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Asurion reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 18, 2007. The latest review phone insurance was posted on Apr 7, 2021. The latest complaint assurance program was resolved on Jan 15, 2020. Asurion has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 268 reviews. Asurion has resolved 102 complaints.

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Asurion Complaints & Reviews

Asurionphone insurance

I initially tried to place a claim on-line at the to have my I-phone 8 battery replaced, this was at 1:30 CDT. I was assigned a claim number but informed I'd have to call [protected]. When I use the I-Phone to call the placed me in a chat with ATT Protech/Perry, who tried to help but told me I have to try and call and talk to someone. I did this on my landline and called [protected]. I was transferred to 5-6 different people, all who asked me for my name, number, and pass code. Each person a talked to came on with a terrible connection. Even the background music when on hold was garbled.
The result was no one could get my claim to go through, even though I have been paying the insurance for over 5 years. I honestly believe they are trying to dissuade people from filing claims by giving them the old ‘run-around' and having their phone conversations as unintelligible as possible.

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    AsurionT mobile tablet and assault claim. Using mrant ref

    I pay 13$ a month for insurance. And my tablet craps out and these mafioso deny replacing my device and flip me back to tmobile.

    Then tmobile tries to flip me back to assurant.

    I have spent 2 hours going back and forth with these crooks pawning me off to each other.

    I have paid insurance for two years, which incidentally started at 11$ per month and secretly upped itself to $13.

    And tmobile requires insurance... What the [censored] for???

    I have paid $2600 for a piece of [censored] tablet worth only 600$ and these [censored] are refusing my claim.

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      AsurionSprint/T-Mobile Replacement Insurance

      Complaint Dept. I am writing this complaint in regards to my recent replacement claim [protected] in which was filed on March 27, 2021. Deductible payment of $275.00 was paid in full and was deducted from my bank account also on March 27, 2021. My original replacement claim was filed to replace my damaged broken Galaxy S20. I received my replacement phone on March 29, 2021. Upon activating my new device I was told that the new device that I had received could not be activated due to the device status being reported as lost or stolen. While on a recorded line with tech support I was transferred to another representative whom would assist me with the process of having another device sent out to replace the error. This process took place on March 29, 2021. Today is April 02, 2021 and I have not yet received my second replacement phone. I contacted Asurion this morning at 8:20am and received a call back around 8:35am only to be told that I would not be receiving my phone until Monday April 05, 2021. And when I asked if I could try to receive it sooner, perhaps a Saturday delivery the representative stated there would be a $20 delivery fee. Then later informed that Saturday delivery was not available. First and foremost, I would like to mention that I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years and I do not recall ever having any issues with replacement claims in the past. I do have to say that I am very disappointed with the nature and process of which this claim is being handled. I do not feel like I am asking for anything more than what my coverage is entitled. I am a business owner and I do utilize my phone to receive and make calls to conduct business and this error on your company's part is not acceptable. I have now been without my phone for 6 days only to be told I have to wait 4 more days to receive my second replacement. I am seeking a resolution to address my concern. I look forward to hearing back from your department. Thank you

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        AsurionReplacement Iphone X

        On 01/20/21 I filed a claim for a replacement phone with Asurion. I was told the replacement was on backorder and would be in stock in 3-7 days. It is now 7 weeks later and still no phone. Two weeks ago I was told that they had the phone in stock and to send in my phone for replacement and pay $100 for the new phone. I called the company to verify that they received my phone which they did and said my new phone was sent out to me that same day. After not receiving it for three days I called them back and was told that the new phone was never sent out and it is still on back order. I've asked them to provide me with an alternative phone or a check so I can go out and purchase my own phone, but they will do neither and say that I have to wait until it comes back in stock. Their normal turnaround time is 24 hours. I have now been without a phone for 7 weeks and nobody at the company will do anything directly the problem. I am extremely frustrated with this company and just want my problem resolved ASAP.

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          Mar 04, 2021

          Asurion — Insurance

          I've been a loyal customer for well over 20 yrs! But I'm not sure I'm going to remain one bc you all clearly...

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          AsurionFunds taken

          I received a phone through Asurion the insurance company for Sprint. There was no fee associated with this phone. My obligation was to return my old phone when the package arrived. On Feb 13th, I received an email that my phone was received by Asurion. (If you didn't return there was a fee). I didn't have to worry I followed the instructions. On Feb 27th, I had a debit to my checking account in the amount of $545.00 from Asurion. I called immediately and was on hold for an hour. After speaking with Asurion they agreed to return the funds along with 4 $30 overdraft charges in 7 to 10 business days. They also told me to contact Sprint. I did so immediately to hold on the line for 30 minutes. When I was transferred I was then hung up on. On Monday March 1st I called Sprint and was told to use the chat box online. I told them the story and they didn't seem to understand as they were offering me a $20 credit for my phone. At this point I explained I can't wait 7 to 10 business days as you took money without my permission. After 3 hours I finally spoke with a lady from the CEOs office at Asurion. She was very nice but told me that they would only be able to reimburse for 3 overdraft fees. I asked if all calls were recorded and she said yes. I asked that they listen to the call from Saturday were they agreed to reimburse me. As of today March 1st I have 8 overdraft fees for a total of $240 plus the $545 they deducted. All I asked was for them to make me whole and they refused. If I didn't pay my bill would I be allowed to tell them no? Of course not I would have to follow through or have consequences but this million dollar company can't cover my overdraft fees that they caused. Along with that waiting 7 to 10 business days to get the money that they took back is ridiculous. They could send a wire right to my account.

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            AsurionHome - ge convection microwave - warranty

            Nov 12, 2020 - Microwave blows main house fuse box. (Purchase date July 27, 2018) Notified Asurion (warranty). Repair technician dispatched couple days. Technician determined--main circuit board needs to be replaced in addition to other items such as magnetron, etc. Parts reportedly ordered.

