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personal home needs new roof per licensed roofing company. 2 review were done, by licensed roofers.
contacted our home owners insurance company, which happens to be, State farm insurance. State farm sent out their roofing inspector and did his own inspection. upon completion of his " inspection" he determined that the house does need a new roof.
However we were told that State farm would not be paying for it, because there was no "inclement weather damage". i.e. hail damage, wind damage, or storm damage.
Faithful members of State farm insurance for over 30 years, including our cars,
We will be switching right away due to lack of service

Apr 28, 2015
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  • Re
      Apr 28, 2015

    I have never heard of insurance doing repairs on buildings unless the damage was caused by inclement weather. The same applies to vehicles, the damage has to be caused by an accident or inclement weather. You were really taking a lot for granted.

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  • Tr
      Sep 08, 2015

    Regular maintenance on your property is not the responsibility of the insurance company and this is something that so many policy holders call about. Its so important that you read your policy when you receive it at every renewal. Make sure you read the section that lists the losses that are not insured and the ones that are. Its very important to understand what you're getting from your insurance coverage and I tell everyone, no question is a dumb question. If you don't understand something in your policy, make the call to your agents office and have them explain it to you.

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  • Se
      Oct 11, 2015

    I am currently experiencing the almost identical thing with Statefarm. I've also had them for many years and had a few family members switch to them in the past. We will be changing soon. I understand how you feel Nona12.

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  • Ha
      Jun 30, 2017

    Posted to Facebook after talking with State Farm's claims denier this morning. The only reason he responded is that I filed a complaint with the AZ insurance Commissioner.

    .I (Hal) don't often write here. But a troubling event took place in Robin's and my life recently for which I am asking all of your help. Please share this with friends and friends of friends.

    We had a hail storm damage our roof and it had to be completely replaced. While all the neighbors' insurance companies are paying for their roof repairs, State Farm has denied this claim and even after going through the Arizona Insurance Commission, they are still denying the claim.
    We are not writing for money - We would never do that! We are filing a suit against them in Pima County District Court in Tucson and asking for punitive damages as well because of the extreme stress of this situation.

    We are, however, asking that you drop all of your State Farm policies (my roofing company calls them SNAKE Farm), stating the reason for dropping the policy(ies) is that your relatives, friends, etc. were denied a valid claim of $26, 000 in roof damage at their home in Tucson, AZ.
    Since my neighbors' have all be compensated for their claims and we just happen to have the bad luck of choosing the wrong insurance company, we hope you will all hit SNAKE Farm where it hurts the worst - the pocket book.

    If they won't cover this type of severe damage, they are unlikely to cover your claims.
    Kindest Regards, Hal & Robin

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  • Hi
      Nov 30, 2017

    SNAKE FARM IS right, I don't have homeowners through them but I will be dropping 3 vehicles from an auto policy that I have with them.They are not a good neighbor and they have not been there.

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