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poor customer service

I ordered a foot long BLT with extra bacon, like I have many, many times in the past. When the order was rung up, I was charged $7.40 for the sub. When I asked why this amount I would told that was the charge for what I ordered. I explained that I wanted extra bacon for $1.00 as the sign clearly said, not double bacon for $2.40 as the sign also clearly said. The taller blond haired girl that identified herself as the manager said that it was a matter of my choice of words and the next time I should clarify that I wanted 4 extra pieces. She then proceeded to remove the 4 pieces of bacon from my already packaged sub and re rang my order. My complaint is about her attitude towards a middle aged customer. She was most condescending and arrogant.

  • Ka
    Katandstuff Aug 06, 2009

    I'll say I'm neutral because I work at a Subway and when you get any other sub and say you want to add bacon, it's clear that you want those 4 pieces. But if you get a bacon sub, it's hard to know, and most people say "extra meat" to mean "double meat". 99% of the time when someone has told me they wanted "extra bacon" on their BLT, they've meant double. But, at the same time, I almost always ask if they mean "extra as in double the meat, or just four pieces extra". Did you see her putting the bacon on the sub in the beginning? I would have stopped her and said "I meant just four pieces extra I don't need the double amount". Before she had already closed it, wrapped it, and was ringing you up. After a very long day working and having more work to do in the back, it's stressful when customers aren't clear about what they want and then complain when you ring them up.

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  • St
    StillHungry Aug 31, 2010

    I just left Subway #3219 in San Clemente, CA (Aug 31, 2010 - 3:30pm)

    I ask for a Turkey Avacado Sand plus I'd like to add some ham on it as well. THEY SAID NO, I then said I want to pay extra to add some ham & they still said NO. I then talked to the "shift leader" & they still said NO. next I asked is there any way I can order Turkey & Ham on the same sandwich? THEY STILL SAID NO, so I told them I want the number to their corporite office as I want to make a complaint.

    WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? people like this should be fired & the store closed if they can not meet simple customer requests.

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  • Ja
    Jasmin PArikh Jan 15, 2011

    Hi i got a coupons of free 6 inch sandwich and it's expire date will be on January 16, 2011. Yesterday Jan 14, 2011 I went to the Subway Store and I was asking for the free sandwich and he was replied with the rude answer and said we were not taking this kind of coupons any more and asked did you have a receipt for that? I said well I got this coupons as a gift and it's doesn't say anything in the coupons like you have to show your receipt when you are going to buy a free sandwich with this coupons well i was really very a disappointed with that kind of customer service and also that guy told me it's a message from Subway head quarter you have to ask the receipt when any person has this kind of receipt well i don't know the truth but i wanna just know is this a true? because if it is true so why the subway introduce this kind of coupons in the market to make the people fool i hope I will be contacted from the subway head quarter with an acknowledge answer. Thank you

    Jasmin Parikh
    Etobicoke, ON
    M9V 1R9

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  • Bo
    bonnie lynn Oct 18, 2013

    was at subway yesterday cot.17 th, in exeter ontario. wanted the cold cut subs for 5.00 she said they didnt have that there i have seen adds on tv and on london radio station so whats up with this. also fly was on sub and said we werent taking that she finally made another one .thats 2 subs had to pay full price ripoff.

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Do not ever work at subway on main st ware he does not pay his workers!! Only by subs. And he will work you to death (Meaning every day12-15 hrs) and when you ask for payment he laugh at you.

rude staff, overcharging

I was greeted by a young Asian woman who barely spoke English. I guarantee her only "knowlege" would be...

poor customers

I would first like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people who do care about the person behind...

very rude employee

My husband went into a Subway restaurant tonight. We were waited on by a young girl. After she started to fix...

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I wanna know anyone out there who is considering suing subway. I have video tape of them taking bribe and many other things the way they do business.

disgusting handling of food

I went to the Subway next to the Albertson's on the corner of Blubonnet and Burbank in Baton Rouge. It was about 2 PM Sat. April 25th. First thing when I walked in it was hot. There were 2 people ahead of me. The 2 people making the sandwiches were sweating. One of them had their child behind the counter. I watched her and the other girl made sandwich after sandwich without changing gloves or washing their hands! She took her gloves off to ring up the customers and put the sam gloves back on. How disgusting is that! then I asked if she was goiing to change her gloves and she got an attitude with me. She told me she did not have to change her gloves. I also forgot to mention that at the same time they were making sandwiches they were grabbing handles on the frig and the container where they keep the bread . After she got attitude with me the other girl who had just wiped the sweat from her forehead with her gloved hand stuck her hand in my sandwich. Needless to say I told them to keep the sandwich.

