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Subway's slogan "Eat Fresh" is far from that.
High Fructose Corn Syrup in the bread. How fresh is that. That's processed junk that does nothing but make us eat more and get fatter. We don't want you HFC's Subway, so ditch the evil nasty ingredient once and for all.
If there are HFC's in the bread, there is reason to suspect that there is nitrates and hormones in the lunch meat too. How about the fresh vegetables?? Probably have pesticides on them...all of them. And is it possible that there is hydrogenated oils in the cheeses and dressings and hormones in the milk????? They snuck that HFC crap in under our noses so anything is possible.
Try organic everything guys. This way we know we are getting only the freshest ingredients possible.

  • Su
    subway emp Nov 23, 2010

    looks like you have way to much time on your hands and are looking to complane! if you dont like it dont go. if you go then shut up and eat your god dam food!

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rip off

My local subway charged me $9.36 today for a footlong buffalo chicken sandwich. That's ridiculous. For nearly $10 I could have eaten something much better than a sandwich. The restaurant owner doesn't give receipts so I've no idea how he calculates his charges. The previous visit several months ago, I was charged $16 for two sandwiches. Unbelievable. I am severely pissed with their service. There are numerous complaints on the internet regarding subway overcharging their customers but does anyone really do anything about it? Subway used to provide really good, reasonably priced food. Now they don't know what the *** they are doing aside from ripping off people.

  • Lt
    Ltrowbridge84 Mar 16, 2011

    a few weeks back me and my fiance went into a local subway to take advantage of the so promised promo of "any footlong for $5". It was clearly also advertised on there window ads, so there was no excuse that it wasn't a participating locale. At checkout we were charged about $15 for a footlong and a combo meal. The staff was rude, and the cashier did not provide us with a reciept. We inquired about the promo with the cashier that just told us the bufallo sandwich and meatball marinera were regular price...hmm $15 for a combo and sandwich didn't sound right.. My fiancé and I didn't even complain, I guess cause we were a bit in a rush.. We should've asked for a reciept at least..What a fkn' ripoff!!

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cunning owner

The owner probably is the most cunning owner. Went to Subway store in Springfield, TN on Tom Austin Highway...

worst customer service

At Subway in Southcentre Mall in Calgary Alberta on April 25th 2010 I asked to BUY a six inch piece of bread to feed my 8 month old baby, as this was the only bread option in the food court that did not have seeds.

I was told by the staff that I would have to pay for an entire six inch sandwich as they could not SELL me a six inch bread out of the gazillions baked daily.

I think this was the [censored]IEST customer service ever. I will NEVER patronized this subway location staffed by baby hating ###s.

  • Sh
    Shannon35 Aug 25, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Subway has never sold just bread to anyone at any time. Next time prepare snacks ahead of any outing and there is no crying baby to contend with. A baggie with cheerios will suffice and is easy enough to stash in your baby's diaper bag. I did it with both of my kids that are now 13 and 10 when they were babies and it made outings that much more pleasant. A little planning on your part goes a long way to keeping your baby happy, as that is your responsibility, you cannot expect restaurants to alter their menu for your bad planning.

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one of the worst customer service I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing

After receiving one of the worst customer service i have ever had the misfortune of experiencing, i asked the worker for her manager's contact info, she had the audacity to tell me to "say please."

this happened at 6:45pm on nov 2 at the subway restaurant at flynn crossing in alpharetta, ga.

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unsatisfied with management

You can complain directly to subway franchises inc. The subways in our area are owned and managed by foreigners who do not speak english, are rude, dirty, make mistakes on your order, overcharge you for the product, and act like they are doing you a favor purchasing their food. I called subway direct and asked them why are there so many subways owned by foreigners that can't speak english. There comment was if you have the money, you can buy a franchise no matter who you are. We americans can't afford to buy franchises because the us government subsidizes the foreigners. That's why there are so many foreigners owning businesses in the usa. We can thank our government for the low interest loans and no taxes that are being utilized by the foreigners for 7 years, then the foreigners sell their business to one of their relatives to go another 7 years without paying taxes and getting a very low cost interest loan.
I just know longer buy anything from these types of businesses and that's what I suggest all americans should do. That includes gas stations, restaurants, and any other business that is owned by a foreigner that can't speak english. You know if they don't have any money coming in, they have to close their business. So, don't shop at foreign owned businesses.

  • Re
    redfringe May 14, 2010

    And who are they buying the franchise from ? :)

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  • At
    atlanta_boy Dec 30, 2010

    If you think that they don't pay taxes, then you need to go back to school. The government is not as stupid as you. The IRS will get every last penny it can.

