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State Farm - lies

On 12-13-14 my vehicle was hit and totaled by a State Farm insured. I called them on 12-15-14 and was told they needed my vehicle taken to shop which we did. The shop then assessed the damage and...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - she hit the back of my car

I look both ways a van was trying to get my parking spot. I looked in the rearview mirror it was clear for me to go I was backing out putting myself into drive to cut the wheel so I can go forward...

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State Farm - policy handling

I was involved in a car crash that was determined to be the other person's fault. State Farm sent me a letter accusing me. Turned out she was under insured.. Now or the last there years the have hired a lawyer to do everything to keep from paying out. But State Farm dose not watch there lawyers. The are out to line there own pockets. The deposition that they do they ask all sorts of questions that do not have anything to do with the crash. They want to know where you were born, were you went to school, who you dated . It seems to me all the info the lawyer is collecting is just lining her pockets. This is pretty pathetic After all this is settled they probably will raise my rates. I will go some where else. I have been with the for 30 years. They sure treat the own clients like s****.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - stolen property from car

My car was stolen, they receoved the car, however, all my personal items in the car was stolen and State Farm is refusing to pay me for them. This is the worse insurance company ever. Since when do they not pay for your personal property?

They said I have to file it with my homeowners insurance, how about I don't own a home to have that type of insurance.

I am an insurance broker and the information described is correct with State Farm or any other insurance company, you should read your policy for further details on what's covered in your auto or anything you attach to your car that does not come from the factory.

I left State Farm last year. I paid my local agent for six months in advance with a money order and he lost it. He told me it was my problem, even though I had a written receipt from him and he was the one who lost it. My car insurance almost lapsed until I was, thankfully, able to track down the regional field agent, who helped me get my payment posted but it was only because I worked day after day to find out who was the boss to which he reported.

I, honestly, would not recommend State Farm Insurance to anyone. The stress I went through over the alleged lost payment and almost losing my car insurance was not worth it.

State Farm - failure to pay full amount on insurance claim

I have had State Farm for approximately 1 year now. I recently had a cracked windshield and wanted to get it replaced per factory specifications. State Farm attempted to get me to take my vehicle to...

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State Farm - state farm screwing over elderly

My mother & father have been using State Farm for Home & Auto. About 40+ YEARS! She would never file a false claim. She has roof damage. They stated on the first inspection they would get in "trouble" approving an organic roof replacement on the first visit. SO already the claim was set to be denied. Person said he approved an oranic roof replacement & almost got fired. I request second inspection, Contractors find even MORE damage than these supposed experts. I call back & Yvonne their boss says too bad she agrees with her employees assesment of no roof damage. BIG surprise. The vents were approved, siding approved, car damaged...I mean there is significant storm damage. The state farm inspector guy even broke shingles off! They are STILL refusing to pay. I wonder if it's because now that my father has passed they feel they can get one over on an elderly lady. She has 13 kids and convinced a ton to go to state farm. Disgusting that no one puts this company in check.

State Farm - buisness tactics

State Farm auto adjusters used delaying tactics - demanding body shop install original trunk the
shop knew it would not right. Five trunks from Ford, were all damaged and returned. Ford would not fix them. So the delays caused me to exhaust dollar allowance for rental car.
I had to Pay $312 out of pocket to return rental ad drive my own other car.
I had to get involved with other personnel to elevate State Farm to agree to extra cost for body
shop to search for trunk.State Farm delayed first attempt o select other source.
First source caused delay because they would not approve extra cost. Approval now by State Farm is delayed because supplement to claims is delayed by demanding E-mail from body shop
for claims review. This after sourcing a trunk that fits then car detailed
like I got it from the Ford Dealer. I am aware that Farm Is being sued in other states from practices like this.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - altering policy to increase competitors rates

