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Erie Insurance Group reviews & complaints

Erie Insurance Group complaints 34

Dec 27, 2021

Erie Insurance Group - Homeowners policy

In mid-February 2021, ice and snow had accumulated on the roof over the back of my house. The roof collapsed and ultimately the room structure and all contents were lost.
Snow & ice are very common covered perils, but the claim was denied after an engineer made another inspection. He reported faulty construction. That part of the house had been built in May 2019, I bought it in September 2020. It was inspected during the sale, it was inspected by Erie to issue the policy. When it was under construction it was inspected by the city and passed. When it was complete it was inspected by the city and passed for residential use. I fail to see any construction defect.
A significant part of my home is gone. Claim denied. Agent stopped answering my calls & email after the first two weeks.
Beware anti-concurrent policy language - it allows the insurance company to avoid paying almost any claims.

Erie Insurance Group - $450.00 charge on my eriesecure policy

An adjuster from ErieSecure sent two men to my home to check my stove for replacement under my ErieSecure Home Policy. As fate would have it on the day that they came all of the burners lit and the...

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Erie Insurance Group - The handling of a claim by Erie Agent Tom Chapman

Om May 18, 2021 there was a fire in the bldg next to mine. Your insured, Lauren Ballew, occupied my 3rd floor.. The firemen had to bust up the 3rd floor to battle the fire. Nothing in our bldg burned...

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Apr 30, 2021

Erie Insurance Group - Car insurance

We have been with this company for a very long time. They keep raising prices for no reason. My wife and I just got the recent re new letter today along with a hefty price increase. Thank you Erie. Also, wife and I was involved in a auto accident last year, got sandwiched by a driver who didn't have insurance himself. Cut and dry claim. NOT OUR FAULT, although, it has taken almost a year to settle with a lawyer with these idiots. They keep wanting to drag their feet. I would NOT recommend this company at all. This isn't the first time they have raised our insurance for no reason. They can't blame our credit, it over 100 points higher than what it was when we started with them. They can't blame us for missed payments, we have never missed one. We got in touch with our agent, we are leaving Erie very soon. Stay away from these idiots.

Desired outcome: none

Erie Insurance Group - Homeowners policy listed at incorrect address and issue with a hail claim

1. We purchased a home in sept 2019 the local erie agent i wst ky insurance murray ky. The correct address of our home is 759 robertson road south murray, ky. 42071. We remitted the insurance payment when we purchased the home. When the homeowners policy got processed in the erie system the address was listed as 701 robertson road south murray, ky. 42071. We never received any paperwork or notice of pending insurance premiums until our agent notified me in july 2020 that our homeowners was cancelled due to non payment. Our agent submitted a new homeowners policy to using the correct address and i remitted the payment in full for year. If the address had been correct orginally we would not had the non payment issue. I always pay my insurance payments on time.
The secong issue we have currently is we submitted a claim for roof shingle damage that is pending and the adjuster has reviewed all the information related to the claim and i have been notified that erie will not offer any claim reinbursement stating that the hail damage on the roof was documented having occured on april 28 2020. We have had other storms in 2020 that could have casued this damage in summary this claim decision is based on the fact the system shows we did not have isurance on the house in april but this is all part of the incorrect address that caued this issue. We need to get a response on this situation and the issue we are not satisfied with having erie insurance. My contact information is listed kent wisehart cell [protected] email [protected]@gmail.Com

Desired outcome: we need a immediate response to resolve this issue

Erie Insurance Group - car insurance

November 12, 2019 ATTENTION: NC Consumer Department, claim department TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, The purpose of this letter is to file a complaint against Erie Insurance. My agent name is Rob...

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Sep 27, 2018

Erie Insurance Group - car insurance/unauthorized charges

I am very unsatisfied with how a company can change my policy without knowing anything about my household. And add someone to a policy because they assume something without knowing the facts. I think...

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Erie Insurance Group - insurance investigation; submitted a claim back in may. been treated quite shabbily!

Claim# A00001021059 Policy # Q59-1512267 The investigation has been bull from the beginning! I have been a customer for over 10 years and this year I have had the worst case of bad luck, ever. My...

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Jul 10, 2017

Erie Insurance Group - claim

I was backing out of a space in a parking lot and was fully out and about to pull forward when another driver flew past me and threw his car into reverse and rammed me (hard)! I have six witnesse...

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Erie Insurance Group - Unethical behavior

feeling a bit discriminated here..our agent is Hmong we are laotion americans so what is wrong wit the pictures??? I waited for our agent to show up and nope instead I get a copy of our statement...

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Erie Insurance Group - Renters insurance claim

I submitted a loss claim back in Dec 2015, But they keep using a date that has nothing to do with when I submitted claim! They then started giving me run about it then they have a guy by the name...

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Feb 03, 2016

Erie Insurance Group - Claim on Total Loss

Our Ehrie experience started when my son's car was totaled by a driver insured by your company. After being completely disrespected by the adjustor as well as his supervisor, and multiple calls later...

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Oct 23, 2015

Erie Insurance Group - This company has cancelled the insurance and when we needed help, they refused to help me

I have used the services of Erie Insurance. I wasn’t satisfied with their services at all. I have paid for the insurance and thought that it was ok. But the company cancelled it and I have known about it. When the tree hit my house and I applied for the compensation, this company refused to help me. I decided that other people should be aware of their actions and it would be safe for you not to use their services.

Aug 17, 2015

Erie Insurance Group - they are a rip off company

I have my home and cars with Eire, after ten years 20, 000 in premiums I hade a problem with car parts being stolen off one of my cars while it was in a shop for repairs, they denied my claim said it...

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Erie Insurance Group - Bogus claim reporting / bad faith

I had what I was told by my agent "excellent coverage" for my rental and home property. My policy got flopped around to another agency. Then when the city put pressure in my water line and blew out...

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Erie Insurance Group - Property Insurance

Erie insurance has been the insurance company for 2 rental properties. I luckily changed one of the properties to another insurance company when Erie would not honor a claim due to a Hurricane. They...

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Erie Insurance Group - Homeowners insurance

the home owners policy is a joke. I had hail damage to my house and they denied coverage to a damaged roof. they common answer is faulty product. they took my money fine to insure this faulty product...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Erie Insurance Group - Termination of an auto policy

To whom it may concern. After 37 years of paying auto insurance premium's and a decision to change to a more affordable company I was hit by a collection agency that Erie hired to collect on a cancelled policy. After 90 plus days of telephone calls I have decided to end the debate been and the mounting frustration, and yes, I wrote a check.

Thanks Erie for slapping me in the face on my way out. Great way to treat a customer! If anyone ever asks me for advice on Auto Insurance I will provide a less than favorable reference

Did you owe them money for the rest of the policy term?
If you did then why is it anyone fault, other than yours, that they sent it to collection?

Erie Insurance Group - company service, policies, and employees disrespect and unprofessional attitudes towards the homeowners and contractors

Im a saleman for a local property restoration company who specialize in storm damage. I was asked by homeowner to handle this claim and call for a 2nd adjustment of his property damage because he...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Erie Insurance Group - Claims processing

Got hit by a driver while PARKED on a residential roadside. ERIE Insurance has placed every obstacle they can in place to keep me from getting a check. The insured has already admitted fault, there was a police report filed, there is nothing else they need. Here it is 3 weeks later and I'm still calling and listening to excuse after excuse. This company is crooked to the lowest standard. I can't believe that a company like this is still in business.

I don't even have insurance with them and I hate them. I can't imagine anyone having to deal with them after PAYING for treatment like this!

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