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excess billing, inspite of double checking at counter and banner on the outlet

This is for SUBWAY's credibility and customer care.

I went to SUBWAY, with my friend. There was a deal of $5, as per the banner on the glass of the outlet. Inspite of it, the counter girl charged me more than $6.50 for a footlong.

Prior to placing an order, I checked with the sales girl at the counter about the $5 offer and there was also a banner on the glass og this SUBWAY outlet for $5 offer. When my order was prepared, I handed over my SUBWAY card to pay the bill. After swiping the card, the sales girl informed me that we dont run any offer...

My on-line complaint to SUBWAY, didnot make any difference to SUBWAY, as it has a huge business...!!! The words, like Credibility and customer satisfaction are just in "books", not to be implemented. Is it correct SUBWAY?? !!!

  • Mi
    MichaelAIL Apr 20, 2010

    I hope you realize that even though the sign says "5 dollar foot longs" that does not include tax...
    So off normal government taxes it will probably end up being between $5.30 and $5.60. That kind of makes the number a little bit closer
    but if you ask for extra cheese (instead of 4 you get 8) or extra Bacon or even Extra meat; you get charged for it. It's like asking for a Pepperoni pizza with extra pepperonis; this will usually run you another (I cant find the Cents sign on the keyboard) 50 cents or even another dollar depending on what it is.

    It could have even been due to the Foot long meal. That will usually be an extra $1.20+ for the chips and a drink. With that being said, the charges are all automated ; so when you do get that foot long they press a button and it comes up with that $5 dollars plus the taxes. Then if you add anything else there is another button for each action, which again are all automated. I don't think the person charged you more, It may have just been what you ordered plus tax.

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no 5$ foot long

So i see this 5$ foot long deals on the T.V Radio and so on. But when i go to the Subway closest to me I ask for a cold cut with extra cheese. The order come to $6.34 +$1.00 = 7.34 so I ask about the 5$ foot long and they say Oh that's not here.. So then i ask for the manager and he says the same thing. I was a little up set so i replied with "You are a Subway Right? Why dont you honor the deals on the T.V?" His reply was Well that's only for the U.S so I took him for his word. Only to keep an eye out to see what channel's the add was on.. Even though I have yet to see one on a Canadian Station. I keep hearing people talking about it On how Edmonton Doesn't honor the 5$ foot long so I made a few Calls to Calgary, Alberta Then to Red Dear, Alberta and talk to the managers to their Subways only to find out they Have that Deal. In both Calgary and Red dear But Why not Edmonton.. I start Asking around and there is only 1 Subway in Edmonton that Honors the 5$ Foot long The one downtown Edmonton. I wish there was a number I could call to find out if this is "false advertising".
Cause to me it is seeing a 5$ foot long commercial only to find out that its not for that store nor any others in your city..

  • At
    atlanta_boy Dec 30, 2010

    You are calling around the country and making an [censor] out of yourself over a stinking dollar?

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excess charges and billing

I had been to subway near pape and cosburn. Inspite of $5 offer deal by the company, the sales girl took more than $6.50 from me. I contacet and lodged a complaint to website of subway on the same day. Since more than 10 days, there is no response. Any listner? Its a question of subway's credibility. Customer care of subway is not listening the proofs of complaints.

  • Sa
    sadelo1 Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Prior to placing an order, I checked with the sales girl at the counter about the $5 offer and there was also a banner on the glass og this SUBWAY outlet for $5 offer. When my order was prepared, I handed over my SUBWAY card to pay the bill. After swiping the card, the sales girl informed me that we dont run any offer...

    My on-line complaint to SUBWAY, didnot make any difference to SUBWAY, as it has a huge business...!!! The words, like Credibility and customer satisfaction are just in "books", not to be implemented. Is it correct SUBWAY?? !!!

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  • Sa
    sadelo1 Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The deal was for the same, as per the banner displayed on their glass. My order was same, $5 veggi footlong. But, they didnt honuor it.

    Cant say, why?!! Only SUBWAY can enlighten this.

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  • El
    Elizabeth449402 Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's definitely a franchise problem. I know how Subway's complaint system works. If the franchise owner doesn't contact you in an attempt to resolve the problem, they do loose points on their monthly evaluations. During those monthly evaluations, Subway's independently employed restaurant consultants do have a copy of all complaints and do check to see if the franchise is breaking any corporate policies (such as not honoring menu prices).

