


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  15th of Apr, 2009
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I find this always happens to me, no matter which fast food dive I stop at. I just chalk it up to the fast food industry having low standards of intelligence in their employees (worded strange, you catch my drift though). Hence the reason I stopped going to Mickey D's, Taco Bell, Burger King etc, as well as refuse to work at any of those places, I never want to be associated with idiots that 1) can't count or 2) don't know their own menu. 'Nuff said =]
  15th of Apr, 2009
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Dear Heather,

How can they count the correct number of items when they can't speak English? The answer is, Do Not patronize anyplace that does not hire Americans. Problem Solved. Jeff Diehl
  15th of Apr, 2009
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I agree, however it is damn near impossible these days to go anywhere that doesn't have all natural-born American employees. I've been lucky, I live in Maine where literally 96% of the population is American-born whites, and still, every establishment manages to screw something up EVERY time. Yes, I have considered just eating in at home...every night...for the rest of my life. But where's the fun and convenience in that. I suppose when you pull up to that little window and buy the cheap items offered, all you should expect is cheap quality...and service haha! Whether you say "five" "cinco" "cinq" or "fünf, " if you're ordering and paying for 5 items, you should expect to receive 5 items. No brains needed for that logic.

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