Subway / employee unprofessionalism

Oregon, ohio, OH, United States

On September 21 2017 my daughter, grandson and myself stopped at our neighborhood Subway to enjoy lunch. We approached the counter to order and I must say we have never been treated so terribly. The woman was rude immediately and rushed us to the point I didn't get what I usually order on my sandwich because I felt like I was intruding on her. Everything I asked for she threw on our subs and would rudley ask if that's all we wanted before we could even speak. I have loved Subway for close to 20 years and I won't return after that day. And when I asked an employee who was talking to my daughter who the woman was they said it was the manager! Better customer service training perhaps. I don't complain and I'm very non confrontational obviously but maybe new training needs implemented for managers. Thank you for your time

Sep 25, 2017

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