    "Participation may vary" is absolutely true, but if they are advertising a sale on their premises, they need to honor it.

    My response probably won't affect your situation in any way, but your complaint will come back to bite the franchise eventually. Since it is such a big company and all the locations are independently owned and operated, sometimes it does take awhile for complaints to corporate to work their way back down the ladder.

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  • El
    Elizabeth McMillan Oct 12, 2012

    I was in subway store#40024 I asked for the special on the window, 6in sub with soup and a drink I also asked for a foot long combo with soup and drink, The man rang us through and I paid 16, 67. When in the car we looked at the bill and found we were charged for chips I didn't get any chips. I went back into the store and asked the same man about it . He told me they didn't have a key for the special so they charged me 3, 50 for the sub, 1.30 for the drink, 1.20 for chips and .50 for soup. The footlong he charged 5.25 for a footlong 1.30 for the drink 1.20 chips and .50 for soup, both subs were ham subs. when you add up the charges for the sub special it comes to 6.50 it is suppose to be a 6.00 special and the combo adds up to 8, 25, So I am anyone who will listen to be careful and not get over charged. It is hard because the man didn't speak very good english so I had a hard time understanding and he had a hard time explaining I will know better next time if there is a next time. I would also like an answer from Subway

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cold meat/extremely bad service

Cold 'Hot' sandwiches & lukewarm morning 'Egg' sandwichs. any reheats get the korean...

employee not wearing gloves when making food

While visiting a store on 15th st. in Tuscaloosa, AL. I was greatly appalled to see that that man putting meat on the sandwiches was not wearing gloves. It was during lunch time and the place had a pretty good line.

I first assumed that maybe he was new and just didn't know any better. The longer I waited in the the more disgusted I became. Not only did the man never stop and wash his hands, but none of the customers seem to notice.

All the other employees had on gloves. When I couldn't take it anymore I went to the register and asked to speak to the manager.

Here is the greatyest disappoitment of all. The young man at the reasturant pointed to the man not wearing gloves and said "He is the manager so it will be just a minute. At that I told him nevermind and I quickly exited.I have not been back.I found a great one inside of wal-mart that seems very well run. I may have to deal with parking but at least I don't have to worry about any bare hands other then my own touching my food.

  • Bu
    bugmenot2 Dec 30, 2010

    Unless he was dealing with vegetarian food without washing his hands after handling meat, quit your complaining. Do you think any other resturant uses gloves when preparing food - you know, those resturants where you don't get it made in front of you? They wash their hands so often you could eat off them :)

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not enough vegetables on the sandwich

Hi, I am going to subway for the past two years and subway is my place for my lunch for more than a...

bad sandwich

Picture of meatball sandwich shows a couple of large meatballs. Actual sandwich came with one row of meatballs about 1" in diameter. What a ripoff!!! Can't put mozzarella cheese on a parmigian sandwich because "we don't sell pizza". This is stupid, anyone knows a parmigian sandwich has mozzarella on it! Never go there again, food is not fresh, but pressed to shape meat. They should make there sandwiches at least near to the pictured samples. No wonder they get sued for false advertising! they deserve it . Should never have paid for this piece of crap sandwich, it ***

  • Eo
    eo925s Mar 12, 2010

    When was Subway sued for false advertising? The only case I'm aware of was regarding independent franchises not honoring national promotions two years ago.

    Like any national chain, Subway has to to follow truth in advertising laws. They (all) get away with their seemingly deceptive pictures by working with perspective. If you look at a picture of a meatball sub closely, you will notice that the balls are about as tall as the bottom part of the sliced open roll. Comparing that to the average size of a sandwich bun will give you a better idea of how large the meatballs really are.

    I work at a Subway and have spent many years surrounded by pictures of the sandwiches. I assure you that the amounts of toppings you see is what we are required to put on sandwiches. The photographers just spend much more time arranging the topics so you can see it ALL and it looks more appealing. How many olive slices can you count in any sandwich picture? THREE, because that's all we are supposed to put on. The meats are just folded in a certain way so they look like they are spilling out. If you were to open one of the sandwiches in the pictures, you would find that the unvisible portion of the sandwich bun is empty.

    The cheese thing is silly, I agree. We are only permitted to carry 4 different varieties, which are chosen by either the regional boards or the individual stores. The franchises located in Walmart are an exception because Walmart required that the Subways would continue to offer other 'food court' items, such as mini pizzas, popcorn and pretzels, when they established their contract.