I had state farm for nearly four years and had nothing but issues with them for the last two years I had them. First off they tried canceling my emergency roadside after having used it on one of my two vehicles a total of five times in almost four years. After about three months of calls and threatening legal action for "breach of contract" I was finally contacted and told that state farm was wrong and that my emergency roadside would continue. Ever since it has been a complete nightmare. I was in an accident on 7/18/13 in which the police report states that I was not at fault...therefore state farm originally listed it as "not at fault" in their system. Upon having another accident on 5/4/14, which was not entirely my fault, I told state farm that after the claim was said and done I was going to be switching companies due to their lack of customer service. The accident was listed as 100% my fault since the other person involved got back in his vehicle and drove away before I could get any of his info. I had gotten several quotes from other companies when state farm tried canceling my emergency roadside. Now all of a sudden since I say I'm leaving, the quotes I am getting from the same other companies have tripled. I found out that the reason why is because state farm had altered my account and listed the previous accident from 2013 the same way in their system as the recent one from 2014...which was listed as "at fault". Now my quotes have gone from being about $130 to being about $550. State farm to this day denies that they have altered my account or that it is even possible. I have written proof that they have. If the accident from 2013 had been listed as "at fault" originally my rate would have increased when my policy renewed, which it did not increase. My rate did not increase until after the second accident, getting a newer vehicle, and telling state farm that I was done with them. I have filed a complaint with the oklahoma insurance commission but apparently state farm has paid them well to look the other way. The bbb wouldn't investigate anything due to the oic "investigation". Does anyone know who I might be able to contact that might do something about all this BS?

Insurance companies, like people, don't really care about explanations and excuses. They care about dollars. They had to pay for your accidents so they are allowed to charge more for your insurance. If dozens of people make complaints about a certain insurance company violating the applicable, the state board can remove the license of that company. The state board isn't a place where people can appeal for lower insurance rates. You have a local representative to your state government, who may be interested to hear your ideas about changing the law, but will also not be able to adjust your rate.

State Farm - unauthorized charges

I canceled my auto insurance policy with State Farm on 5.21.2014, which included 2 vehicles and home owner insurance. For 3 months they have continued to draw out money without authorization and...

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State Farm - employment

Do not go to work for State Farm (I am a new employee but have been there for two months). They pay chicken feed plus pretend that you will make a killing selling new auto policies (in addition to...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - termination of policy

My fiancé was a loyal customer of State Farm Insurance Company for about 15 years. As a reward for this loyalty he just got a letter stating that the policy will not be renewed.The given reason is that there were too many claims none of which he was contacted or questioned about. And how many is too many- 3 in 5 years( we live in New York!!!).Besides, isn't it why premiums are sky high anyway?Customer service for you.Ha-ha.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - fraud

I was stoped at a red light in my 2004 pathfinder with one car in front of me
A lady hit me from behind with her 2000 chevy i asked her to pull over into
The shell gas station and she took off left seen of accident
I went after her and she pulled over we exchanged information and
I could not call the police because cell phone was dead.
I contacted her insurance company state farm & my insurnce co. Gmac.
For the claim. State farm calls me back saying that i backed up into her
When i passed the white line in street. I went back to the site of the accident
And took a picture of my 2004 pathfinder with rear end pass the white line
And the front end of trck was not in traffic there would be no reason to back up.
They were lying just so they do not have to pay the claim. The claim is in arbitration
One month prior i was involved with a hit and run by another state farm client
Who left the seen of the accident after i told her i was calling the police.
The damage to my 1996 bmw 328i was $7, 500 that they would not pay out because
There client is not answering there calls another case in arbitration
Just hope you never get hit by someone insured by state farm because they
Commit fraud just so they do not have to pay out.
Both accidents were not my fault and should have been paid by state farm.
My inurace company paid out for both claims within 1 week.
And are now after state farm to pay them.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - rude / aggressive claim representitive

