Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / service

Cincinnti ph, US

My wife an I eat steaknshake 2+ a week. We feel you should know what goes on. We NEVER get our shakes/drinks until our food comes, then we don't want it.there I s a black server, heavy set that would leave our table completely a mess.She didn't remove plates glass, trash.we saw our food under the heat lamp for 20 minutes. Then there is another server who's white. She wears her hair teased up and neither wear a hair nAlso, everyone should eearI can hear them cussing. Their uniformEvrytime are filthy. We also noticed when they seat the door, its always their sections. We will not tolorate this kind of horrible service.we was going to have a 80 person party, but with I saw with the 2 servers, tells a lot.maybe if they left or transfer. Sincerely. Mr and will need help

Nov 17, 2017

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