  • Ro
    roflmao Apr 26, 2009

    You know the subway near me i eat at twice a week, recently i've ben noticing their glove use as well. They wear them to do EVERYTHING. Then prepare your food with them! I think they think the gloves are just so their hands don't get dirty. from opening that bread cabinet to wiping down the counter where they prepare everything etc they still wear the same ole gloves. its uncomfortable to tell someone to change their gloves.

    I agree its gross and its turning me off Subway now.. as soon as i start thinking about my foods cleanliness more than the food itself, i start thinking of finding another lunch spot

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bait and switch false advertising

I think everyone has heard Subway's advertised $5 Footlong Sub deal either on TV or the radio, or ha...

got let go

I was hired on in january by "big country subs/subway" as a "manager trainee". I really enjoyed working for...

unethical gross people

I, a physical therapist, my fiance, an Episcopal Priest, and family were verbally attacked for asking these...

manager/ owner swearing at workers and employees

My daughter has been working there for about 10 months now and today she came home crying 2/11/09 because the...

manager coughing all over food

Manager looked like she had come down with a serious cold. Eyes red, watering, face red, coughing into hand and wasn't wearing a glove. Grabbing food containers and moving them around. Stending behind counter with other employees over food. Really turning the store into a disgusting environment. Asked if she thought of going home and replied that she was waiting for an clinic appointment which was scheduled in 40 minutes time. I threw my sandwich out eventhough I paid for it.

  • Na
    Nana61 Feb 14, 2009

    I also went to a subway and was very disgusted.The girl had gloves on, but was touching money and ovens and then proceeds to put lettuce on.I walked out and I will never go back! This is how people get sick.

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poor service

As a regular (daily) cutomer who spent over $700 per month there, I was told I could not have more lettuce on...


Subway sandwiches overcharges for their value meals. The nationally advertised price for a value meal is $5.00. When I purchased two value meals I was charged $11.18, or $5.59 per meal. They tried to explain the reason for the different charge but it made no sense at all. I contacted subway by email and the store owner called to try and explain the reason. She only could say that the registers were programmed to charge that amount and really couldn't answer my question. They are ripping people off on each purchase of a meal.

  • Te
    Techie Apr 28, 2009

    I have been overcharged at Subway. Two different Subways that I am aware of. The one they did a refund, and the other they have tried to explain it was because I was eating in. I went back another time and was overcharged for take out. I get tired of asking for a refund, so guess I just need to go somewhere else to eat.

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  • No
    NotTHatBadOff Nov 20, 2009

    exactly...its called tax people!

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  • At
    atlanta_boy Dec 30, 2010

    Lol @ tax...duh...people forget that we pay taxes on everything in this country...even [censor]...yes, i said take a dump and you have to pay taxes on the sewer service.

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verbal assault

Today I had to view a very tense moment at subway while two women were ordering sandwiches. It appeared that...

hygeine & service

Store an absolute disgrace, old salads in all trays and down sides of counter. Different salads mixed in...

1 comment Perth Metro Area Fast Food Restaurants

I want my "feast" on a wrap!

I went to subway for lunch today, ready to eat a "feast" but instead of having it on a 6 inch sub I wanted...

fraud and scam

On friday october 4th 2008 my family and I went to subway. There I won the $5 gift card. Then they had this code where you log on fill out information to win a prize so I filled out that information. There was a math question. The answer was 80 and I got it right all my myself without help so you sent a email saying I won the prize because I answered the question right. I looked in the mail every day for a letter for me. Today I got one. It was addressed to my parents but for me because if you are under 13 it is addressed to a parent for the child. Thanks for sending it

  • Ma
    Margaret Burke Jul 10, 2009

    I think that you should take that add off regarding your Pastrami Sub. It looks nothing like the ad when you order it. They put in very small pieces instead of those Large Pieces you see. This is such false advertisement.

    The store was located on Henderson Ave in Sunnyvale Ca 94086.