I was at a yield sign on the late afternoon of 9/8/13, I was rear ended by a customer of State Farm Ins., the lady that was driving seemed to be in a altered state, either on too much medication or on something, she should0 not have been driving this lady asked me to dial all of the phone numbers as she could not see her numbers on her cell phone/ My brother who was with me called for the police right away, we were told it would be at least an hour wait. I did receive all of her information, I even told p the person I spoke too on the phone with State Farm that this lady appeared to be in a altered state.[I am a substance abuse counselor] my shoulder, arm, wrist and breast bone [I had a bi-lateral mastectomy 2 years ago and my breast bone hurt]!hurt right away. I went t, o the doctor the next day and had x-rays done. I was told that nothing was broken just bruised, I went to 4 Physical Therapy appts.Everytime I would call Chandra James @888-2all57-6077 ext.[protected], she would either not return the call or ca.ll back 2 weeks later. Always with an excuse, my computer or pho. ne was not working. I am thinking, well, use someone elses. She did not even apologize.This same behavior has gone on since Sept.2013. Now we are coming to the bills and my medical and lost wages are $1437.08, she continues to aggressively tell me "You are being offered $1950.00, that is it." ALWAYS IN A RUDE AND AGGRESSIVE MANOR. I told her I believe since I have suffered emotionally and physically I want $2500.00..She continues to tell in an aggessive manor, No not unless you can produce more documentaion.I then told her that I will need therapy over this and she stated, " we will not pay for it as it has been over 6 months". I said thank you and hung up the phone.

State Farm - won't repair my car

State Farm client hit my car and I had Liability Insurance my Insurance wont pay, but the man who hit my car had insurance with State Farm. I was at a stop Sign and he made a wide right turn in front...

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State Farm - not paying a claim


They wrote a policy, that was way undervalued for the two vehicles I was insuring. Then they raised the price of the premium, so in essence I was paying top dollar for a policy I believed to be top notch. Instead I was paying top dollar for a flimsy low coverage policy.

State Farm - violation of texas labor code

I resigned from this agency because I felt the agent was not conducting her business practices in an ethical manner. But I felt that it was my personal problem and not an issue enough to make an...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - taken almost year and very rude adjusters

The home was hit by a bad thunder storm in June of 2013 it is Feb 7 2014. The winds took a 50 foot second story level screen in porch off the home and put it on top of the home. The adjuster call the Cat team who is contracted out by state Farm came out 7 Days later. It took him weeks to do the claim. When received the claim settlement it was off by $22 thousand from the only two contractors that do this kind of work in this area. So i contacted him about the cost. He said that the price in my area are to high compaired from the state he is from. To compound the problem where the porch come off the home it cause a major leak the and had to call a ER call to get a company to tarp the house off which cause major water damage to the home. They sent adjusters to the home i lost count how many over the past 9 months. the only thing that have been completed is the main roof after it did 25k water damage to the house. I have been told by state farm it was my fault and that I am trying to remolde my home on them. This is from a company that has made me wait months at a time to get answers for contracters to to the work and they sent out settlements claims with there math mistakes on the paperwork. I have never in my life been told that damge done by 75 mile wind and gust higher is my fault. I have lost weeks work over the last 9 months meeting the adjusters. I put this out here because what are my rights and can i go after them for sitting on this for almost a year. Time lost from work for all the problems they have cause me. I trying to get the news to take this case to warn the public about this company

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - no response or call backs

State Farm's customer side swiped me on 12/04/2013 and I called them around 12pm from the scene when the policy went to get a battery jump pack. The State Farm rep (Michael) said he would get a claim started and someone would be in touch with me soon. I waited 5 days and hear NOTHING. I called back and spoke with another rep (Alex) who said he saw that the insured called and he will make a few calls and get back in touch with me. Over 3 additional days later, still NOTHING from State Farm!! Good thing my car was able to be driven!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - not adequately investigating claim

I was involved in a car accident and State Farm was my insurance company. They did not investigate my claim they just took the other drivers side. When I asked them why they did not conduct a full investigation they stated its because I did not file a police report and I said their was damage to my car. I did not call the police because the other driver agreed with me that their was not any damage to their car. The day of the claim State Farm called me to ask me about the accident and I stated the truth and I submitted photos to back up my story. My pictures were never submitted for evidence against this claim. A couple of days after the accident I was called by State Farm and they took the others drivers word for it and now I am stuck with a bill to fix the other parties car.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

State Farm - certainteed organic shingles

My house was built in 2001, and the builder used Certainteed organic shingles. These shingles have been curling up for several years, and I recently joined the class-action lawsuit against...

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