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didn't wash his hands before putting on the gloves

I recently went to the Subway at the corner of Van Nuys and Addison in Sherman Oaks. The man waiting on me used the cash register and then put on plastic gloves - he didn't wash his hands before putting on the gloves. I watched him - his dirty hands were all over the outside of the gloves as he was putting them on. I told him I wasn't comfortable having him make my sandwich - I asked the woman he was working with if I was being overly critical or unreasonable - she said no. The male employee copped an attitude and left the serving area.

  • Su
    subway emp Nov 22, 2010

    ok i work at subway if we washed are hands evey time we put on gloves then i would be spending half my shift at the sink .

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  • Th
    ThisIsM Sep 27, 2011

    Of course she said no, she didn't wanna argue with you!Just what subway emp said, most of the shift would be spent at the sink and you'd be complaining about that too.

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Subway charged me sales tax on adding money to my sub club card, and then charges me tax on individual uses. That is double taxing on the same purchase. I contacted them, and they agreed that it was wrong. However, they never issued me a refund as they had said. I would think double-taxing on the same purchase is illegal. I am done with using their debit card. This, along with their cold cut sub, leaves a bad taste in my mouth!


On 2/19/10 at about 12:04pm my wife and I went to eat at Subway. This is a regular restaurant we visit. I...

credit card machine down

After waiting in line for 7 min. I finally get to the front to place my order and was told that the credit card machine was down and that they were only taking cash. I know it's not their fault but maybe they should have put a note on the door to inform everyone that the machine was down instead of having them wait in line and then get told that. I was on my lunch break so I had to rush somewhere else to grab a bite to eat and get back to work in time.

  • Ds
    DSgamby Apr 25, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Or maybe the machine just went down and since it was lunch, they didn't have time to get a sign to post.

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I had the worst experience that i've ever had in a restauran

I had the worst experience that I've ever had in a restaurant and it was at the Subway located at 6260 Hwy 6 Missouri City, Tx 77459. I arrived at approx 1:20 and waited in line to place my order. I placed my order and all was well until I got closer to the cashier and there were two people in front of me. I lost sight of my sandwich and asked "are you sure that one's mine?" The cashier, who was a young teen was fine. The person, who took my order and appeared to be the senior employee at that location, responded loudly that she had been doing this for __years calling me sweetheart in a very loud and negative tone. There were other people in the store and I felt totally disrepected. She went on to say, again loudly that she'd better take a break before she started snapping at somebody, meaning me. I responding that if that happened I would snap back. She went into a back room for a second and when she came out she told the young cashier that people like me were troublemakers. I responded that as a customer I had a right to ask questions and she should respect that. She said "well I answered your question". My response was, "but in a negative way" To that she started shouting "Yes maam, Yes maam" again in a sarcastic and negative tone. I am 55 years old and felt totally disrespected. I was not questioning her sandwich making ability or her ability to keep them in order. It seems she has a chip on her shoulder and took my question as an affront to her. There were 4 people working in the store and she appeared to be biracial black/hispanic who spoke spanish to another customer. I did not get her name because I was so upset. I've been to this location before and never saw her there and never had this problem. This person was an extremely poor role model for the 2 young people who were working there. If she is a manager then she is a complete failure in customer service.


walmarts is selling gift cards for Subway that can not be scanned. I went back to walmarts where the card was bought with my receite and they said this has been happening but they cant do anything about ( No refunds or card replacement) . They said I had to call the head office. I did at [protected] they wont do anything about it either. All they could said was sorry but maybe someone took the card out before we bought it.
I still have a recire but now what can be done ??????????

  • Eo
    eo925s Feb 12, 2010

    I manage a Subway. Just knowing that it "can not be scanned" is a little too vague for me to know what action to take. Here are a few of the details I would need to know before suggesting a fix.

    1) Is Subway's machine unable to pull ANY information off of the card, as if there is a problem with the magnetic strip? If this is the case, a Subway employee should be able to manually enter the card's numbers and transfer the balance to an undamaged card.

    2) Is Subway's machine saying the card has not been activated? If so, this is definitely the card manufacturer's fault. You should contact the number again, making sure to say "The gift card I purchased from Walmart says that it has not been activated."

    3) Is the card saying it has less than the balance you purchased it for (for example, it has been activated, but the balance is $0)? If so, you should contact that number again and ask them to pull up the dates of past transactions. You should be able to make a better case if those transactions happened prior to the date on your purchase receipt.

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can they afford to turn away money?

Don't shop at subway... So.. I am standing in the long line at my local subway... Very busy for lunch...

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