    Quit sucking people in to see a sandwich that looks that good.

    My name is Margaret (Peggy) I live at 935 Henderson Avenue. Sunnyvale Ca 94086. You have my email. I am just trying to complain against what I believe is a total scam on your part.

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  • Ma
    Margaret Burke Jul 10, 2009

    I think that you should take that advertisement on TV regarding your Pastrami Sub. It looks nothing like what you envision when you see it. They actually put in very small pieces instead of those large pieces you see in the ads.

    This is totally fraudulent because the sandwich looks nothing like this.

    People are poor and trying to get the best deals in town. Trying to feed their families on what looks like a very huge sandwich.

    This is fradulent.

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  • Fr
    franco.b Oct 14, 2010

    today is 14/10/2010. at 9 am i went to subway restauran for a cup of coffee. i left the shop and sit in my car start drinking cofee, but the coffee taste like water then i went back to the shop and asked them how do they make coffee . as i used to work in subway i knew it needs 1 full pack of coffee for one time but the submaker who was indian told me that he pour 1/3 of bag to make this coffee that means they are chitting people and making subway reputation bad. i'm not complaining to get the free coffee but i they realy disapointed me even i asked the lokation number but the submaker refused to show me. the address was subway restaurant, at the young street, the corner of grandview avenue, markham.

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  • Un
    Unhappy1now Mar 12, 2012

    I don't buy food from Subway anymore. When I lived in Pittsburgh the subs looked like the pictures in the advertising. I had my daughter pick me up an Italian sub from the Subway in Chicago Heights, IL and was mad as Hell at what I received. It was bread with meat spread thinner than the condiments. This was the last straw. I don't do business with companies that false advertise or cut corners. The local deli and Quizno's will be my choice from this day forward.

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improper charges

Subway claims to have a sub of the month for a lesser price. But, if you try to make it a combo, they price each individual item separately rather than the addition $2.00 combo price that is on the board behind them. This is clearly a rip-off.


Everytime I go to subway there is a problem with the bread (rolls). I go there later in the day around suppertime, and the bread is usually not fresh (but why would it be, because they are not in an enclosed area, plus they "unthaw" them the night before!)-silly me but I thought on the commercials they say the bread is freshly baked daily (or was that somebody elses commercial?). They are usually out of white italian and I don't like brown bread! If you just want bolony and cheese w/veggies, they won't let you because they say the bolony has to be put on with the other two meats in that package.

  • De
    desi muller Nov 29, 2008

    i live in brisbane and notice that most 6inch subs are lucky to hit the 5inch mark and the foot long can be about 10 inches or a little more so rang subway head office in brisbane queensland australia to ask why and they said that a six inch sub doesnt have to be 6inches long and same with the foot long that they are not promises of measurements but only trading words...hows that for an advertising ripoff and cover up...pity i love them so much

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  • La
    Laffy Jan 06, 2009

    Its the beginning of the year, and poor service already. I went to Subway in Tunapuna-Trinidad, and there was no lettuce to go in the sandwiches. 11:40am, lunchtime and they are ill prepared. I made a complaint to the manager which was useless...why did I waste my time. I'm on the road everyday because of my job, so I eat Subway almost everyday, this is not my first occasion of dissatisfaction. They proceeded to take the full price for the meal, without an offer of replacing the absent item with another or a discount after I suggested. I dont think this is fair to make someone pay for a full item and receive less than what is advertised. Is there anything customers can do about this or do we just have to take it or leave it...after standing in a very long line.

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  • Le
    leebee Jun 30, 2009

    The bread comes frozen. It has to thaw out overnight so they can proof/bake it in the morning. Bread is made every morning, so of course if you go in the evening, it's not going to be as fresh as it would have been in the morning. Still, it was made in the morning... still should be fresh. Also, Subway doesn't sell just bologna sandwiches, and cannot simply take out the bologna from the Cold Cut trio to give you what you want. What are they supposed to do with the other two meats? Customer suck.

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  • Mo
    monstersquad Mar 20, 2010

    The cold cut trio comes PREPACKAGED! It's all already mixed together and there is NO WAY a subway employee can tell what is bologna and what is the salami and ham. GET OVER YOURSELF! There are rules set in place and there are reasons why people can't do things, even if you can't understand them or are too stupid to get it through your thick skull.

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