            Jan (mid) 2021 - Contacted Asurion two months later for status--parts not ordered. Asurion asked me to contact repair technician. Technician asked me for Microwave Model number..?? Provided. Reportedly, parts will be ordered. Contacted Asurion week later--parts not ordered.

            Several followups with Asurion--complaint elevated--Lead person finally assigned (Donald). Donald seemed good. I asked for an emailed list of parts ordered. After three discussions--Donald passed case to Elizabeth. I asked Elizabeth to email parts list--she agreed--but not provided. Weeks have gone by; called and emailed Asurion several times without results.

            Advised Asurion--I was interested in resolving ongoing problem differently. Reimburse purchase price. Reportedly passed to Elizabeth Ext 6405388--no call back--one week thus far.

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              AsurionSamsung z fold claim via att wireless

              Att customer call att at 5 am to report damage smartphone which is the Samsung z fold then i submitted my documents via computer to Asurion
              driver license 6 times the after speaking with several representatives from Asurion and being treated like a number instead of customer then to be told about more documents need to be filed and signed therefore my not having properly function phone is of non importance very aggravated withis system and to be treated like i have to accepted makes want to back to prepaid no person deserves to be treated like a number maybe i need to find a new carrier for my service and all i wanted was my phone to be replaced

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                Jan 24, 2021

                Asurion and T Mobile — Faulty cell phone and/or service

                On 9/13/2020 I purchased a new phone the samsung a21 in the tmobile store because my samsung s7 just died...

                Jan 18, 2021

                Asurion — Laptop 'beyond repair' for a broken hdmi port??? - so far no money, no laptop return

                I have sent my laptop for repair with asurion and they contacted me for the first time because the shop could...

                AsurionRefund issues

                I'm June 2020, my phone was stolen. Asurion sent me a replacement phone after charging me the remaining balance on my phone, almost $300. In November I was contacted by someone who said they found my phone and it was in perfect condition. I had them give it to local police department, and I got it back via the police department. I contacted Asurion and the process to send that phone back started at the beginning of December and was told that as soon as they received the phone, I'd receive a refund of the almost $300, it was not the remainder of what my phone costs- it was actually a charge in order for them to send me a phone. So I would get a refund in 3 business days of receipt of the phone. I called 5 business days later, 12/17 and was told it actually takes 7-10 business days, which with holidays would be 12/28. I called on 12/30 to find out where my refund was. I was told it's been processed but their bank is holding it and it would be another 7-10 business days, which would put it at 1/13/21. I called on 1/14, was told the finance office was closed and they'd call me tomorrow. I didn't get a call, so I called. They said they needed 24hrs to research but I'd get a text or email the next day, no need to call back. I did not get an email in 24hrs so
                I called again 1/16, the first person tried to give me a 7-10 day timeframe again. I asked to speak to a supervisor or manager. He transferred me to a customer care specialist who said he is personally lookingy into it and should know something in 24hrs. At this point it feels like they are pacifying me and I will never get my refund.

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                  AsurionReplacement verizon phone

                  I don't know why after having verified my address, my name, my drivers license... They have to review my claim for a stolen cell phone. Not like i'm not paying $199.00 for the replacement with insurance... What a crock of [censored].
                  If it weren't for the fact I have two other people on my verizon plan I would go anywhere else to get a new phone. I've been without a phone for over two weeks because I couldn't afford the deductible. No help.

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                    Dec 02, 2020

                    Asurion — Billing charges for a device / return shipping

                    Dear Representative, I received replacement devices and I returned the damaged device as per your...

                    Oct 06, 2020

                    Asurion — Insurance purchased from direct tv for electronics

                    I made a claim with DTV that I had a horizontal line at the bottom of my screen and the size of things wa...

                    AsurionDenied claim

                    I have a home protection warranty through ARW and they effectively denied my claim after keeping my device for over 3 weeks and not ever returning it. They basically stole my device and never replaced it. Service request (SR#): [protected]
                    After multiple calls with zero assistance, I finally gave up and I rather just buy a new product. This is a terrible company.

                    Denied claim

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                      Oct 04, 2020

                      Asurion — Cell phone insurance replacement

                      I lost my iphone and watch and ordered replacements on Thursday. Stayed home from work, that just started up...

                      Oct 02, 2020

                      Asurion — iphone replacement via verizon wireless

                      10/2/2020 2 weeks ago I filed a claim with asurion because of a cracked phone face. I pay my premiums each...

                      Sep 29, 2020

                      Asurion — Poor customer service regarding placement of a phone

                      I contacted AT&T regarding my iPhone XR and AT&T transferred me to Asurion to have a phone replace...

                      AsurionInsurance through verizon for my iphone 11

                      Broken screen after buying/paying in full for a new Iphone 11. Luckily, so I thought, I had insurance. Called and made an appt. No one ever showed up for the appt after I waited for five hours and continually tried to get ahold of someone. I could not get any explanation or help other than to send my phone in and receive a used one in return for another $170. The people were rude and evasive and were of little assistance and understanding that I did not want a used phone when I had just purchased my phone brand new a few weeks before it was broken. I asked for a manger and all I got was, sure, I'll get someone else on the phone. When I spoke, it was like nobody even listened. Seemed as though they were reading off a script and just wanted me to stop talking and do exactly as they were saying and that was my only option, even though I am the one paying for this silly insurance. Cannot even describe the amount of disappointment and frustration that entailed dealing with this insurance BS.

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                        Aug 14, 2020

                        Asurion — Failed phone repair

                        Broken screen on iphone, completed repair request claim form, tech failed to show up on time (2 1/2 hr...

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